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   Chapter 82 Selling It

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Lying on the bed, Pauline felt dizzy and exhausted. She knew she would fall asleep immediately if she just closed her eyes.

However, she suddenly remembered that Edmund was a neat freak and didn't like others to go to bed without taking a shower, so she forced herself to cheer up and went into the bathroom with a towel.

This time, she didn't choose to take a shower. She had been so exhausted recently that she was on the verge of collapse. She needed to relax with a nice warm bath to relieve her fatigue.

As she set up the bath with the various expensive items Edmund had, she couldn't help but think that she was lucky to be here. She had once lived like the daughter of a rich family too, but it had been ages since she had let herself enjoy such little luxuries. And besides, as the CEO of a company, the things Edmund indulged in was still more extravagant than what she was used to.

After immersing herself in the warm water, she turned on the air massage system of the bathtub, and the soapy bubbles massaged her body from head to toe. She couldn't help but let out a sigh of content.

It was so comfortable that she felt like she could stay here forever. Drowning in the bathtub was probably a luxurious way to die.

While thinking about this, Pauline fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the study on the second floor, Edmund turned off the computer in front of him and pinched the bridge of his nose hard with his eyebrows deeply furrowed.

His eyes were sore after spending all that time staring at his computer screen.

Besides, he was in a foul mood after everything that had happened that night.

After all, which man would feel happy to see his wife drink cross-cupped wine with another man?

Without thinking, he habitually opened the desk drawer and took out a stack of photos. As soon as he saw the smiling girl in the photos, a trace of tenderness appeared in his eyes.

The girl in the photos was much younger than he remembered. Her hair was tied back into a neat ponytail, and her eyes looked like crescent moons. Her lips were curved up into an open smile, revealing a set of perfect white teeth to the camera. She looked carefree and full of young vitality.

Edmund stared at the girl in the photo for a long time with a sense of yearning in his heart. Why was

or, and found that she was carrying a tray of food in her hand with worry written all over her face.

"Well, leave it on the table. I'll have it soon," Pauline replied gratefully. She did feel a little hungry after having some rest.

Lettie went downstairs, feeling appeased by Pauline's willingness to eat. At this time, Pauline's phone suddenly rang. As soon as she answered it, she heard Anthony yell at her over the phone.

"Pauline, where is the money? Don't you take your dad's words seriously? Do you really want me to sell my shares to Peter?" Pauline's heart sank, and she said anxiously, "Dad, I'll transfer the money to you tomorrow.

Please don't sell your shares to Peter."

"Fine, I'll give you one more day. If I don't see the money tomorrow, don't blame me for disregarding our father-daughter relationship." Anthony gave an ultimatum before hanging up the phone and leaving Pauline feeling more desperate than ever.

All her plans to get ten million dollars had failed. Where could she get so much money by tomorrow?

With a tight frown on her face, she sat on the bed and unconsciously twisted the quilt with her fingers.

Then, an idea occurred to her. What if she just secretly sold one of the priceless items in the master bedroom? Whatever she did made Edmund angry anyway, so she didn't mind doing one more thing that would make him yell at her.

Her eyes eagerly swept over all the valuable items in the room before falling on the heavy door of the walk-in closet.

Could she just sell that?

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