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   Chapter 84 Another Agreement

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When Edmund arrived at the auction house, he looked around for Pauline, but she was nowhere to be found. Randall He, the person in charge of Janet Auction House, was talking with some of the guests, but as soon as he saw Edmund, he came up to him fawningly and said, "Mr. Lu, welcome. We are so honored to have you here."

"When will the auction start?" Edmund asked, his cold eyes still scanning the rest of the room.

"In a minute," Randall replied with an obsequious smile. Then, he called his staff and told them to begin the auction immediately.

After that, he turned back to Edmund and led him to the VIP room. "Mr. Lu, is this place okay?" He picked up the pamphlet on the table and handed it to him. "These are our auction items today. Please have a look to see whether there is anything you like."

Edmund still wanted to find Pauline, but this VIP room was the perfect place for him to look since he could see the whole hall from here. So, he relaxed a little and took the pamphlet from Randall before casually flipping through it. Suddenly, he froze, his eyes fixed on a particular picture.

His heart hurt as if he had been stabbed over and over again till his entire body was bloody.

Was this what Pauline had come here to do? He couldn't believe the nerve of that woman and the depths that she would stoop to.

Seeing that his boss's face had darkened after seeing what was in the pamphlet,

James peeped over and found that the dress that his boss had gifted his wife at the cruise party was listed as one of the auction items.

'Oh, my God! Mrs. Lu really knows how to press Mr. Lu's buttons. No wonder his face looks so ghastly,' he thought worriedly. He knew that he would be the target of his boss's anger soon.

"Don't sell this dress at the auction. I'll buy it right now for ten million," Edmund said in a low voice. His eyes were still fixed on the picture, and his handsome face was covered by a layer of frost.

Randall wanted to argue and tell him that he could wait to buy the dress at the auction instead since no one would outbid him for it anyway, but the aura emanating from Edmund was so terrifying that he lost all his courage.

With a nervous gulp, he finally said, "Okay, Mr. Lu," before leaving the room in a hurry. Mere minutes later, he returned with the dress only to find that Edmund was no longer in the room.

Instead, there was just a check for ten million dollars on the table.

Did he not want the dress? Was this just how rich men behaved?

Randall continued standing there for a while with the check in his hand, lost in thought.

Meanwhile, in the Sky Water Mansions, Pauline paced up and down the room as she anxiously waited for th

or some reason, she didn't want to lower her pride in front of Edmund, even though she knew that things might be easier if she did.

Besides, if he thought that she was a cruel and shameless woman only out to get money, then she might as well play the part.

Edmund gave her a knowing smirk, and there was clear disdain in his eyes as he said, "I knew it would be like this. You really don't disappoint me."

With those words, he threw a document at her.

The few bold words on the cover page attracted her attention at once.

The title of the document read "Agreement for Sale of Life."

It was brief and clear, concise but comprehensive—just his style.

Pauline knew that by signing this contract, she was more or less agreeing to be Edward's slave.

Even if he didn't order her around like a slave master would order around a slave, he would still have complete control over her life. The thought filled her with a sense of suffocation, but she fought it and signed the contract. After all, she had nowhere else to turn to for help.

As soon she signed the contract, Edmund threw a check to her. "Take it. You deserve it," he said with a sneer playing at his lips.

Pauline stared blankly at his lips, as if trying to decipher what he was saying. She knew the words that were coming out of his mouth, but for some reason, she couldn't make sense of them as a sentence. All she could think about was the check he had just given her.

But before she could even take a closer look at the check, her phone beeped, and the screen lit up. She looked at it stiffly and soon realized that the money that had been gotten from the auction of the dress had been transferred to her bank account.

The timing was so bad that the long string of zeroes in her bank balance almost seemed ironic.

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