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   Chapter 4 Memory

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Time waits for no man. It passes day by day. In a twinkling of an eye, it's already October. The National Day was coming. Rita stretched herself and said to Celina: "I am taking days off." They had holidays. They had a three-day holiday on National Day. Rita was satisfied even it was only three days. After all, other people didn't even have holidays! Rita thought that wherever she went, she would be watching crowds of people, which was boring. So she planned to take a rest after the National Day and go out for relaxation!

At this time, Nina from the opposite counter smiled and said, "Rita, have you seen today's news! A big event happened here!"

Rita, who always liked to gossip, asked in a hurry, "Nina, what news are you talking about! I haven't seen it yet! Tell me more about it!"

Nina didn't keep her guessing and said with a smile, "The news said that some women went missing a few days ago, and they all took taxis before they disappeared. Then it was said that the police had cracked the case yesterday. It was said that they had been waiting there for five or six days!"

Rita nodded and said, "That's good. It's good that they have cracked the case. Otherwise, I would be afraid when I take a taxi! How wonderful the news is! We taxpayers have not spent our money in vain!"

Celina teased with a smile, "How much tax have you paid?"

Rita smiled and said, "Celina, I don't know how much tax I have paid, but I just want to show my respect for the police in my city!" I've watched a lot of Hong Kong police and gangster film. It was an important part of my growing up! I still remember some of the lines in the movie.

After chatting with each other for a while, Nina and Celina left. There were only two people left on their side, which made it less lively. After thinking for a while, Rita thought it would be better to sit and read a novel when there was no one around. God knew why those authors were so excellent! They wrote good novels. She was jealous of them. She always believed that she would be able to write an excellent novel one day!

At this time, Nan came over with a smile on her face. Rita put down her mobile phone and looked at her waiting for her to speak. Nan smiled and said, "Rita, do you remember Phoebe Jiang?"

Rita nodded and said, "Yes. Why? What's wrong?" She left several months after Rita came here. She was a powerful woman.

Nan sighed, "I just saw her mother take her son there. Time flies! She has been abroad for almost a year."

Rita nodded and said, "Before she left, I told her that even if she came back rich in the future, the child might hate her." A childhood without the company of parents is not complete.

Nan sighed and said, "She has no choice. When she married with her husband, her husband didn't work anymore. Their kid is growing up. There has to be a breadwinner at home."

Rita understood. Phoebe Jiang once said that if she didn't went out to earn money, what should their child do when they had nothing in the future? Rita sighed and said, "I really don't know why Phoebe married that man!"

Nan thought for a while and said, "Her husband is very handsome."

Rita immediately retorted, "An attractive appearance can't bring home the bacon, can it?" In her opinion, women didn't have to marry handsome men who were difficult to keep. They should marry responsible men who could support the family with their salary, instead of waiting for their wives to make money. She knew this better than anyone else.

After a while, Rita heard Nan ask the little boy, "Do you miss your mother?" Rita knew that he was Phoebe Jiang's son. She had seen him before. He looked like his mother. His grandmother was standing there and chatting with everyone. Now the child was in the first grade and was often criticized by the teacher for being naughty. Rita was a little rebellious in nature, she just didn't like some teachers often criticized children. Because when she was a child, she was stupid enough to think that her teacher criticized her for her good food for six years!

The child's grandma was very talkative, so Rita decided to have a rest. She looked at the children playing around and said with a smile, "Do you miss your mother?" The child shook his head, and Rita sighed in her heart. She didn't know what the child thought, but the child at the age of seven or eight might not know how to miss someone, or he might have been sensible enough to know that his parents worked hard for him, or he didn't understand why his parents left him.

There were many disadvantages of leaving children for old people to take care of, which was especially true in today's society where everything was done online. Assigning homework online, doing homework online and handing in homework online. When she was a child, teachers often wrote teaching plan until midnight. By the way, are teachers so idle now?

