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   Chapter 8 An Embarrassing Blind Date

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Kate looked at Rita and said, "What are you doing! What is that expression on your face?

Rita said helplessly, "I need your help. What should I do in a blind date?"

Kate had been used to Rita being so whimsical. In her opinion, it was just a playful whim, so she said casually, "Just answer his questions and then have a meal for free!"

Rita curled her lips helplessly and said, "I am not that poor, OK? I'm in a dilemma now. Jasmine just said she would introduce someone to me, and I agreed. I must have been out of my mind." 'Why did I agree?' She would have hit her head against the wall weren't for fearing the customers take her as lunatics.

Kate pretended that it was not a big deal and said, "You are not out of your mind. You just want to have a boyfriend. In fact, you should try and find a boyfriend at your age. There is first time for everything! This is a writing material. If you go to this blind date, you will know how to write about the blind date scene!"

Leaning against the counter, Rita said weakly, "I wrote ancient novels. Ancient people don't go on blind dates. They meet by haphazard! How romantic it is!"

Kate said, "What's the use of romance! Romance can't bring food to the table! Let's be more practical!"

Rita knew what she said was true, so she nodded and was about to get back to her post.

Edward looked at Wilton and said with a smile, "Do you have any plans for Christmas?"

Wilton played with the Rubik's cube and said without raising his head, "I am on duty!"

Edward took the cube from his hand and said, "Bullshit! You are not on duty that day! Come and have dinner with me at Christmas! I will introduce a girl to you!"

Wilton snatched the cube back, lowered his head and said, "No, I am not going. You can go by yourself if you want."

Edward didn't grab his cube anymore but sat next to him and said, "Your father and I are like brothers. He always urges me to introduce a girl to you. Come on. If you don't like the girl, you don't have to be with her. Anyway, you don't have any plan at Christmas! I will nag you until you agree!"

Wilton finally put down the Rubik's cube. He rolled his eyes at Edward and walked towards the door. When he reached the door, he said, "I want to have meals in BS Restaurant!"

Edward smiled and said, "OK! Your wish is granted!"

Rita wanted to forget about the blind date, but she was reminded of it every day. Out of respect, she dressed decently, and she also put on a light make-up. Almost everyone in the pharmacy knew that she was going to have a blind date. When they saw her, they would ask, "Rita, going on a blind date today?"

Rita could only nod with an embarrassed smile, and then listened to their advice and encouragement. Helplessly, Rita pouted and sat down, complaining to Celina, "Celina, what on earth should I say in the blind date?"

Looking at the childish Rita, Celina held her hand with a smile and said, "You don't have to ask questions. Just listen to what he says. It's okay. Don't take it too seriously."

Rita nodded helplessly and went to find Kate. After she finished her work, Rita said, "How about you go with me?"

Kate refused bluntly, "No! Why would I go to your blind date?"

Rita pouted and said angrily, "I remember that you said you will come with me if I go on a blind date. Now the opportunity is right in front of you. Just come with me!"

Kate said helplessly, "Well! It's not that I don't want to go. I have to attend the parents' meeting today. How about I go with you after the parents' meeting?"

Rita curled her lips helplessly and said, "Why would they hold a parents' meeting at Christmas?" Then she turned around and went back. It was not up to her when to hold a parents' meeting!

Rita was extremely unhappy when she was off duty!

Because Kris who takes Rita's turn on duty smiled at Rita and said, "Going on a blind date today? Take it easy and have a nice meal! It's time to find a boyfriend."

Rita rolled her eyes at him and said, "It's a great loss for the education circle that you didn't become a teacher." Don't talk nonsense! After saying that, she took her bag and left. The appointed time was four o'clock. Rita had planned to go shopping. It was Christmas today. She had finished the novel yesterday. Today she could relax herself. What a good start! She decided to take a break before she started to write a new novel.

The streets and alleys were packed with people. Rita hated staying in crowded place, perhaps it was because she had lived alone for so long a time. Rita found a dessert shop to sit down for a while, and ordered a cake and a cup of coffe

e. Looking at the passers-by coming and going and listening to the exclusive Christmas songs, Rita felt inexplicably happy.

