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   Chapter 3 Lose Weight

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She smiled and said, "Old three major items? How old are you! You are the youngest one among us, okay?" It was true! It was said that working in pharmacy was stable, so old people and married people were more willing to work in pharmacy.

Rita smiled and said, "I'm almost thirty. I am aging!" What the netizens said was true: Children want to grow up when they are young, and adults want to be young again when they grow up!

At this time, someone came in to buy some traditional Chinese medicine, so Rita went over. A woman in her forties looked at Rita anxiously and asked, "Do you have Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae?"

Rita nodded and said, "Yes, for adults or children?" Adults and children should have different kind of Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae. Adults had strong resistance, so they could have Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae of medium quality. Children had weak resistance, so they should get Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae of good quality so they could get better soon.

The lady looked at Rita in confusion. Rita was willing to explain it to her. After all, she was much better than those who were arbitrary and ignorant. She smiled and said, "Children should have the kind produced from better place of origin and has a faster effect. It is OK if you choose the kind for adult, but you can't delay taking medicine! If you think that kind is too expensive, you can buy Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae for adults. "

After thinking for a while, the woman still chose the expensive one. After paying the money, she came back and said that she was not in good health when having the second child, so the child often got sick. She heard that having steamed Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae and pear had an amazing effect, so she came here to buy some.

"Ask the child to bask in the sun more often, and then eat more fruit with vitamin C. Don't worry, I was not in good health when I was a child, but I am stronger when I grow up."

The woman said gratefully, "Really! Thank you!" Rita smiled and said, "It's okay. Take care." In fact, Rita was willing to help others. She just couldn't stand that some people thought that they were God after spending some money.

After a busy afternoon, everyone got off work at about eight o'clock in the evening. Rita had persecutory delusion. She always worried that someone would follow her home and rob her, so she didn't carry her bag at night.

After getting on the bus and sitting in her exclusive seat, she took a long breath. Bad things happen every day. However, no matter how unhappy she was, in the service industry, customer was God. She didn't have to force herself to smile, but she was not allowed to quarrel with customers. When she was a child, she didn't understand why would people didn't have human rights. Now she knew that there were some things that she didn't need to understand. She just needed to obey!

Rita was a little artistic by nature. She liked to sit by the window and appreciate the scenery outside. Maybe it was because she had been to few places! Therefore, she cherished the scenery along the way more. At night, in addition to cars, there were also neon lights in the city. Rita felt that the neon lights were ethereal and attractive.

It was about half an hour's drive back home, and it was already midnight when she arrived home. Her parents had already gone to bed. Rita went back to her room and fell on her own bed. The moment she lay on the bed, she was relaxed. She always said that she couldn't bear the pressure, so she didn't want to bear it. Sometimes she felt very lucky that she didn't go to college, or she might be driven crazy by the pressure! She felt tired for the white-collar workers in those big cities. Some people said that she didn't have ambition, she admitted it too. People wanted different things, and she just wanted to live a peaceful life.

When she came back home, she just wanted to eat and write. Now she didn't know whether she was doing this for her dream or for money. It was twelve o'clock. Fortunately, she was on the night shift tomorrow. She thought so before she went to bed.

When Rita was sleeping soundly, she heard the vibration of her mobile phone. She was a little annoyed when she opened her eyes and reached for her mobile phone. "Who! Disturbs my sleeping in the early morning!"

"Hello, Rita! This is Nan. Have you forgotten that you and Kris have changed shift today?" Said Nan.

Stunned for a moment, Rita said, "Well... I'll be right there!" After hanging up the phone, she immediately sat up. They went to work at seven o'clock, and it was already seven fourteen. She hurriedly got up to wash her face and brush her teeth. Fortunately, she did these quite quick. When she went out, it was seven twenty-five. While putting on her shoes, she said, "Mom, I'm leaving!"

"Aren't you on afternoon shift? Why are you leaving so early? You haven't even had breakfast!"

Rita picked up a fried cake and said, "Don't mention it. I forgot that I had changed shift with Kris! I am late!" Then she closed the door and rushed downstairs.

Fortunately, she got on the road after three-minute walk and hailed a taxi in a hurry.

