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   Chapter 7 The First Blind Date In Life

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Her mother nodded and said worriedly, "What do you need tranquilizer for? You can't take medicine casually! Otherwise, you will damage your health."

Rita was not in a good mood and said, "Just take it back! Bring back the tranquilizer! Just tell them to put it on my tab."

Rita's mother was a little angry, but she didn't say anything when she saw Rita was so uncomfortable. Rita turned around, and fell asleep again in a comfortable posture. After a long time, her mother came back with the medicine. Rita opened her eyes and looked at her, "Mom, could you make some porridge for me, please? I'm hungry." Her mother nodded. Rita hurriedly opened the box of cinnabar sedative pill and took one, hoping it would work! She really didn't want to buy bezoar sedative pill. It was too expensive.

When Rita had been lying on the bed for the whole afternoon, the doorbell rang. Her mother had gone out to buy some food. Rita had no choice but to get up and open the door. Through the peephole, she saw that it was Kate.

Rita opened the door and said while taking out slippers, "Why are you here?"

Kate changed her shoes and put the fruit on the table. While taking off her coat, she said, "Your mother came this morning and said that you lost your phone and caught a cold and couldn't go to work today. So I came here to see you."

Rita smiled and took Kate into her room. She lied on the bed again and said, "I am fine. Don't worry!"

But Kate was not fooled! She took a look at the cinnabar sedative pill and said, "You are not taking cold medicine but tranquilizer? What's wrong with you?"

Rita didn't intend to hide it from her. After all, she couldn't keep secrets, so she told everything to Kate.

With her eyes wide open, Kate said, "Damn it! This can even be made into an action movie, naming Rita running for her life. What are you going to do! Didn't you tell your mother? "

Rita shook her head and said, "It's over now. It doesn't matter if I tell them! That's why I was having nightmares after I went home yesterday and I couldn't get up today. "

Kate felt helpless and didn't know what to say. "Then what are you going to do? Are you afraid of going home after work?"

Rita thought for a while and said, "Didn't you say that your brother wanted to sell his car? Can you go home and ask about it for me? I want to buy a second-hand car at a lower price. I am afraid of taking the bus from now on." She didn't dare to take the bus for a short period of time.

Kate nodded. Rita had told her that she wanted to buy a second-hand car after she got her driving license. The two chatted for a while and then Kate went back. She slept for a long time, she guessed that the drug had taken effect! She felt better now. Smelling the scent of the food, she walked out of the room, thinking that her mother had prepared meal for her! However, she found it was her grandmother. Rita smiled and said, "Grandma, why are you here?"

Grandma was almost eighty years old, but she seemed to be healthier than Rita! Her grandmother looked at Rita and said, "I heard from your mother that you are sick, so I came to see you. Why? Don't you want to see me?"

Curling his lip, Rita said, "Grandma, I find that you are more and more facetious as you get older!" Rita was the lucky star in the family. She knew what she should do and what she should not.

Grandma smiled and said, "Stop it. Come and have dinner! It's time for dinner." Rita nodded. Although she felt better, she still didn't have much appetite. After a few quick bites, Rita went back to her room. After a day's rest, she was no longer so panic. Rita turned on the computer and planned to write some chapters of novel after watching entertainment programs for some time. After all, it was not easy to make money now. If she didn't work hard to make money, she wouldn't be able to support herself in the future!

She slept well last night. On the second day, almost all the colleagues came and asked about how she was doing. She didn't like the feeling of being surrounded! Even if she was surrounded by women. Rita smiled and said that she was fine, and then they quiet down for a while. At this time, Kirsten Liu came out of the office. Kirsten Liu smiled and said, "I heard that you are sick? How are you feeling today?"

Rita smiled and said, "Well, I am fine now! By the way, how is your trip to New York?"

Kirsten smiled and said, "It's good. I wish I could do it again sometime!"

Rita smiled and said, "Come on! Be content! If you don't come back, Aaron will probably come to New York to look for you!"

Kirsten picked up the cat lying beside and said, "Right! Baby! I miss you too. I'll buy you some chicken breast later."

