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   Chapter 83 What She Wanted To Do

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The next day, Pauline didn't go to the ballet studio for rehearsal. Instead, she called her superior and asked for a leave. After having breakfast, she began to search online for information about local auction houses.

She clicked on the articles that popped up on the search engine one by one and began to browse them. After reading through them for a few hours, she was exhausted and sore-eyed, but none the wiser.

Rubbing her swollen temples, she turned off the computer, took a deep breath, and slowly leaned against the sofa.

What was she supposed to do now? She had to give ten million dollars to

ed with cigarette butts.

The truth was, he hadn't always been a smoker. It was only after Pauline had left him three years ago that he had begun to learn to smoke.

After that, whenever he was depressed, he lit a cigarette. As time went by, he had gradually developed the habit of smoking endlessly whenever he was in a bad mood.

As he looked at his own reflection on the black computer screen in front of him, he exhaled a smoke ring and then rang his secretary. "Tell the person in charge of Janet Auction House that I will attend the auction today."

He wanted to see what Pauline wanted to do!

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