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   Chapter 5 It's Dangerous To Walk At Night

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That was not the most annoying apart. Although Rita cared about money, she didn't think money was everything. She could do anything for the people who were nice to her. In her eyes, the most important thing was to work hard to make money and not to spend money randomly. What she couldn't bear was that that her roommate was too curious. Whenever she took something, her roommate would ask what she had taken. If Rita wanted to tell her, she didn't need to ask at all.

What's more, her roommate was very jealous. She couldn't bear to see others being better than her! So once you dislike someone, you would start to dislike everything he did. Rita's roommate would laugh loudly all the time, even in the midnight when Rita said she wanted to sleep, which was really annoying.

Rita didn't say anything but told herself that she had to endure her, not for anything else, but in order to save half of the rent.

After a few years, Rita had adapted to it although it was very difficult. Rita had cursed her friend on the street like a shrew for what she had done. She had been angry at her friend because she had picked up trouble and laugh loudly at midnight. She had a bad heart and she had taken medicine for a period of time because of that.

All in all, fortunately, everything was over. Rita was thankful to the people, whether they had been nice to her or not, because without them, she would not be what she was today.

It was rare for Rita to stay up late, but she got up very early today. She stretched herself and turned on the TV, which she hadn't watched for about two months. She had long forgotten that there was computer and TV.

The news was on TV now! The reporter said, "There is a group of robbers in a city who pretended to be bus drivers and passengers to rob other passengers. More than 100 people have been robbed, and now they are national wanted. However, it is still unknown that where they have gone.

Rita changed the channel and said, "I hope they won't come here. There are no rich people in this small city!" The point was that she took bus every day! 'Please don't come!'

But sometimes the God was busy and he couldn't hear everyone's pray. Rita had a poor memory. She was happy to go to work and she liked what she did, so of course she would not remember what was said in the news! The more careful you are, the more likely that bad things will happen. Rita took the bus from the origin station, and when she got on the bus, there was no one in the bus except the driver. When she stood at the bus station, she saw that all the people at bus station were waiting that bus. She had to hurry up!

When the bus arrived, Rita wanted to get on as quickly as possible, but everyone was very polite. That made her feel a little embarrassed! There were only five people in the bus. Rita had wanted to get off, but she didn't as it was a little cold outside!

She didn't expect that the bus would change the route after passing two stops. Rita knew the route as she took bus every day! When she was about to ask the driver what was going on, she saw two men walking towards her and an middle-aged woman with a knife in their hand.

Rita really wanted to cry out! 'Oh my God! I prayed so piously. How could I meet such a thing! God bless me! I haven't finished today's writing!

"Don't move! If you want to live, hand over your valuables." A gangster with a knife said.

There was a partition board at the place where Rita sat. She thought for a while and took off the ring with the luck bead on her hand and hid it in her shoes. Fortunately, the ring was small, or there would be really no place to hide it. It was not that Rita put more value on money, but that the ring was a birthday gift from an elder sister.

When the gangster came over, Rita gave him her money and watch without him asking. The gangster turned around and said to the driver, "Damn it, we have only got 200 dollars this time. That is not enough for our service!"

The middle-aged woman almost cried and said, "I have given you all my money. Please let me go! I beg you."

The bus stopped at this time. Rita took a look at the outside. Fortunately, she knew this place. It only took two minute to run out of the alley and she could easily get a cab there. But she was a slow runner! There was only one chance for her to escape. If she lost that chance, she might die. So Rita tried to calm herself down. The driver looked at the middle-aged woman and Rita and said, "What a bad luck! Who said there are many rich people in this place?" Then he pointed at Rita and said, "How can you go out with such a little money?"

Rita thought that she was just on guard against him. She didn't even carry her backpack. But she couldn't say that. The person who had been silent looked at Rita and the middle-aged woman and said, "Boss, there is no one here anyway. How about... We can't come here for nothing!"

Rita was frightened. She didn't want to give her virginity to these

bastards. If not careful... She didn't dare to imagine. The middle-aged woman had been scared to hide in a corner, pointed at them and said, "How dare you. I will kill you if you do such a thing to me. I am old enough to be your mother. What are you going to do to me?"

