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   Chapter 10 Director

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"Did you hear that? Did Carole come to work?"

"What? Which one? Who is Carole?"

"Have you forgotten? She is our former superior. Now she holds ten percent of the shares."

They talked with each other, not knowing that there was a shadow over them.

The women who had been gossiping just now all turned around. When they saw Carole, there was a moment of silence, and then they looked at each other.

"Director... Director Carole..."

Director Carole?

Carole frowned and recalled the past.

Yes, she used to be a director, but why were there other emotions in their eyes besides fear when they saw her? As if she was a burden to the company.

Carole didn't know how to address these people at the moment, but as the director of a company, she couldn't lose in temperament when being discussed like this!

"Have you finished your work?" Said Carole in a calm tone.

"Director... Director Carole..." They looked at each other and said in one voice, "We'll do it now!"

Then, all the people around dispersed in a flash.

Huh? What was going on? Was she so terrible? Why did she feel that these people had treated her as a lion that eats people?

"Take me to my office."

Not in the mood to argue with the little girls, Carole turned to her assistant.

"What?" The assistant was confused.

Did Director Carole forget where her office was? She haven't been back to work for only a short time...

Although she had doubts in her heart, after all, the new official just took office, and the director was a big deal. Moreover, the irresistible temperament of Director Carole had already been established.

The long lost office, the office chair, and the pot of green potted plant on the balcony...

The memory of the original owner was still lingering in Carole's mind. Looking around, she smiled.

It turned out that she worked in such an environment?

"Director Carole, if there is nothing else, I will go out first."

The assistant was stunned when she saw the happy look on Carole's face.

Didn't Director Carole have a headache every time she encountered work? What happened to her? Why did she look so happy when she came to the office?

The assistant didn't say anything and walked out of the office directly.

All the documents had been prepared for her. She should start working as soon as possible.

At this time, Carole suddenly found that during her taking office here, the employees looked at her with complicated eyes, as if they didn't trust her.

Why did they have such a feeling? Did... Did the original owner have a grudge against the employees of the company?

And she also wanted to know what was going on, but she was not the original owner. If she asked some sensitive words, the other party might not tell her.

"How do you feel at work?"

In the evening, the employees left one after another. Only Carole worked overtime in the company. Under this situation, Garnett wanted to talk with her.

"Everything is fine except that the employees seem to have some prejudice against me."

Carole was not a person who beat around the bush. She would say whatever she wanted to say.


"Do you know why all the employees treat you the same way?"

Carole pricked up her ears.

"Have you forgotten that you made the company lose many orders?"

Many orders?


these two words, even Garnett had forgotten how many times she had caused the loss of the company.

It seemed that she was the most untrustworthy leader in the company now.

But after all, it was the original owner's fault. Now that she had inherited the body, she must make up for it!

"I know." Carole replied, "But at least I'm holding shares of the company. I have to do my best for the company."

Holding shares of the company...

Her words were so appropriate. On one hand, she showed her status, and on the other hand, she also mentioned Randal.

"Well, in that case, I won't say anything more."

"You shouldn't have said anything." Carole snapped at him.


This woman had really changed a lot. Her personality and attitude towards life had changed, and... She became more and more dismissive of him.

"It's already time to be off work. Aren't you going to go home?"

"No." There were still a lot of things to be done. How could she retreat?

"If you don't go home, you have to let me know. Don't forget that your gossip has just passed."

Hearing this, Carole raised her head.

That was right. She had just become innocent. She couldn't let others find out her weakness, especially her vicious mother-in-law.

When she arrived home, her whole heart was almost focused on work.

On the second morning, Carole was concentrating on her work.

The company had lost many orders because of her. This price was not small. Now she needed to make great efforts to make up for it.

"Claire, show me the process of our cooperation with Sun Group."

"Okay, Director Carole."

A few minutes later, Claire Tang brought the cooperation process to her. While reading it, she thought about how to learn to talk about the cooperation project with others.

"Mr. Garnett."

As soon as Claire Tang walked out of the office, she bumped into Garnett.

"What is she doing inside?"

"The director wants to know the process of our cooperation last time."


Garnett nodded his head and walked into the office after Claire Tang left.

Perhaps it was because Carole was too engrossed in her work, or perhaps it was because that Garnett didn't make any sound while walking, the two of them still kept silent and neither of them paid attention to each other.

"Why do you read such a rubbish book?"

The sudden question startled Carole.

"This is a book about finance. Why did you say that?"

Carole frowned.

How could this man be so quiet? Besides, she just wanted to learn more about finance. Was there anything wrong?

"By the way, did you walk so quietly?"

"Well, it's none of your business, but I can't delay the operation of the whole company because of your messy study."

This reason was absolutely awesome.

"This book is not suitable for you to read at all. If you want to learn, you might as well read it which I recommend to you."

After saying that, Garnett handed her a book about finance and said, "You'd better read this. There will be what you want in it. Besides, if you want to cooperate with the other party's company, you have to start with our own employees. After all, you have to win over the inner people. Well, just tell you this."

After saying that, Garnett left the office, but Carole didn't take it seriously.

Would he know what she wanted at work?

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