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   Chapter 1 No Surrender

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Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle. Thump! Thump! Thump.

The iron rod rubbed on the floor and made an unpleasant sound. The woman walked wildly in high heels, and the danger was getting closer and closer.

The woman hiding behind the wall struggled to move a few steps to prevent herself from making any sound. She leaned against the wall and slowly slid down. After more than half an hour's fight, her head was hit, so she no longer had much strength.

"Stop hiding. We know where you are." Wendy Tang said sarcastically.

"Are you curious now why Aaron and I betrayed you at the same time?"

In a twinkling of an eye, Wendy Tang walked up to Carole Ye with a complacent smile on her face.

Carole Ye pressed the bleeding wound on her shoulder. The pain made her under great pressure and her lower lip was bleeding because of her bite. She glared at Wendy Tang with anger.


Wendy Tang used to be her best friend. Even when she was penniless, she was the first one to care about Wendy Tang.

But just as she finished the competition, Wendy Tang stabbed her in the back.

She had never expected that her closest friend would do such a thing to her.

However, the blow at the back of her head was the deadliest. She felt that her consciousness was almost lost and her eyes could not focus on the person in front of her.

Looking at the absent-minded look on Carole Ye's face, Wendy Tang raised her hand and pointed at the wound on her shoulder.

She pressed the wound hard and the blood spurted out a red light like a fountain.

The pain of tearing spread over her body, and Carole Ye's spirit was greatly impacted. At that moment, she felt that her endurance had reached its limit. This was no longer the pain that ordinary people could endure.


"Carole, do you think we will let you go easily?"

After circling around the wall, Aaron Song came over, holding the iron bar that had attacked Carole Ye just now.

"I know you won't let me go! So what? You have to launch a sneak attack to knock me down, haven't you?"

She had expected this, but she didn't expect it to happen so soon.

"I didn't expect you to have a clear estimation of yourself."

"Yes, not like you." With a mocking look in Carole Ye's eyes, she said, "How pathetic you are! You even covet your best friend's boyfriend!"

"You are so stubborn even when you are dying!"

Stopping Wendy Tang's slap, Aaron Song advised, "Anyway, she will die sooner or later. It's better to torture her slowly than kill her. Do you forget how your brother was defeated by her at that time?"

What Aaron Song said reminded Carole Ye of a period of memory. 'Oh, I see.'

Horace Tang was entrusted to take her out of the championship. On the surface, he competed with her fairly, but in fact, he charged a huge amount of money to put her to death.

Carole Ye even signed the life and death agreement. How could she ignore her own life?

She looked at Wendy Tang and said sarcastically, "It was your brother who insisted on competing with me at that time. He signed the life and death agreement. It's all my fault?"

"Wendy, don't you feel sick to have fun with the money your brother earned with his blood?" Of course she knew who got the money in the end.

Wendy Tang had just bought a McLaren and a diamond necklace around her neck.

Wendy Tang's face twisted as her secret was exposed. She wished she could kill Carole Ye right now. "You bitch! You have no right to question me now!"

"Guilty?" The more severe pain came after the wound on her shoulder was paralyzed. She could not help but take a deep breath. It was precisely because of this small action that more blood spurted out.

"Bah!" Carole Ye spat on Wendy Tang's shoes. If she hadn't been attacked by stealth, she would have defeated the two of them easily!

Lowering her head, Wendy Tang saw that there were spits on the customized high-heeled shoes she had just bought. Blue veins stood out on Wendy Tang's forehead. She couldn't stand it anymore.

She grabbed the iron bar from Aaron Song's hand and hit Carole Ye on the head heavily!


The moment the iron bar touched her head, it made a huge sound.

At the last moment when her consciousness dissipated, the two people's harsh laughter was gradually mixed up in her blurry seeing and hearing.

She wouldn't let it go.

If God gave her another chance, she would not be so naive and stupid.

"What are you waiting for?" Garnett Si looked coldly at the woman in front of him. Pushing the divorce agreement forward, he urged impatiently, "Sign it now."

"Sign it now." The man's unhappy voice hovered around her ears, and her heart suddenly felt a sting. She lowered her head and gasped for a few times to gradually ease her physical discomfort, then Carole Ye's sight began to become clear. Looking into the eyes of the man opposite her, she felt a chill all over her body. Wasn't he Garnett Si? He was the director of the biggest cooperative company of the company that Aaron Song worked for. How could she be with him?

Following the cold sight of Garnett Si, she saw a pile of documents in front of her. Under the two words, divorce agreement, there were a lot of words, which made her a little dizzy. "Did you just ask me to sign this?"

Garnett Si said, "Play a new trick again? Is it interesting that you have been making trouble over the past three years?"

Carole Ye tilted her head and looked at the man. She was still a little distracted and couldn't focus.

"You, I, three years? A new trick? I'm not familiar with you. Why should I play tricks on you?"

Knowing that she was wasting time, a trace of displeasure appeared on Garnett Si's face. Then he raised his voice and said, "Carole! What's wrong with you at this time?"

Was this man crazy? When did she get married and divorce?

Wait, it seemed that Carole Ye realized something. She looked down at her dress and was shocked. The delicate and white legs and the expensive dress were obviously not hers.

Looking up at Garnett Si's cold eyes doubtfully, Carole Ye felt as if it was frozen, and the temperature around dropped a lot. After so many years of competition, this was the first time that she felt danger when facing this opponent.

"I won't sign it." Carole Ye couldn't ignore the rejection in her heart. She didn't know why she was reborn, but since God had given her a chance, she wouldn't act rashly before figuring out the situation. She stood up, turned around and walked out. She wanted to find out who she was now.

Garnett Si stood up and ran after her. He reached out and grabbed her slender wrist.

"Carole, do you want to escape?"

The woman looked back at him.

It was confusing that his wife, who had always been timid and easily convinced, showed an expression in front of him that he had never seen. Resolute? Angry? How dare she? He was so angry that he dragged the woman inside. There was no one in the world who dared to disobey him!

"I've told you very clearly that we won't divorce!" What Carole Ye hated most was being dragged. She wanted to make this man experience the feeling of falling on the ground, but somehow, her body was not strong enough.

"You can't leave until you sign the agreement!" Garnett Si didn't care about her pain at all.

The people around were frightened by this scene. They were worried about the girl. How could her slender wrist withstand such brute force? But when they met the man's intimidating aura, no one dared to come forward and persuade him.

As if her wrist was about to be broken, she was directly irritated. She shook off his hand, picked up the agreement and tore it in half in front of him. Under the shocked gaze of Garnett Si, Carole Ye roared and threatened, "If you force me again, you will end up like this! Got it? !"

After saying that, she left angrily. After a while, she turned back and dragged his clothes to walk together, regardless of whether he wanted to walk or not.

"Where is your home? I want to go home!"

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