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   Chapter 7 Share Transfer

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"You must find out the truth, then you can lose your temper. Before you figure it out, no one is to blame."

Randal had come up with a lot of words to wait for Garnett. He had heard about the quarrel between Garnett and Carole last time, so he must try his best to avoid it in the future.

"I'll announce another important thing," said Randal as he walked onto the stage. His assistant followed him. "From now on, I will transfer 10% of my shares to Miss Carole, and the agreement will come into force immediately."

In a trance, Carole was called to sign and stamp in front. It was too sudden for her to react.

One percent of the Si family's shares was a large sum of money, but Randal transferred 10% to her at one time. How could she not be surprised?

With Randal's words, everyone realized the importance of flattering Carole. Flattering Carole was to please the Si family.

The fence sitters of the Ye family came to bother Carole again. Without saying a word, Garnett drove away them one by one.

But to her surprise, their faces were as thick as the wall of the Great Wall. Even if they left, they would still come back later. Carole was so annoyed that she stood up and wanted to leave first.

It was already afternoon when she came back to the Si family. Carole felt dizzy at the funeral. Now she felt more comfortable when she came back home and relaxed herself.

She vaguely remembered that she had drunk a few glasses of wine. It was her fault. She didn't expect that her body's drinking capacity was so bad. Before if she had drunk ten glasses of wine, it would be okay.

In a daze, Carole fell asleep on the bed without even taking off her clothes.

She was really tired, not only physically but also mentally. So she had slept for a day and a night. When she woke up, it was already the afternoon of the second day.

Carole woke up from hunger. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome face swaying above her head, which startled her.

This was the first time that she had observed Garnett so closely.

She noticed a slight scar under his eyes. If she didn't look at it so closely, she wouldn't have noticed it.

How did he get this scar? It was so close to his eyes...

Carole couldn't help reaching out to touch him. This man was so cruel. How could he allow others to hurt him in such a dangerous position?

Seeing that she had woken up, Garnett stood up in a hurry. He was really out of his mind just now, so he got so close to her.

"Are you awake?" Garnett asked awkwardly.

"Didn't you see everything? It turns out that young master of the Si family has such a silly side." Carole couldn't help laughing.

Embarrassed, Garnett wanted to lose his temper, but when he saw Carole's sweet smile, his anger was reduced by more than half.

Looking at the woman in front of him, he couldn't help smiling. As long as she was fine, that would be good.

Carole looked around and found herself in the room of Garnett. Did she walk into the wrong room last night?

"Why am I in your room? You brought me here?" There was a hint of doubt in her eyes.

"What do you think? You robbed my room. I haven't blamed you yet, but you blamed me first!" Garnett pretended to be calm and lied seriously.

"Then why are you here? Did you stay here with me for a day and a night?" There

was a hint of surprise in her heart.

Garnett's corner of his mouth twitched, "I just came here this morning. Grandpa asked me to come here to accompany you. If he didn't ask me to accompany you, do you think I would be so kind?"

Carole smiled silently. She saw his messy hair, his neat and clean suit now wrinkled, and the red print on his wrist because of the inappropriate posture.

He just wanted to comfort her, but he had to make up such a childish excuse to hide his true feelings.

What a stubborn man!

All these moved her.

"Then I won't bother you anymore." Carole decided to follow his words. Anyway, he did it himself.

As soon as she put on her shoes and wanted to stand up, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell back to the bed as if her legs could not support herself.

Seeing this, Garnett asked her what was wrong with her in a hurry.

"Nothing. I just feel a little dizzy." Carole shook her head hard. She wanted to wake up, but found that she was more uncomfortable.

Seeing her pale face, Garnett was very anxious. He quickly ordered his assistant to drive to the best hospital in the city.

In the car, Carole leaned on Garnett's shoulder. With his arms around her, he tried to warm her up.

They used to be so intimate like this for a period of time, but what happened later really hurt him.

He couldn't control himself. He was mean to her and even wanted to divorce her. Fortunately, she didn't agree at that time. If they really divorced, how regretful he would be now.

He couldn't imagine.

Carole listened to Garnett's rapid heartbeat, and a faint smell of tobacco floated in the air from him.

She was not familiar with this man. She just got along with him according to the memory of the original owner. She did not know his preferences, nor did she know his joy, anger, sorrow. She knew nothing about him.

She had thought that because of the bad man in her previous life, she would come back without these unnecessary and useless emotions...

But now, leaning against his chest, she always had an inexplicable sense of relief, making her no longer want to escape.

The doctor gave Carole the infusion of nutritious fluid and glucose, saying that she felt dizzy because of weakness and hypoglycemia.

Sitting on the edge of the white bed, Garnett looked at the quiet face of Carole. The afterglow of the sunset covered her face, and everything seemed so unreal.

Covered by a single white cover, she looked so petite as if she would disappear at any time.

The air was filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant fluid. Frowning, Carole hated the smell. Seeing that Garnett had been looking at her strangely, she asked, "Why are you looking at me? Is there anything on my face?"

He looked away and avoided eye contact. "No, you think too much. The doctor said that you are weak and you should eat more meat when you go back."

The tone of the order was very unpleasant, and the impression of him was getting bad. She doubted if there was something wrong with her brain in the car just now.

She moved her body and didn't want to talk to him.

She was too weak to save herself in case of any emergency in the future.

In her previous life, she was at least a fighter. It seemed that she had to find some time to exercise herself. Carole thought to herself.

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