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   Chapter 87 Pauline, Don't Cry

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"Nothing. I just want you to have a drink with me." With a lecherous smile on his face, Ben reached out to touch Pauline's flawless cheek, but she dodged.

"Fine," she replied coolly, shooting a glance at her father.

Satisfied with her answer, Ben rubbed his hands and led her to the basement of the warehouse. Once she was downstairs, Pauline felt as if she had entered a completely different world. The dim light, the noisy music, and the group of people who were dancing all screamed of desire and depravity, as if it was a palace that Satan himself had built.

The two of them passed through the hall and came to the innermost bar counter, where Ben asked the bartender to prepare five different glasses of cocktails for her.

Once the multi-colored glasses were lined up in front of her, Pauline closed her eyes and started to drink. After the first three glasses, her vision went blurry, and she could see two Bens in front of her.

But remembering what she had come here for, she shook her head and continued to drink. After drinking the last glass of cocktail, she wiped the spilled liquid from her lips and slapped the check on the table. "I've drunk all the cocktails. The money is here. Can you let my dad go now?" she asked, keeping her voice as steady as possible.

Ben took the check with one hand and reached out to touch Pauline's hand with the other. But when he saw the signature on the check, his face changed slightly.

He withdrew his hand immediately and said in a less frivolous tone, "Since you've handed over the money, I'll keep my side of the deal. Trevor, let them go."

He gestured to his men, who escorted Pauline back upstairs. There, they threw the drunken Anthony to her, and she almost lost her balance trying to catch him.

With all her strength, she dragged her father back to the car. Even in her drunken state, she somehow drove to the nearest pharmacy to buy some medicine to sober herself up. Once her head was a little clearer, she called a driver to take both of them to the South Mansions.

After reaching the villa, she once again dragged Anthony into the house on her own with much difficulty. Once she had settled him down, she turned to leave, but right at that moment, he woke up.

He stopped her and said, "Thank you, Pauline."

Pauline paused. Her father's unexpected words made tears involuntarily fall down her cheeks. "Dad, next time, call Tiffany for help. Don't ask me anything anymore. You kicked me out, remember? I have nothin

eturned with a driver. And she seems to be in a trance."

Adriana didn't say anything, but Lettie's words made her heart sink.

Mrs. Lu had come back alone in the middle of the night with a solemn expression on her face. No matter what had happened to her, it could not be a good thing.

Pauline entered the master bedroom in silence. Edmund, who was sitting on the sofa, raised his head and looked at her as soon as she walked in, but she just went straight to the bathroom as if she hadn't noticed him.

"Which man did you hang out with tonight that you're coming back so late?" Edmund asked coolly.

But Pauline just kept walking as if she hadn't heard him.

"Pauline, stop!" Edmund shouted, squinting his eyes in confusion.

Instead of following his order, Pauline walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

A storm of fury brewed in Edmund's dark eyes. Under the dim light, his face darkened even further.

How dare this woman ignore his words outright?

This was the third time she had angered him in one day!

Completely losing his patience, he stormed over to the bathroom door. Just when he was about to open it, however, he heard a faint cry that sounded like the sob of a wounded beast. Anyone who heard that would feel sorry for Pauline.

The anger that had just gathered within Edmund disappeared without a trace.

He anxiously turned the doorknob, but found that the door was locked. He could only stand there and listen to her painful sobs through the door, which made him annoyed.

"Pauline, don't cry," he said as he softly knocked on the door, not realizing how gentle his voice had become. "What happened?"

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