Rita shook his head with a smile. She had been used to it. Some people treated animals like children. Kirsten was one of them. She was

fond of cat! Dog! And treated them as kids! Her love for animals was indescribably deep.

Celina asked how she got ill yesterday. Rita didn't tell her the truth. After all, it was not easy to speak out such experience. Seeing that she didn't want to tell her the reason, Celina stopped asking. Rita had been busy all morning and was still not feeling well. When she was off duty, the phone in the office rang and the person picked it up said that it was looking for her. She was wondering who would call her on the office phone.

"Hello, who's this?" Said Rita.

"Hello, this is the police station. You can come and take your phone back." The voice over the phone was so beautiful!

Rita said thank you with a smile and then hung up the phone. Kirsten looked at Rita with a big smile and joked, "What's going on? Are you going on a blind date?"

Rita smiled and said, "Yes. Maybe I am lucky this time!" Then she capered out of the room. She was absent-minded in the past two days without a phone. It seemed that phone was really a poison. She was so addictive to it that she couldn't live without it. She felt that her mobile phone was like drug, addictive and fascinating.

She bought herself a bunch of sugar-coated haws in a fit of happiness, but she became unhappy once she got on the bus because there was no vacant seat. She hated getting on a bus with no vacant seat. What she hated most was standing in a crowded bus. The fat man standing behind Rita kept moving.

Finally she got off the bus, feeling blue. Rita went to the police station, signed her name and took back her beloved cell phone. Only then did she feel better! At this time, Wilton looked at the sugar-coated haws in Rita's hand and said, "You are old enough to quit sugar-coated haws." In his eyes, only children ate sugar-coated haws. He hadn't eaten them for many years.

Rita looked at her sugar-coated haw and then at the policeman sitting on the chair. After thinking for a while, she couldn't help asking, "Is there any law stipulates that adults are not allowed to eat sugar-coated haws?" Then she thanked the policeman who helped her go through procedures with a smile and turned away.

It was quiet in the office. They couldn't imagine that their boss was rebuked by a young girl. They really wanted to laugh, but they didn't dare to. They could only try their best to hold back their laughter. Wilton was calm as usual, thinking this girl was quite difficult to handle.

Rita went out of the police station, patted herself on the chest and murmured to herself, "You are such a fool to openly retort the police!" After saying that, she looked back in fear as if she was afraid that they would come out and chase her.

Short peace comes after a storm. Why short? That was because peace never lasts! Rita had been very busy recently. She had to write several chapters a day besides sleep and rest, and sometimes she had to go out with her friends. God knew that she wished there were 48 hours a day, and she wanted to have more time sleeping and didn't want to get out of bed.

Two days before Christmas, a pharmacist who got along well with her in class asked Rita, "Rita, do you have a boyfriend?"

She didn't! However, Rita didn't want to embarrass her, so she forced a smile and said, "No! I wish I had."

Jasmine smiled and said, "I know a man. He is about your age. How about you two have a meeting?"

It was too sudden! Rita didn't know how to answer the question for a moment. Jasmine smiled and said, "That man is the only son in the family. His parents are in the oil department and they are very rich. That young man is three years older than you. He looks nice."

At this time, Josie came in to get some hot water, she also persuaded Rita, "Rita, you can go and have a look. It won't hurt. Meeting your Mr. Right in a sea of people is what happens in TV dramas and novels!"

Rita said awkwardly, "I'm a little embarrassed. How about we add each other on WeChat first! I really don't know what to say to him if we meet up! " As a matter of fact, Rita, a chatterbox, was shy to talk with strangers, especially strange men.

But Jasmine didn't agree and said, "Meeting in person is better than chatting on WeChat! It's almost Christmas. How about you two meet at Christmas! You don't have an appointment at Christmas, do you? If you agree, I'll arrange an appointment for you right now!"

Looking at their eager eyes, Rita nodded, and then she panicked. What should she do when meeting a strange man! What should she say? Are they going to? Sit there and stare at each other?

She didn't trust the advice given by netizens. They were not trustworthy. She'd better ask Kate! Rita was impatient and she wanted to get things done the moment she made the decision, so she hurriedly went to the counter where Kate was to ask for her advice.

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