She didn't notice a person passing by her. The person even looked back at her and felt that she had a sweet smile!

Edward looked at Wilton, who had just returned from the coffee shop, and said, "I've told you to come earlier. It's so boring to sit in the car at this time!" I'd rather go home to accompany my wife!

Wilton took a sip of coffee and said with a smile, "How about I take you downstairs for a walk?" Edward glared at him and said, "Go shopping? I don't think so. Especially today, you have to behave well today. Today is anniversary of Anne and me, but we sacrificed our festival for you. If you deliberately screw it up, she will directly pick someone for you!"

Wilton smiled and said, "Then my mother will break off with Anne."

Edward glared at him and said, "Stop joking! You are like two person. Sometimes you are so humorous and sometimes you are so serious. I'll see what kind of person you'll marry in the future." Wilton didn't say anything. He thought of the smiling face he saw just now.

At three fifty, Rita put down her phone and sighed. She encouraged herself to be brave... Enough to face a blind date, even if it might fail. The appointed restaurant was just opposite to this dessert shop. Rita sat at the reserved table, feeling nervous. In her words, she almost had a heart attack.

Edward looked at his watch and said, "You can go first! I'll go to the bathroom. Don't go to the wrong place! It is the second seat near the window."

Wilton nodded, opened the door and got off. When he entered the restaurant, he saw a lot of people sitting at the window... In the second seat sat the little girl in a white fluffy hat, playing with her phone with her head down... She looked so young!

Wilton walked over and flicked the table with his hand. Rita raised her head unexpectedly. After the four eyes met, Rita felt nervous. Wilton found she was the girl who helped them solve the case a few days ago. After reading the record, he thought this girl was really lucky!

Looking at the man who stayed motionless, Rita felt so upset! 'Are you enchanted by my good-looking face, or scared by my ugly face?' Rita hoped it was not the latter. "Well, you can sit down first! How about I stand up too?" Rita said half-jokingly.

Wilton was stunned for a while and then sat down. He smiled and asked, "Your first blind date?" 'She doesn't seem to know me?'

Rita smiled and said, "Yes, it's my first blind date." 'Was he expecting an experienced one?'

Noticing the dissatisfaction on Rita's face, Wilton smiled and said, "Let's introduce ourselves first! Start by you or me?"

Rita thought it was better to face the music sooner, "Well, I'll do it first! You can ask me if you have any questions." Seeing that Wilton nodded, Rita cleared her throat, held the cup in both hands to ease her nervousness, and said, "My name is Rita, a pharmacist of traditional Chinese medicine. Now I work in a pharmacy. My parents are ordinary workers and have retired."

Wilton looked at Rita with a smile and said, "My name is Wilton. I'm a police officer. My parents are also retired, but they are in other locality."

Rita nodded, feeling a little strange, but she didn't know what it was. When she was worrying about what to say next, Wilton heard the voice of Edward, who looked at him and asked in surprise, "Why are you sitting here?"

Wilton asked with doubt, "Didn't you say 'the second table near the window'?"

Edward was about to kick Wilton's chair over, but he had to control himself outside. "The second table counting from the inside," he said viciously.

Both Wilton and Rita were stunned. At that time, Rita was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a crack to hide herself!

Embarrassed, Wilton stood up and said sorry to Rita. Then he followed Edward to the other table. "Why don't you make it clear to me?"

Rita really wanted to stand up and leave. She looked at the time and found that the date had been ten minutes late. Was it because he didn't take her seriously? So she took out her phone and planned to make a call to Jasmine. She would never admit that she was stood up. She just wanted to find an excuse to leave this embarrassing place.

At this time, a voice came from above her head, "Excuse me, are you Miss Rita?"

Miss? Rita looked up and saw a handsome man. She nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, that's me"

The man sat down and said with a smile, "Hello, I'm Austin Lin. this is for you." Then he took out a bunch of roses from behind.

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