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   Chapter 1 A Simple Life

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Rita Zeng was an ordinary person who went to an ordinary school and did an ordinary job, but she was determined to pursue her dream. The people around her didn't believe she could realize that dream, but she believed that she could.

She always said that what's the point of living if a person didn't have a dream? It's unknown whether she came up with the thought or she just quote from some book. Now that she was working in the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet group of a pharmacy. She was still chasing her dream in her spare time.

However, time flies. Time and tide waits for no man. Whether you waste your life or pursue your dream, time goes by.

"Rita Zeng, have you really no boyfriend?" The newly arrived girl looked at Rita Zeng and asked curiously.

Rita Zeng looked at the customer who was obviously listening to their conversation. Feeling a little depressed, she grabbed the herbs and said to the little girl, "You don't understand. I'd rather live alone than have a lame boyfriend." But she knew a lame boyfriend was still a boyfriend. She didn't choose to be alone.

The little girl might have just graduated and didn't know how to see which way the wind blows. She continued to ask, "Rita Zeng, is there anyone you like?"

Rita Zeng glanced at her and didn't answer her question. Instead, she looked at the customer beside and said, "Sir, this is your medicine, dried radix rehmanniae, cortex moutan and prunella spike. Take care." Seeing that the man walked out of the door, she glared at the little girl helplessly and said, "Can't we keep a low profile? You have spilled my shortcomings. He might think that no one wants me!" But it was the truth.

Only then did the little girl realized that she had said something wrong, so she stuck out her tongue and said, "Rita Zeng, I am sorry! I didn't mean it."

Rita Zeng didn't say anything, but took out her phone and sat on the chair to read a novel. Her colleague at the counter said with a smile, "Little girl, Rita Zeng won't be angry with you. It has been several years, and I haven't seen Rita Zeng get angry. We are good-tempered, aren't we?"

Rita Zeng always liked this colleague. She nodded with a smile and said, "Tell me about it. You know me best."

"Of course! Who am I?" The atmosphere was eased after they talked and laughed.

Perhaps no one would have thought that Rita Zeng, who was so young at that time, would stay in such a quiet place for so long. Didn't young people like excitement and passion?

Rita Zeng had answered this question before. She said, "A vigorous life is not suitable for me. My heart is not good." In fact, only she knew in her heart that the reason why she no longer pursued an exciting life was that she could not afford it.

She had a great job! Her job provided meals, which made Rita Zeng, who had been lazy all the time, very happy. After lunch, Rita had to sit for a while as usual before going to work. She sat there reading the novel, which was one of her three hobbies. The other two were watching TV series, and reading novels or TV series lying down.

"Rita Zeng! You are going to be fat if you keep lying down. You have finally lost two pounds. Get up and move a bit!" The group leader of Rita Zeng, who was very enthusiastic, said. Rita Zeng got along with her very well.

Rita Zeng moved a little with a smile, and grinned, revealing a relatively white teeth. "I'm giving up myself. I can't find a boyfriend. So I might as well get fat."

With a smile, Nina Wu gave a light spank on Rita Zeng's butt and said, "How dare you give yourself up? I wanted to arrange a blind date for you but you refused. Now you want a boyfriend? Serves you right."

Rita Zeng pouted. Although she was almost thirty years old, she still liked to act like a spoiled child in front of her colleagues. Josie Wang, who was standing aside, cut in, "Can't you introduce some guys to us?"

Rita Zeng nodded and said, "Exactly." Looking at the two people singing the same tune together, Nina Wu was amused and said, "You two! So it's all my fault, isn't it? Let's make a deal! If I arrange another blind date for you, and you don't show up, I won't spare you!"

Rita Zeng nodded with a smile and held Nina Wu's arm, "I love you! You are the best. " But in fact, she was sad! Can't she be a heroine in the romantic movie once? Couldn't she just met someone and fall in love naturally? She really didn't like blind dates. But since she had agreed, she didn't say anything more. Anyway, she might meet her Mr. Right, who knows! Nina Wu was picky, so the guy she chose must be excellent.

As they were talking and laughing, it was time to get off work. Rita Zeng stretched herself and said to Celina LI, "Celina Li, what should I have for dinner when I go back?" She asked her this question practically every day.

Celina Li smiled and said, "No wonder you get fat. You are already thinking about the next meal when you just had your last meal." Rita Zeng giggled and said, "Losing weight needs ene

rgy. How can I lose weight if I am hungry?!" Then she picked up her phone and read a novel. The novel she was reading recently was quite beautiful.

