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   Chapter 9 A New Official Takes Office

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"It's early in the morning... What are you doing here?" Garnett pretended that he just saw her.

Hearing the voice from behind, Carole asked, "Why are you here?"

Did he hear all the conversation between her and Richie? She began to recall if she had said anything out of line.

"This is my home. I can go wherever I want. And I'm asking you." Said Garnett in a cold voice. His bright eyes were as vast as the sea, and no one could tell his emotions.

Hearing this rude question from Garnett, Carole got angry for no reason.

"It's my business. I have the right to refuse to tell you." Carole looked up at Garnett defiantly.

Hearing Carole's words, he was surprised.

She seemed to be a little different from before.

Looking at her sudden resistance, Garnett felt a little annoyed for no reason. No one dared to irritate him like this for a long time.

Did he give her too much kindness to make her so presumptuous?

After thinking for a while, Garnett walked close to Carole, looked down at her resolute eyes and asked, "Do you still remember what I said to you on the wedding day and then left the room?"

Carole lowered her head and searched the memory of the original owner. It turned out that on their wedding day, Garnett said to her, "I won't fall in love with you."

This man was really cold-blooded. He could say such words to his wife on their wedding day, he was really a bad man.

So Carole raised her head and looked straight into his eyes. She said word by word, "I won't fall in love with you. That's what you said to me on our wedding day."

Garnett nodded.

"It's good that you remember. Don't forget your own situation." His tone was cold.

Not willing to admit her weakness, Carole took a step forward and looked at Garnett calmly.

"I know there is no love between us now, but it doesn't matter to me whether there is love or not. I just want to live and survive in this city."

It was also a blessing from the God that she could come to the body of the original master. Since it was a blessing, she would not take it too hard. As for her love for this man, it was just love between the original master and him. As for herself, they just met by chance. How could she love him?

"I know you think what happened to me has nothing to do with you, but don't forget what grandpa said at my mother's funeral. As for the outsiders, I'm still the daughter-in-law of the Si family. Anyway, you have to protect my face in front of outsiders. I hope that similar things at my mother's funeral will not happen again. It's not good for you, me and even the Si family. I hope you won't forget what I said today. This is the best choice for both of us."

As soon as Carole finished her words, she frowned and glanced at the expressionless Garnett. She turned around and walked in the opposite direction, not caring about his following reaction.

After hearing what she said, Garnett could not help but feel that this woman really admired vanity, and the contempt in his heart was overflowing.

Seeing that Carole turned around and left arrogantly.

"Admire vanity." Then Garnett turned around and walked in the opposite direction of Carole.

If it weren't for Randal's sake, he would never have anything to do with such a vain woman who admired vanity. How shameless she was.

Garnett looked down at his watch. It was time to go to the company, so he got in the car prepared by the driver and drove to work.

At the same time, Carole was also preparing in the room.

She decided to take office today.

The reason why she said those words to Garnett before was that she didn't want to make Randal sad, but she couldn't achieve nothing. It was absolutely not appropriate to only rely on him. She must save her face herself, so she certainly understood this simple truth.

In order to make her appearance in the company today, Carole specially chose a slim black s

hort skirt to put on, and put on a more eye-catching makeup, a pair of five centimeter black stilettos and a pair of black sunglasses.

She hoped to give people a new impression.

Carole looked at herself in the mirror and felt satisfied. Then she picked a bag that suited her temperament today and thought it was enough.

After preparing, she picked up her bag, walked to the garage and entered the silver car of the original owner. After sitting down, Carole closed her eyes to search for the memory of the original owner. After knowing the route to the company, she opened her eyes.

Looking at the interior of the new car, Carole couldn't help thinking in confusion, 'The original owner of the car is really a noble lady who has never gone out.'

Carole took a look at her watch. It would be too late if she didn't set out. Besides, she didn't have the habit of being late. She started the car, quickly changed the gear and rushed to the company according to the route she remembered.

According to the memory of the original owner, she had left a bad impression in the company before. It could be seen that her future in the company was not optimistic. But in order to prevent herself from being looked down upon by Garnett, be no longer teased by Richie. For Randal who supported her, she couldn't be a rabbit at the mercy of others like the original owner. She had to grit her teeth and do something for them to see.

Thinking of this, Carole was full of fighting spirit and was confident about her future.

A few minutes later, Carole's car arrived at the company's gate.

Before getting out of the car, Carole checked her appearance to make sure that there was nothing wrong with her appearance. Then she opened the door and got out of the car, heading to the company building.

After she entered the gate, the receptionist saw a strange woman coming in. She walked up and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Carole took off her sunglasses and smiled at the receptionist.

"I am Carole, who holds ten percent of the shares of this company. I will take office today."

The receptionist was taken aback. This was Carole who had the same face but different temperament? Was she really the Ye family's daughter who married Mr. Garnett?

Looking at this woman who was totally different from before, the receptionist somehow had a feeling that she did not dare to neglect her.

"Okay, Miss Carole. I'll contact the manager of the human resources department for confirmation right away."

After saying that, the receptionist called the HR department and told the manager about the arrival of Carole.

Five minutes later, the personnel manager came down in a hurry. He was surprised to see the totally different Carole.

Looking at the woman in front of him, who was giving off an aura of forbidding strangers from approaching, the personnel manager bit the bullet and asked with a smile, "Miss Carole, what are you doing here today?"

Carole glanced at the personnel manager.

"After all, I'm a shareholder with ten percent of the shares. I hope I can know the company's operation and help the company."

The personnel manager couldn't refuse Carole's offer.

"I'm glad that you can come to the company. Please come with me."

After saying that, the personnel manager made a gesture of welcome while walking. Seeing this, Carole also followed him.

The receptionist breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Carole and the personnel manager entered the elevator.

She hadn't seen Miss Carole for a short time. Miss Carole had changed a lot, and her coming to the company could be said to be a big news.

So she picked up her phone and sent the message that Miss Carole took office in the company group.

All of a sudden, the group burst into an uproar and discussed heatedly, while the unaware party who was accepting the work arrangement was still calm and composed.

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