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   Chapter 6 Don't Bully Her

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After a long time, Wendy couldn't come back to her senses. Seeing this, a touch of surprise flashed through Garnett's eyes.

When did this woman become so irritable?

He remembered clearly how cowardly she was before. She didn't fight back. No matter who bullied her, she always smiled kindly.

Now she... What happened?

Wendy felt a burning pain on her face and noticed the gazes around her. She wished she could hide herself under the ground and never come out again.

"Carole, don't go too far!" Wendy said with hatred.

The discussion around her was getting louder and louder. She wanted to cover her ears, but there were still some disharmonious voices constantly coming into her ears.

Carole sneered, "You seduced my husband. Do you think you're reasonable? Have you been bitten by a dog? Do you need to be vaccinated against rabies? It will be bad if you infect others!"

She was cursing them well. Killing two birds with one stone. She didn't believe that the shameless couple had never kissed.

Wendy was so agitated that she blurted out, "Carole! Who do you think you are? I don't know what kind of method you used to marry into the Si family, and you even have an affair with your husband's brother and make so many gossips. You have already flown into a branch and become a phoenix, but you still want to date two men at the same time!"

Hearing this, Garnett, who was standing aside, turned livid.

He hated it the most when someone said these words in front of him. He didn't want to admit it, but he had to admit it. But this woman was so bold.

He didn't say anything, because he wanted to see how Carole would answer. After all, she was at his home at that time, with white teeth, red lips and eloquence, and her words were so unrestrained.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Carole stood on tiptoe slightly, and her warm breath sprayed on his neck. "Garnett, do you believe what they said?"

She easily threw the topic to Garnett by this sentence.

Garnett's eyes flashed with anger, and then he shook his head decisively, "I don't believe it."

Carole smiled. She had expected that he would say so. He had to save her face in front of so many people, hadn't he?

"Even Garnett doesn't believe what you said, how can you insult me? !" With a sneer, Carole picked up the red wine glass at hand and poured it on Wendy.

In an instant, Wendy was in a bad mood. Her body seemed to be covered with red patches, which was unusually funny.


Wendy was about to lose her temper, but the people around her made her feel ashamed. In addition, the Si family was powerful, and she was a nobody, so she couldn't afford to offend them, then she had to give up.

She hated Carole secretly.

Seeing that she was defeated, Carole, like a winner, proudly held Garnett's arm and left.

Gritting her teeth, Wendy didn't know what Aaron was doing at this time. How could he not help her when she was in such a mess!

She went to Aaron with anger, only to find that he was talking and laughing with another girl from a rich family. She got furious immediately, "Aaron, what's wrong with you? I was in such a mess there. Didn't you see that? Are you blind?"

In the face of the woman in front of him, of course, Aaron couldn't be humiliated li

ke this. "You was seducing another man in front of me. What do you want me to say? Besides, you should remember that I am your boyfriend, not your slave. You have no right to order me." Said Aaron coldly, and his words were full of undisguised sarcasm to her.

Wendy was a little confused. She looked at the man in front of her carefully and didn't know when he became so powerful. How dare he do this to her?

"I came to you to comfort me, not to tease me with them." Her face darkened.

She felt wronged and came to him to complain, but she didn't expect him to be so indifferent.

"Comfort you? Do you think you deserve my comfort? Clean it up yourself. I'm not your cleaner." The tone of Aaron was extremely cold, as if the person in front of him was not his girlfriend, but an enemy with deep hatred.

Wendy's anger was totally provoked by his words. "Why do I do this? I do this for our future! If we can get close to the Si family, our family business will be prosperous, won't it?"

"Do you think it doesn't matter even if you sell yourself for benefits?" Aaron's words were like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart.

Looking at the man's angular face, Wendy raised her hand and wanted to touch his firm face, but was dodged easily. Her heart ached.

'Carole, it's all your fault. Aaron doesn't love me anymore. How dare he do this to me! I won't let you go since you have made me so embarrassed today! Just wait and see!'

Wendy cursed in her mind.

Suddenly, there was a commotion ahead. With a sixth sense of business opportunity, Aaron ignored the vexatious Wendy and went straight over there.

It was Garnett's grandfather, Randal Si. His eyes lit up.

Randal Si had always been a kind man, so he must be an easy-going person. Even if Garnett was the ruler of the Si family, he had to listen to Randal Si's opinion.

Everyone was surprised to see Randal Si at the funeral. Then they began to think about their own ideas.

"Today is the day of unfortunate death of Carole's mother, and also the saddest day for Carole," said Randal Si in a deep and powerful voice.

"I've heard some rumors before, but today I'll make it clear that Carole is the daughter-in-law of our family. I don't care what happened before. If anyone dares to offend her in the future, he or she will be against me!" He specially stressed the tone of the last few words, and everyone present was shocked.

Even a fool could tell that Randal Si was protecting Carole. In this case, who dared to "commit a crime against the wind"? Who would take the risk of being suppressed by the Si family to bully an insignificant woman?

Everyone had already weighed the pros and cons in their hearts.

Although Carole didn't talk much with Randal Si, it was rare for him to protect her like this in front of so many people.

Randal Si walked down the stage and walked towards Carole and Garnett. He smiled amiably and said, "Carole, if anyone dares to bully you again, just tell me. I'll teach them a lesson."

It had been a long time since the last time she experienced the feeling of being cared by her family. She nodded happily and was addicted to this period of time.

"And you, Garnett, be good to Carole in the future. If I find that you have bullied her again, just wait and see!"

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