Celina Li shook her head! Rita Zeng was both lovable and hateful. After a long time, the person Rita Zeng had been looking forward to finally came. The person who took Rita Zeng's shift was a man with a good temper. Someone once asked Rita Zeng why she was so good-tempered, she just smiled and didn't say anything. Although she didn't like to be angry, her temper was very hot. But this man was so good-natured that she had never seen him lose his temper since they had worked together for over a year.

"Well, I'm here. You can get off work now!" Kris Yang said as he put on his coat.

Rita Zeng put the phone in the pocket of her coat and said, "There is no medicine to decoct later. Call me if you need anything!"

Kris Yang nodded and said, "Okay. By the way, I will be on the night shift the day after tomorrow! We changed shift."

Rita Zeng rolled her eyes at him and said, "I have a good memory! Don't worry! I won't forget it." Then she looked at Celina Li who was sitting not far away and said, "I'm leaving, Celina Li." Celina Li waved her hand with a smile and said, "OK! Go home and have some sleep!"

After cleaning up, Rita Zeng went to the bus stop at the gate of the pharmacy with her bag on her back. At this time, Kate Zhen came out, putting her hand on Rita Zeng's shoulder and said, "What's wrong, Rita Zeng? Where are you going after work?"

Rita Zeng rolled her eyes helplessly and said, "Where can I go? You don't play with me because you want to go home to see the child, so I can only go home to sleep."

Kate Zhen smiled and said, "I have no choice. I can't leave baby at home! Rita! Cherish the present!"

Rita Zeng said gloomily, "I wish I have a daughter to care for at home! For your information! You only have a son and have no daughter! Don't piss me off. I'm telling you, I'm going to get married this year."

Looking at the serious expression on Rita Zeng's face, Kate Zhen smiled and said, "Rita Zeng, I am serious. Don't get married for the sake of marriage, okay?"

Rita Zeng nodded and said, "I know. Don't worry! I've been suffering from the hormone disorder these days, so I want to find a boyfriend. I'll be fine in a few days."

Kate Zhen looked at Rita Zeng with a smile and said, "By the way, when haven't you suffered from hormone disorder?"

Rita Zeng stood still and said, "Kate Zhen! I'm suffering from menstrual disorder, not hormones disorder! ! ! Besides, are we good friends or not. How could you expose me like that?"

"Of course we are! I was helping you. Exposing your wound can help it heal." Kate Zhen said with a smile. Rita Zeng also smiled. Rita knew clearly what kind of person she was. She could also tell the difference between a joke and a sneer!

Speaking of this, Rita Zeng felt ridiculous. She relied more on Kate Zhen than on her brothers and sisters. She always said that she had no relatives.

"Take Nick out to watch a movie someday. Minions is coming out!" After getting in the car, Rita Zeng said to Kate Zhen who was sitting next to her.

Kate Zhen put down the phone and said, "Let's talk about it later! He is at his grandmother's home!" Rita Zeng nodded and the two separated when they arrived at the station.

When Rita Zeng came back home, she took off her clothes randomly, put on her pajamas and was ready to go to bed. Sometimes older people always said that she was lazy, but she just smiled. The generation gap between them was too great! There was no need to explain.

In a daze, she had a dream. In the dream, she went home to tell her parents that she was getting married. When she woke up, Rita Zeng scratched her hair and muttering to herself, "Really! I can't even see the groom's face in my own dream!"

But she was a big-hearted person. She knew she should not marry in a hurry! Rita opened the fridge door and decided to cook some noodles!

While eating the noodles, Rita Zeng looked at her computer. She couldn't help feeling that she was a loser. Although she had tried to be successful for countless times, she was still defeated by the reality.

A WeChat message came. It was a roommate who had lived with her for eight years in the past. The reason why it was eight years was that she had left before graduation. They had been working together for two years. They chatted with each other for a while due to boredom. Rita Zeng then lay in bed.

Kate Zhen sent her a message which wrote, "Are you playing cellphone in bed again?" Have you had dinner?

Rita Zeng smiled and replied, "You got me! I've eaten my special noodles. Now I'm lying on the bed!"

Kate Zhen sent a sweating expression and wrote: you are definitely going to get fat. Can't you get up and do some exercise?

Rita Zeng replied straightforwardly, "I've been busy all morning. It's OK to put on some weight! People who really like me won't dislike me for being fat.

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