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   Chapter 88 Why Was She Crying

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The truth was, Pauline had seen Edmund after entering the room, but she was so tired that she didn't even have the strength to speak, let alone have a full-blown argument with him.

Standing in the bathroom, she turned up the tap in silence, so that she could pretend not to hear what he was saying over the flow of the tap water.

Upon hearing the sound of the water, Edmund knew that she was unwilling to face him.

Of course, with the way he had treated her recently, it would be strange if she could still speak her heart to him without any hesitation.

Thinking of this, his lips curved up slightly into a bitter smile.

He took a deep breath, restrained the impulse to kick the door open, and gently said, "I'll wait for you outside."

Pauline was so surprised that she froze in the middle of lathering the body wash on her arms.

Usually, Edmund would have completely lost his temper if she ignored him outright like this.

Maybe he was in a good mood after closing a business deal that could bring him a lot of money, so he generously let her go.

A self-deprecating smile formed on Pauline's lips as she resumed taking a shower. She didn't realize that Edmund was acting this way because he was concerned about her.

Half an hour later, when she finished taking a shower and wiped herself dry with a towel, she realized that she had forgotten to bring any clothes with her.

'I am the only one who would go into the bathroom without bringing clothes,' Pauline thought, mocking herself.

Although she was embarrassed, she had no choice but to ask Edmund for help.

Feeling annoyed, she scratched her hair and wrapped herself with a bath towel. Then, she summoned up her courage and said, "Edmund, I forgot to take a new set of clothes. Can you help me take some?"

"Go and find out who Mrs. Lu met today..."

Edmund was giving orders to James on the phone. Upon hearing her words, he couldn't help bu

t tell him everything, but she held it back in the end.

The last thing she wanted to do was to drag him into this mess.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and said in a low voice, "Edmund, I'm sorry for not being a good wife. It's my fault. I will try my best to be a good wife in the future. "

"Then let go of me, Mrs. Lu, or you will have to do your duty as a wife immediately," Edmund teased.

Pauline immediately let go of him and shot him an affectionate glare. "Rascal!"

But he just smiled and said, "I'm going to take a shower now."

After taking a shower, Edmund came out and found that the lights in the room had been turned off. The cold moonlight sprinkled into the room through the window, illuminating the figure in the bed. Pauline was pitifully curled up in a corner.

He walked to the bedside, careful to take light steps so as to not wake her up. Even in the darkness, he could see tear tracks at the corners of her eyes.

It was obvious that she was fast asleep, but her face was contorted into a tight frown, and her breathing was rapid and unsteady, as if she was trapped in a nightmare. Lying like this, she looked helpless and desperate.

Edmund stared worriedly at her. What was she dreaming of?

Why was she crying so sadly in her sleep?

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