One of them said with a knife in his hand, "I like old woman. So what?"

The head of the robbers looked at Rita and said with a smile, "Why don't you scream?"

Rita forced herself to calm down and said with a smile, "Does it work? Besides, if you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have been afraid. I often play with men anyway."

The head of the robbers said with great interest, "You don't seem like that kind of woman." Are you kidding me! But girls wouldn't lie such things about themselves, would they?

Rita said helplessly, "I am telling the truth. I used to have sex with many men."

One of them walked up to her with a smile and said, "How about adding me to that list?"

Rita nodded. When the man was about to throw the knife away and pounce on her, Rita said, "Well! I am a conscious person. If you really want to play with me, you'd better be prepared. I'm not in good health lately and have been taking medicine! "

The man obviously didn't understand what she had said, but the head did. He stopped the man to look at Rita and asked, "What's wrong with you? Is it infectious?"

The man standing beside said, "Boss, don't listen to her nonsense. I don't think she is sick." He said while walking toward Rita.

Rita was very anxious. How could she make them believe her! Rita hurriedly took out the suppository from her pocket and said, "Last month, I had sex with many men. They said that I had syphilis, so I had an AIDS test. I don't think that I have got the disease, but the doctor said I might have! If you don't believe me, look at suppository I bought! " Fortunately, she bought a box of suppository for her mother today, which came in handy.

The head of the bandits looked at the suppository. God knew how nervous Rita was, but fortunately, the instruction on the suppository said it can be used to treat syphilis.

Their boss looked at Rita, who was restless. The man who had just thrown away a knife said, "Boss, how about I go and buy some condoms?"

Their boss slapped that man on the head and said, "How long haven't you get laid? Do you want to get sick? I'm telling you, if you get syphilis, you'll die soon." Then he looked at Rita up and down.

At this time, the middle-aged woman said, "Let me go! I also have syphilis and AIDS."

Worried that the aunt might mess up with her plan, Rita said, "You learn really fast! I have started to play in the bar since fifteen. I've had several abortions. I wouldn't have worn this kind of clothes weren't it for the fear of being recognized! This kind of clothes is really ugly!" Then she pulled her clothes in disgust.

The boss threw the medicine back to Rita and said, "You can leave now! Don't call the police! If you call the police, you will die in a miserable way."

Rita looked a little reluctant and said gratefully, "Then... I'm leaving, bro. Bye." Then she got out of the car from the back door. In order to cover her lies, she walked very slowly. When she heard the cry for help from the aunt behind, Rita became more anxious. She stopped a taxi and said, "Send me to the nearest police station quickly."

The driver looked at Rita's serious face and didn't say anything. There was a police station not far away from here. Rita had never seen a police station before. When she arrived at the police station, she was stopped by the security guard. "Who are you looking for?"

Rita said, "There is a robbery in the alley of the AD Apartment five hundred meters away. Hurry up! Something bad will happen if you don't hurry up!"

The security guard looked at Rita and said, "Are you telling the truth?" After all, many people called the police for fun now.

Rita said excitedly, "I swear by the God. Hurry up! Otherwise, it will be too late."

The security guard immediately called the police upstairs and asked Rita how many robbers there were. Rita answered in a hurry. They acted very fast. Rita collapsed on the chair. 'I have tried my best. It's OK if you said I was selfish, I had to save myself.'

At this time, the security guard smiled and handed a glass of water to Rita. "Have some water, girl! How did you know there is a robbery in that alley?"

Rita didn't say anything. She looked at the clock on the wall and said, "I'm leaving!" The taxi driver was still waiting for her at the gate!

But the security guard stopped Rita and said, "You can't leave. You called the police and you have to take dictations later."

Rita opened her mouth but didn't say anything. She pointed outside and said, "Could you please pay the taxi driver for me? He's waiting to take me home and get paid!"

The security guard said gloomily, "Have you no money?" How could you hail a taxi without money?

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