No matter what, children had to study hard. She heard from the child's grandmother that Phoebe Jiang and her husband earned more than 8000 euro a month in Italy. It didn't sound much, but the money was still considerable. No wonder people said that if they wen

t abroad for a few years and came back, they could save decades of labor!

People love money. Rita was much more active in making money than in finding a boyfriend, but she dared not to go abroad. She would miss her parents at home and would always worry about them. 'You're the only child of your parents. You really don't want to go too far. You've already made up your mind to live a simple life, haven't you?'

Back then, she had worked in a company two-hour drive away from her home, but her father still thought she was too far away from home. She compromised. Sometimes when her father didn't understand her, Rita really wanted to go away and leave everything behind. She had sacrificed so much for them. Other people's children had flown far away, but she was trapped in this small city for a lifetime because of all kinds of restrictions. The previous unwillingness had been smooth out by the plain life.

The trees desire to keep still but the wind is blowing nonstop; the offspring desire to support their parents, but they have passed away. Rita didn't dare to have a try. She just smiled and told herself that she had to pay the debt! Besides, her parents were really nice to her. Because she was the only child, they had given her almost all the best things. She had seen a lot of news that parents mistreated their children. Compared with those kids, she was more than lucky!

Although she sometimes thought that she could lead a happy life as long as she was contented enough. She could live happily with two thousand dollars. If she was not contented, she would not be happy even if she earned two hundred thousand dollars a month!

Anyway! At parents' meeting, when looking at the children playing in the room, she understood the difficulties of parents. When they were having a sports meeting... When the parents went out to play together! Children would be unhappy!

To be honest, most of the people who went abroad stayed abroad. Yes, they were just working in a different place. And foreign companies did pay them well. But so what! People have their own ambitions. Rita, who was about to reach middle age, was not interested in going abroad. She still liked the great mountains and rivers in the motherland!

She chatted with the kid's grandmother for a while, who said that going to school was much more complicated than before! The child's grandmother was old and still tried to learn how to use a smart phone. Rita really wanted to teach her, but she didn't want to hurt her self-esteem. So she did not say anything.

On their way home, Rita took a bus. The weather was getting colder and colder day by day. Rita had been watching the scenery outside the window cuddling herself. Although the scenery was familiar, she still liked to see it. If only the unhappiness in her life could flash away like this!

After returning home and wrote chapters of novel, she couldn't fall asleep. She leaned against her pillow and watched the entertainment program on her mobile phone. There were too many unhappy things in her life. If you couldn't find a place to vent you anger, you would be like a gunpowder bucket, ready to explode any time. Rita was lucky that she could be happier after watching one or two popular entertainment programs.

Looking at the funny host, she smiled silently. For some reason, she liked to laugh silently. She thought it was polite to do so.

In the small hour, if she couldn't fall asleep, she would think of the past. She remembered that a few years ago, when she lived with a classmate, she could only use one word to describe herself: stupid and naive.

That's when she deeply understood that the good memory could only be recalled, because people change. As time went by, you might found that the person now was much different than the one in your memory. She had experience this.

At that time, she had rested at home for a year because of her waist injury. This year was simply a torture for a girl at her age. Although her father and mother had given her pocket money, she was a grown-up. She really couldn't bear to ask for money! Rita decided to go out to work and rent an apartment! She wanted to go to the city where she used to work to find her good friend, but her father didn't agree at all. His father said, "Why do you go there to disturb their life?"

Rita said helplessly, "Dad, we will only joint rent the apartment. We will have our own room!"

"That's not a good idea. They are a couple. You are not allowed to go!" With her father's firm attitude, Rita had no choice but to give up. Not long ago, she contacted a classmate and found that she also had to rent an apartment. She thought maybe it was fate! Rita had thought that it would be good for two girls to have each other for company, but she didn't expect that it was the beginning of a nightmare!

Rita was naive and didn't like to argue with others. So when she knew that they pay the rent and living expenses together and note down how much each person had to pay, Rita was afraid that the other people would say that she was narrow-minded, so she didn't say anything, and began to lead a chaotic life.

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