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   Chapter 86 What Do You Want

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"It seems that you always turn a deaf ear to my words,"

Edmund said on the other end of the line as soon as Pauline answered the phone. His voice was low, but brimming with suppressed anger.

Pauline immediately felt anxious, but she didn't know why he was criticizing her again for no reason. "I don't understand what you mean," she replied in a level voice.

"You don't understand or you don't want to understand? I'll give you two more days to end whatever relationship you have with Peter. I don't like hearing my wife being referred to as someone else's fiancee, even if it's just in name.

If you don't deal with it within two days, the check in your hand will be invalid." "Okay," Pauline said softly,

only to realize that Edmund had already hung up the phone. His words were fair, but she didn't know why he had brought the matter up all of a sudden.

However, she was too tired to think about it. She looked at the clock and realized that it was time to take a shower.

She rose from the bed to go to the bathroom, but found that she could barely stand. Perhaps she had sat for too long, because her feet were as weak as cotton.

She staggered towards the bathroom, as if she would fall to the floor any second.

After the shower, Pauline put on a new set of pajamas and collapsed onto the bed. Her hair, which she had only haphazardly towel-dried, left wet streaks on the pillow, but she didn't care.

As soon as she felt the soft mattress underneath her aching body, all she wanted to do was to go to sleep. Every part of her felt numb with pain.

She hadn't even gone to rehearsal that day, so she didn't know why she was so tired. Perhaps she was under a lot of stress. Whatever it was, she decided to sleep right away. It was not that big of a deal to sleep with wet hair.

Coming to this decision, she turned over, buried herself under the quilt, and fell asleep.

"And I will always love you. I will always love you. You, my darling, you..." She had barely slept for a few minutes when her phone rang. Opening her eyes just a crack, she fumbled around for the phone on the bedside table and picked it up. "Hello, who is it?" she asked in a hoarse voice.

Anthony's furious voice came from the other line. "Pauline, where is my money? Where is it? Why haven't you transferred it to me yet? Give me the money quickly!"

Upon hearing this, Pauline's

by step and hope for the best.

She suppressed the fear in her heart and said calmly, "I believe that Mr. Ruan is a man of his word."

Feeling a little surprised by her reply, Ben Ruan slightly raised his eyebrows. Other women in her position would have blanched after hearing his words, but she was just calmly standing her ground. "Miss Song, you really are something. I suddenly feel a little reluctant to let you take your father away like this."

Pauline shivered just thinking about what Ben was implying.

She knew she couldn't assume what he had in mind or what he was capable of, so she had to deal with the situation carefully. "Mr. Ruan, you're funny, you know that? You said you wanted twenty million in exchange for my father. Are you going to go back on your word?"

Ben's lips curved up into a menacing smile. "But I'm more interested in you, Miss Song. How about you⁠—"

"Where is my father?" Pauline interrupted, not wanting to let him finish that sentence. "I won't promise anything before I see my father," she added, jutting her chin up at him.

Ben Ruan calmly surveyed her for a moment before clapping his hands, motioning for his men to act. "Bring him here."

Moments later, Anthony was carried in by two brawny men. His face was beaten black and blue, and the corner of his mouth was still bleeding.

"Dad!" Pauline couldn't help crying out when she saw the condition her father was in.

"What do you want?" she asked in a shaky voice. She didn't dare to put her father's life at risk, so she gnashed her teeth and stared at Ben for his response.

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