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   Chapter 2 Rita's Parents

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Kate replied helplessly, "All right. All right. You are right. Well, you can go on with your business! Go to bed early! I'm going to bed.

After saying "good night" to Kate, Rita continued to type. It was her dream to be a writer, which was illusory in the eyes of others. They thought that she was following the trend because many TV series were adapted from the Internet novels in the past few years! In fact, when she was in grade three... That's 2001. When Rita knew that she couldn't be a policewoman because she was too weak, she started to think that maybe she could be a director? Or a writer? All in all, she had been working toward that goal in the following years.

Kate's "good night" warmed Rita's heart. She was a sensitive Pisces. Other people said that Pisces were unfaithful to love, but she knew that if Pisces had decided to settle down, they would be contented with a stable life. Besides, Pisces fell in love easily and were prone to be hurt deeply in the end.

Last night, Rita has some inspiration at midnight, so she stayed up all night. Fortunately, she was on afternoon shift on the second day. On the second day, she was finally woken up by her parents who came to visit her.

"You stay up late yesterday, didn't you? Didn't I tell you? If you are not in good health, don't stay up late. If you keep doing this, I won't allow you to write anymore." Her mother said as she served the rice for her.

Rita pouted and said, "Mom, this is my dream. If a person doesn't have a dream, he is as good as dead."

Rita's mother glared at her, "I know you you won't listen to me no matter what I say. You have to take care of yourself. Don't you know that you are suffering from anaemia? Traditional Chinese medicine doesn't work. I think going to bed early can cure any illness." Her mother began to display her unique skill, nagging.

Well, her father finally decide to give her a hand! Her father couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Well, let the child finish her meal first!"

After the meal, Rita sat on the sofa watching TV with her father happily. In fact, blood relationship was weird. It is said that daughters are the lovers of their fathers in the previous life, that's why daughters are close to their fathers. Rita thought that she must have tricked her father in her previous life, that's why she had to comfort him in this life.

Rita put the cut fruit on the tea table and said, "Dig in! Dad! I bought it the day before yesterday. It's sweet."

Her father nodded, but his eyes were still fixed on the boxing game on TV. Rita pouted and was unhappy. Did he come here to watch TV? She held her father's neck and kissed his forehead. Her father was not young anymore, so his hairline was receding, which made his forehead a little wide.

Her father pushed Rita and said, "How old are you? Still doing such kind of thing."

However, Rita didn't let go and said, "Didn't you say that in your eyes, I am always a child? Besides, I don't kiss others!" Rita liked to act like a spoiled child with her parents. It seemed that everyone liked her doing so.

Her father smiled and said, "You have to get a boyfriend. Look at how old you are! Most of your classmates are married! I told you so when you were twenty-two. You said it was too early. Well, what now?"

Depressed, Rita let go of his hand and said, "The fortune teller said that I get married late. If I get married early, I will get divorced sooner or later."

Her father had a new answer to this excuse that had been used for several years. He smiled and said, "You are almost thirty now. It's not too early. You can get married now!"

Curling her lips, Rita stood up and intended to find her mother in the room. Logically speaking, her mother was no match for her.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" Rita hugged her mother and said with a smile.

Rita caressed Rita's face, smiling, "I just bought a new book about health maintenance. According to the book, black sesame and black beans are good for kidney? Do you have black sesame and black beans in your pharmacy? Is there a grinding machine?"

Rita smiled and said, "No, we don't have black beans. But you can eat black beans raw. I will go to the market to find a store to grind some black sesame power for you!"

Her mother nodded and said hesitantly, "If it's expensive, then don't bother! You can save some money!"

Rita said indifferently, "It won't cost much. Just wait for your black sesame powder!" Rita thought she just hadn't met the right guy. She always talked about the chairman of the shop at home. She was an experienced worker compared with him! He was not so much a chairman as a boss!

Her mother smiled. Perhaps she didn't know how to react to her dramatic daughter! Time passed quickly. She put on her working gown baclk unhappily and went to work.

She was so busy! There were a lot of people coming to the pharmacy these days. After all, there were all kinds of health maintenance formulas circulated on the major satellite TV and online. Rita had just sent a woman away. As soon as she sat down, she saw an old man coming to her again. She could only stand up with a smile and say, "Sir, what can I do for you?"

