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   Chapter 5 What Do You Want

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"Why did you do this to me? Why did you frame the Ye family?" The last bit of Carole's obsession turned into a fist and hit on Garnett's chest.

Looking at her in silence, Garnett didn't know how to explain it.

"Calm down." Finally, he said coldly.

"Ha ha." Carole grabbed his clothes and threatened him with her red eyes, "You'd better be good to me in the future, or I will take revenge on you! I won't let you go." She didn't forget Cora's warning, so she took advantage of this opportunity to suppress this man.

Garnett looked at her and found something wrong with her, but he had no evidence.

He took her hand away, turned around and left after saying that.

"As I said, mind your own business. I won't ask you to do anything."

He couldn't figure out what she was thinking.

Garnett held the funeral for Cora.

In the name of the young master of the Si family, all the relatives of the Ye family who had lost contact with each other in the accident all popped up like bamboo shoots.

Garnett and Carole stood at the place where people signed their names. Everyone whose surname was Ye saw her and lowered their heads, not daring to look at her.

They were afraid that she would blame these heartless people and then drive them out.

In the past, half of the Ye family's members became stronger with Wilbert's help. Now some of them opened small shops as owners, and some established companies as entrepreneurs. All of them were cruel and merciless.

But Carole knew nothing about it.

Yesterday, she didn't know how she came back home. She remembered that she began to be in a daze after she saw that Cora had passed away. After returning home, she had a high fever. Fortunately, her fever was gone in the early morning.

She still felt weak.

"Carole, you don't look well. Why don't you go to bed? Don't be too tired." Someone in the Ye family took the opportunity to flatter her.

Seeing this, Garnett felt a little uncomfortable. He reached out his hand to protect Carole and said coldly.

"I'll take care of her. There's not much time for the funeral. Hurry up." He drove these people away directly.

Before the next group of people came, Carole shook off her hands on her shoulders and distanced herself from him.


"…" Garnett looked at her coldly and said nothing.

The sun was shining brightly at noon. It seemed that Carole had got sunstroke. Otherwise, she wouldn't have seen the two most disgusting people in her previous life walking towards them, talking and laughing.

She shook her head. As her sight became clearer, the two men had already walked in front of her.

"I'm sorry." Aaron took the pen from the servant and signed his name on the notebook.

However, he wasn't looking at Carole, wearing a sad face. His purpose was to flatter Garnett. The news that Carole and Richie had an affair had already provoked much discussion in the news. No one would really care about the funeral of this 'cheating' woman's mother.

He just had same purpose as most people. For the cooperation between the company and Garnett.

Wendy clung to Aaron's arm like a sticky candy and said to Garnett in a sweet voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Garnett."

She bent down slightly, revealing her bare shoulders.

She even pretended to be shy and lifted her skirt up. As a result, she let go of her hand and revealed her certain purpose.

The two of them came here in the name of the mourning, but obviously, they were here to please Garnett.

Looking at this hypocritical woman, Carole wished she could tear her face into pieces at this moment.

But she didn't want to do that. After all, with her identity, there were many ways to deal with her. She didn't have to appear like a shrew in such a situation. It would not only lose her face, but also lose the pleasure of revenge.

So she lowered her voice and thanked the two people who didn't look at her at all.

Garnett's eyes were cold and he didn't want to say anything more. He glanced at the s

ervants beside him and asked her to take the two away.

Seeing the complicated expression on Aaron's face, Carole felt happy secretly.

Watching the two of them leave, Carole thought carefully. How could she teach them a lesson?

Before she could think it over, Garnett walked past her.

"Get ready. Let's begin."

Looking at his indifferent attitude, she rolled her eyes and murmured to herself, 'Such a man.' Then she went to hold the funeral with Garnett.

The funeral ceremony was not complicated. Since Garnett had a meeting in the afternoon, the funeral was held in an easy way.

The whole morning, all the procedures were basically completed. Carole's grief and tears were brewed out of missing her mother. She cried so hard that her eyes were swollen.

Garnett offered to send those people who attended the funeral away and asked the servant to help her to rest in the side hall.

Carole got some information from the servant.

The lungs on the right side of Cora were donated to Garnett's grandfather, whose blood type was also scarce. Therefore, it was reasonable for Carole to marry into the Si family using the identity of the daughter of the benefactor of Garnett's grandfather. However, Garnett didn't like her very much, and there was no progress in more than two years.

Therefore, Garnett's grandfather planned to let her sleep with Garnett. Then Carole married into the Si family. Everyone in the Si family knew that.

But since then, Garnett hated his wife more, who was forced to marry him. He even often didn't go home at night because of her.

After that, thanks to the gentle "attack" of Carole, the relationship between the couple, who had been in deep distress for three years, finally made some progress. But at this time, something bad happened to the Ye Group and the Ye Group was on the verge of bankruptcy. As the son-in-law, Garnett took over the mess.

From then on, Marilyn, Carole's mother-in-law, began to look down upon this poor girl from the bottom of her heart. She secretly found a daughter from a family of equal social rank for Garnett, that is, the woman who had gossiped with Garnett.

Then there was a rumor about the love affair between Carole and Richie. It was said that Richie had secretly paid for the treatment of Carole's mother and had spent money in buying her for one night.

The Si family's reputation was ruined because of the two people's infidelity, which led to the scene that Carole personally experienced the two people's divorce.

Only then did Carole understand what Richie had said to her yesterday noon. He had discussed with her that she got the money.

At this time, Carole couldn't help but sigh at the fate of the former owner, who was as pathetic and ridiculous as her.

This made her more determined to stay in the Si family, because now that she had no relatives at all. In order to achieve her goal of revenging on bad men and women after her rebirth, she still needed the help of this icy man, Garnett.

She felt that she had almost rested well, so it was time for her to "please" Garnett.

When she walked out of the tent, she looked around and saw Garnett standing at the gate of the cemetery.

He had been busy all afternoon, sweating profusely. From a distance, his dignity and handsomeness were not affected at all.

But what made her frown was why Wendy was with him.

Where was Aaron?

She approached quickly and held Garnett's arm directly. With a complicated expression on her face, she pushed away the woman who was about to touch Garnett.

Glancing at the almost falling shoulder belt of Wendy, she frowned and went straight to the point.

"Miss Wendy, isn't it appropriate to seduce my husband at my mother's funeral?"

Wendy's face changed immediately. She tidied up her clothes in a hurry. She was embarrassed when her secret was exposed, but she still said stubbornly, "What are you talking about? I just handed Mr. Garnett some water out of kindness. Don't misunderstand me.

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