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   Chapter 81 Remember Your Identity

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"Mr. Lu," the men answered.

Pauline curled her lips into a self-deprecating smile as realization dawned on her. No wonder she had seen the two bodyguards standing outside the VIP room. They turned out to be Edmund's men.

But where did this men want to escort her to? Her "home"? Could she even call that villa her home anymore?

"I'm not going there. Don't follow me anymore!" she said coldly.

"Mrs. Lu, please don't make things difficult for us," one of the bodyguards said, shaking his head. Both of them looked embarrassed to be put in this tough position.

As for Pauline, she was seething with anger. Make things difficult for them? Their boss was the one who was making things difficult for everyone!

She couldn't believe that she had to deal with this. Were these men really expecting her to go back to that villa and put up with Edmund's endless torture? Seeing that she didn't say anything, the bodyguard who had spoken added,

"Our boss ordered us to do this out of concern. He's worried about you and your safety. Why do you have to refuse that?"

Out of concern? Pauline scoffed in her heart. Edmund wasn't concerned about her safety. He was just concerned about himself and the Lu family's reputation. There had been a time when she, too, cared about those things. But now, she never wanted to see Edmund again.

"I don't need his concern. Don't follow me. Don't call me 'Mrs. Lu.' You saw with your own eyes what your boss did to me. Was that out of concern?" she spat.

Unwilling to argue with them anymore, she turned around to leave. However, the two bodyguards stretched out and grabbed her arms. She tried to slip out of their grips but to no avail.

"Mrs. Lu, if you don't cooperate with us, you'll leave us with no choice but to be rough with you,"

the bodyguard on the left said before lifting Pauline and carrying her over his shoulder.

There were a few passersby who saw this, but the bodyguards looked so intimidating that they didn't dare to step in.

Pauline knew that there was no use venting her anger on them since they were just following Edmund's orders, but she could not stay calm under the current situation.

She kept struggling and pounded hard on the back of the bodyguard carrying her. "Let go of me! Or I'll call the police!"

The two, however, ignored her and pushed her into the car parked near the club.

"Mrs. Lu, you want to call the police

, she got out of the car, and the two entered the house one after the other.

"Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, dinner is ready," Lettie said, immediately coming up to them. Without so much as sparing a glance, Edmund went straight to the second floor.

Pauline stopped and smiled at her. "Keep it away. I have no appetite now," she said, before following Edmund upstairs.

Watching their receding figures, Lettie sighed. She could tell that both of them were in a bad mood, as if they had gotten into a big fight. They had been fine recently, so why had they become like this again?

"Adriana, what's going on between them?" she asked, turning to Adriana with a perplexed expression on her face. "Even as an onlooker, I can see that they are in love. So why do they keep hurting and torturing each other?

I've seen the way Mr. Lu talks to his wife. He's too fierce and rude. People who don't know them would definitely think that he hates her. Are they the real life Romeo and Juliet?"

Adriana tutted in disapproval and flicked the girl's forehead. "Don't be silly. I told you not to read such romance tragedies, but you didn't listen to me." Then, she cast a look at the second floor and added, "Maybe there is a knot in the young master's heart that can't be untied."

"A knot? What do you mean? Adriana, do you know something? Please tell me," Lettie whined, holding her arm and acting like a spoiled child.

Adriana gave Lettie's hand a cold stare. "Is this what you get paid for? Go ahead with your work."

Seeing how serious Adriana was, Lettie immediately withdrew her arm and nodded. "Yes, Adriana."

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