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   Chapter 6 After The Disaster

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Rita smiled and said, "My money is in the hands of the bandits. I wonder if I can have my money back after you arrest them!"

The security guard was speechless and walked out. After a while, he came back and said, "I don't know if they will give your money back to you. I have paid the fare for you. If you lie to me, you will give me six hundred."

Rita didn't want to explain. She sat on the chair and said, "If I lie to you, I will give you ten hundred." After thinking for a while, she said, "Can they ensure my safety? I don't want the bandits to see me when they are arrested!"

The security guard thought that the child knew a lot! He smiled and took her to an interrogation room. The long-time waiting was unbearable for her!

After a while, Rita heard the noise outside. Not long after, two young girls in police uniform came in and looked at Rita and said, "Are you Rita?" Rita nodded.

One of the policewomen looked at Rita and comforted her, "Don't be nervous. We just want to know the detail of the incident." Looking at Lollo, she nodded and continued to ask, "You called the police? How did you find out the robbery?"

There was too much sweat in her palms, so Rita rubbed her hands on her trousers. She tried to calm her tone and said, "Here is the thing. I came back by bus after work today. When I got on the bus, I felt that the driver was strange, because I take this bus every other day and I have never seen this driver before. I wanted to get off, but it was too cold outside, so I didn't get off. Then I found the driver took the wrong route. At this time, the two bandits came to me and the middle-aged woman who was also on the bus. By the way... How is that middle-aged woman?" She wanted to know what had happened to her, but she was afraid that she would blame herself if something bad happened to her.

One of the policewomen said, "She's okay! When we arrived there, she was only slightly injured and was not raped."

Rita breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, that middle-aged woman was a good fighter, or she would feel guilty for the rest of her life. If that woman was raped, it would be part of her fault.

"Don't diverge from the subject. How did you escape?" The police interrupted Rita. At this time, the chief of the police station and the leader of their action team came in from the outside. While walking, they said, "Wilton Huo! You are our lucky star. Our detection rate has increased since you come here. We have caught the national wanted criminals." Now people can take buses assured!

Wilton Huo sneered and said, "I can't take this credit. I heard that a girl called the police." Coincidentally, the two policemen saw Rita from the door crack, so the two stopped there watching.

In the room, Rita didn't know that someone was looking at her from outside the door and just stated her experience with lingering fear, "I lied to them that I often hang out with different men and I was infected with a bad disease and suspected of AIDS. Their boss let me go because he was afraid that I was sick."

The policewoman was confused and said, "That's it? You're not one of them, are you?"

Rita shouted, "Are you kidding? Why would I call the police if I was one of them? If I didn't take the risk this time, I would either be dead or have been raped. If I didn't take the medicine I bought for my mother, I would have been assaulted today. And you still suspect me. I am a good citizen."

The policewoman looked at Rita who had talked too much nonsense. She put the notebook in front of Rita and said, "Check if you have said these. If you have, sign it!"

The director of the police station walked away with a smile. He looked at Wilton Huo followed behind and said, "What a bold girl! She is so excellent!"

Wilton Huo disagreed, "It's too dangerous for her to do so." In his eyes, a girl should be quiet and gentle, not so... Bold?

The director of the police station looked at Wilton Huo and said with a smile, "Dangerous? If she didn't do that, she would be more dangerous. This girl was smart! I should be glad that she is neither a police nor a criminal!" She worked too hard to be a policewoman, which made people feel sorry for her. If she was a gangster, then her fearless character would also scare the crap out of people!

With a smile on his face, Wilton Huo didn't say anything!

After signing, Rita looked at the police and said, "Can I have my money and cell phone back? It's so late. My mom must be worried about me!"

The two policewomen looked at each other and said, "Not yet. You phone is an exhibit. If you want to let your family know that you are safe, you can call home through the phone in the office."

Rita nodded and said, "Well... Can I take out the memory card from my phone?" I have many novels in it! I can't live without them!