"Go to the pharmacy next to the Eighth Middle School on Marshal Road." Rita was eating fried cake while looking at her phone. The driver looked at her from the mirror and said nothing. He drove off when the signal light turned green.

It was only six or seven minutes' drive, but they had to wait for the signal light. After eating the fried cake, Rita carefully looked at the mirror, because she could see the driver in the mirror. She had to see if the driver was a bad guy! Nowadays, many people went missing in the daytime.

Rita found he was quite handsome. Rita was absolutely a face judger. She wasn't one before. Now she didn't want to see the ugly face at all, as if she was afraid that she would get involved with them.

Rita was thinking on her own, yet the driver didn't look at her at all. Why! Because the driver really didn't know how she could go out like this, with the phone in one hand and the fried cake in the other. Her hair was like a chicken nest. He couldn't bear to look at her in the eye! Finally, when the driver was about to lose his patience, they had arrived at the destination. Rita handed the money to the driver with a smile and said, "Thank you! ." Then she got off the car.

The driver couldn't help laughing when he received the money. Fortunately, she had given him change. If she had given him 100 $, how could he give her change? At this time, the beeper rang and said, "Boss, boss, now we are in the SD. Where are you? Where are you?"

The driver's cheeky smile was replaced by a serious look and said, "Copy. Now send me the location of the SD! I'll be right there!"

After receiving the address, the driver drove away. He didn't stop even when the passers-by hailed a cab.

When Rita came out of the lounge, she felt like a survivor of a disaster. She patted her chest and said, "Nan, fortunately, you called me, or I would not wake up till the alarm rings!" Her alarm clock rang at ten!

With a smile, Nan cleaned up the room and said, "I haven't seen you and Kris since I came here, so I called Kris after waiting for a while. He said he had changed shift with you, so I called you!"

Rita smiled and said, "I have been busy these days, so I forgot. Otherwise, I wouldn't have forgotten."

Nan smiled and said, "At least Celina is here. Besides, you still have days off! Just ask for a day off!"

Shaking her head, Rita sat on the pier and said, "No, I can't. It's hard for me to explain even if Celina covered for me! Besides, I have blind dates on the day off! One in the morning, one in the noon and one in the evening! I can have delicious meals the whole day."

Nan smiled and said, "You are such a foodie! I don't believe you! You win if you can go on one blind date. You have said you would go on blind dates many times in the past few years. But you chickened out and broke the appointment every time. Don't I know you!"

Rita smiled and said, "Can't you show me some mercy and don't reveal my past? But I've made up my mind this year. I will be an old maid if I don't find a boyfriend soon. I want to have some quality time before having children!" In fact, she had decided not to have a baby for at least a year after marriage because she heard people saying so.

As a matter of fact! It was a discussion incited by a piece of news. After reading the news, Beth said, "I won't let my daughter have baby so early in the future. She should wait for at least a year before having a baby. Otherwise, the baby suffers if she get divorce in the future!"

Rita thought it made sense. She did not believe that she could be so lucky to meet a person and spend the rest of their life together. Sometimes she could be really stubborn.

When Celina came over with her glasses and phone in her hand, she saw Rita standing there in a daze. She smiled and said, "What's wrong with you? Spacing out in the early morning! Have you had breakfast?"

Rita smiled and said, "I just ate a fried cake. I guess I'll be hungry later." Even boys couldn't eat as much as Rita! But she didn't worry that she would be disliked by others in the future. After all, a good appetite is a blessing!

Celina smiled and said, "Go get something to eat before someone sees you." In Celina's eyes, Rita was just a child. Celina's child was ten years older than Rita, so she loved Rita very much.

Rita held Celina's arm and said with a smile, "No, I'd rather save some money and lose weight." Rita was fat because of her irregular menstruation, especially her two legs. She even mocked herself that they were elephant's leg! She had tried every means to lose weight, but failed. Later, she decided to give up dieting, because she had stomach disease.

Celina smiled and said, "Don't try to lose weight. I think you are fine now!" Rita smiled and said, "Celina, you are just trying to make me feel better. I can't find a boyfriend if I stay fat like this!" She didn't need others to tell her this, but she knew she had really indulged herself.

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