The old man had hands clasped behind his back. Had he worn Chinese t

unic suit and followed by two bodyguards, Rita would believe that this man might be a big shot coming from the South China Sea! The man run down his eyes over the counter and left. After he left, Rita sat down again, speechless.

At this moment, Celina came out of the lounge and asked, "What's wrong?" Rita! One of her characteristics was that she always had her heart on her sleeve. Many people were willing to make friends with her, because of this. They didn't have to guess what she was thinking.

Rita shrugged and said, "Nothing. Just now, an old man looked at the counter for a while and left without saying anything."

Celina nodded and said, "It's normal. Not everyone comes in will buy some medicine home, does he?"

Rita nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, I guess so. We are in the service industry. Aren't the things in the counter for them to see?" People often come in and have a look when it rains or snows or when they are bored from waiting for the bus, but normally they don't place the order.

Celina nodded in agreement. Rita smiled and said, "Celina, do you think what I said is too official?" Celina smiled, and Rita held her hand, shaking it while jumping.

On the other side of counter, Nina looked at her and said, "Oh, Rita! She's such a merrymaker. Look at Celina, she is so happy when Rita comes!"

Rita smiled and didn't say anything. She admitted that she loved to be complimented, perhaps it was because she hadn't get much compliments since she was a child! When she was a child, her father never complimented or scolded her for anything. In his eyes, as long as the she could grow up healthily, nothing else mattered.

Rita once said that she lacked confidence because she had received little encouragement from others. She had hoped that she could be supported no matter what she did, and helped whenever she was in need. But God never granted her wish. Gradually, she did not dare to make a decision. She always said that she was an eagle that was caged into a fowl.

Rita sometimes read books when she was seized by a whim. After all, there is no end for learning! The higher the educational background, the better. After all, the employers would have higher and higher requirements for education background in the future. Rita had a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, and now she was not 17 anymore. She could not afford to pursue her dream regardless of consequences. She could only pursue her dream when she had enough money to support herself. Otherwise, she would never be able to pursue her dream. Just like what others said, when Vincent van Gogh passed away, he was still an unknown painter. Sunflower didn't get popular until he was dead. But what's the point? He's dead already! A man in a sketch also said: what's the use of money when one is dead already! In fact, it made sense.

"What are you looking at? You look so attentive!" Looking at Rita who was sitting still, the woman next to her felt that she should come over and have a look.

Smiling, Rita showed her a book on traditional Chinese medicine and said, "I am studying hard to serve the people!"

Bess Qian smiled and said, "You naughty girl! If you ask me to sit here and read, I can't sit still like you. You are so capable."

Having worked for such a long time, Rita knew a little about everyone's character. She knew that Bess Qian was encouraging her! With a smile, she said, "Bess Qian, if you were my primary school teacher, I would have been admitted by the Tsinghua University or Peking University!"

With a smile, Bess Qian said, "Key universities are not as good as they said. You're doing great now, aren't you?"

Rita pulled her to sit down and said, "I guess so. I just like the Peking University. Didn't they say that it was the cradle of arts student? People always think about what they haven't got and don't cherish what they have got. "

Bess Qian nodded with a smile and said, "You are so eloquent. I think your future husband will definitely be bullied by you in the future."

Rita smiled happily and said, "Bess Qian, thank you for your blessing! My grandma is worried that I am too good-tempered that I will be bullied!" What she said was true. Since she was eighteen years old, her grandma had always been worried that she would be bullied by her future mother-in-law, because Rita was careless and soft-hearted.

Bess Qian laughed exaggeratedly and said, "No way. Your grandmother can rest assured! Who would have the heart to bully you?"

The two of them chatted for a while, and Bess Qian left after someone went in to buy some goods. Rita was not in the mood for reading any more. She closed the book, stood up and leaned against the counter. She had thought that she was young and it was OK to be single, but now she really didn't know whether she should cry or laugh. Then she shook her head and thought that maybe she was sentimental because her period was coming!

The woman next to the cabinet had finished her work. She looked at Rita and said with a smile, "What are you thinking about?"

Rita glance at her and walked over with a smile. When they stood together, Rita flashed the mobile phone in front of her and said, "Isn't this the old three major items? WeChat, micro-blog, and Baidu Tieba!"

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