The two policewomen were speechless! They really didn't know what to say, so they turned around and went out. Rita had thought for a long time that she couldn't wait for them like this! She was on morning shift tomorrow! So she thought about it for a while and went out to

have a look. When Rita went out, she just saw the back of that middle-aged woman who was surrounded by her family. She had an indescribable feeling in her heart. Fortunately, nothing had happened. Although people were selfish in nature, if something really happen to that woman, she would be guilty for the rest of her life.

"Come here and make a phone call! You can ask your family to pick you up!" The policeman looked at Rita and said.

Rita hesitated for a moment and said, "It's already midnight. I don't think it is a good idea to call them now. My family are all asleep. They would be worried if they knew what had happened to me." Rita didn't want to tell her parents about this, or they would be worried about her.

The policeman looked at the old policeman sitting behind him embarrassed. The old policeman looked at Rita and said, "You'd better make a phone call! It's dangerous for you to go home alone."

Rita wanted to say something, but she still nodded with lingering fear and said, "Thank you. Can I use the phone to make a phone call?" The policeman nodded. Rita picked up the phone and called her mother.

"Hello, mom, it is me, Rita." Said Rita.

"Hey, Rita, why haven't you come back yet? I called you, but you didn't answer your phone." Said her mother worriedly.

Rita said with hesitation, "Don't mention it mom. I left my phone on the bus when I took the bus, but the bus broke down halfway. After I got off the bus, I found that I didn't bring any money with me. Can you call a taxi to pick me up now?"

Her mother asked anxiously, "Where are you now? I'll be there right away after I change my clothes."

Rita thought for a while and said, "I am in the market of NF Road. Just tell the address to the taxi driver. Don't worry, okay?"

After talking to her mother for a while, Rita hung up the phone. The policeman was looking at Rita, so she said with some embarrassment, "Sir, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave now!"

The policewoman who recorded her confession smiled and said, "I will see you off!" Rita nodded. After they left, the other policeman looked at the old policeman and said, "Sir, this is against the rules!"

The director of the police station smiled and said, "The girl is a witness. I give her the permission." What a good girl! She was so scared herself, but she still considerated for her family.

Just then, Edward, the director of the police station, waved at Wilton Huo who came out of the interrogation room and said, "Wilton Huo, come here. The witness left in a hurry just now and forgot to sign her name. Come and sign the name for her."

Wilton Huo didn't believe that such a thing would happen under Edward's nose. He went over to check the witness's testimony and found what Edward said was ture. After thinking for a while, he took the pen on the table and wrote his name on it.

After Wilton Huo left, Edward smiled happily with the statement in his hand, while the people next to him looked at him blankly.

Rita told the police officer at the gate of the police station that she wanted to take back her mobile phone after things were settled. She could give up the dozens of dollars, but she had to take back her mobile phone. She had only bought the mobile phone for half a year.

Standing at the gate of the market, Rita waited for her mother. She didn't realize that she was afraid until then. Fear crept on her. When her mother arrived, Rita said nothing. On the way, her mother kept nagging, "How could you lose your phone again? You always forget things all day long." When they arrived home, without saying a word, Rita went upstairs and entered her room, and never came out again.

Rita checked the time and found that there was still time. Regardless of her own mood, she quickly turned on the computer after eating a few comforting pills. She had to earn full attendance. If she didn't clock in today, she wouldn't get paid this month. Rita's heart was still beating fast, but she could only force herself to take deep breaths. Everything was over.

Finally, after she finished the manuscript at a slower speed than before, Rita put the computer on the table and went to sleep. She fell asleep the moment her head fell on the pillow.

The two hours she had spent on the bus was like two years for her. Only the parties concerned knew the danger and panic. If the gangster was more cruel and merciless, the consequences would be unimaginable. With lingering fear, Rita had a nightmare almost the whole night. In the morning, when her mother knocked at the door, Rita woke up with a splitting headache. She opened the door and when her mother came in and saw Rita who was lying on the bed, she asked, "What's wrong with you? Did you catch a cold yesterday?" Then she reached out and touched Rita's forehead. "Why is it so hot?"

Rita knew that she couldn't go to work today, so she thought for a while and said, "Mom, go to my pharmacy and tell Celina that I will take a day off! I have lost my phone, and I don't have their phone number. Then ask Kate to get me some cold medicine and sedative."

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