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   Chapter 14 Dance For Me

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The next night, Pauline waited at the intersection for Peter to pick her up. She was wearing a sensual but elegant dress that was meant to turn heads. The hollowed out lace design on the back extended all the way to her waist, showing off her flawless back in an alluring way. Moreover, the dress hugged her curves perfectly and highlighted her slim waist. Since it was summer, she hadn't worn a coat, but the cool breeze on her skin made her regret her decision. Rubbing her arms, she looked around from time to time. Finally, a familiar car arrived and slowed to a stop in front of her.

Before she could even get in the car, she heard Tiffany's voice. "Wow, did you dress up so much because you are going to meet your old lover?" Pauline had a retort at the tip of her tongue, but she knew that she couldn't afford to offend her family if she wanted to attend the Lu family's party, so she gritted her teeth and kept quiet. Met with silence, Tiffany wanted to rub more salt into the wound, but since their father was there, she rolled her eyes and said nothing.

On the way to the party, the atmosphere in the car was extremely dull and depressing. Fortunately, they soon arrived at the Lu family's villa. The Lu family's villa was at least a hundred years old and had seen generations and generations of people. As a result, it looked grand and imposing. If nothing else, the Greek pillars and exquisite decor were an immediate indication of the owner's wealth and prosperity.

Edmund's attention was drawn to Pauline as soon as she entered the villa. But upon seeing the way she was dressed today, his eyes darkened. Her dress was sexy and revealing. Her long curly chestnut hair, which she usually kept tied up, cascaded down her shoulders and to her waist. A few strands of hair fell on her cheeks, making her look effortlessly elegant.

'Well done, Pauline! How dare you wear something like this?' Edmund thought angrily.

He pressed the glass of red wine to his lips and drank it in one gulp. Then, he slammed the empty glass on the table.

As Pauline walked across the hall, many handsome young men had their eyes glued to her, and some of them even stopped in their tracks. A few of the bolder ones stopped her and took the opportunity to hit on her. However, she had no interest in any of them, and besides, she had come to this party with a motive, so she just gave them the cold shoulder and moved on. After a while, the men seemed to get the hint and stopped approaching her.

After searching the whole floor and finding no sign of Edmund, Pauline started to become a little anxious. How would she save her grandfather if she didn't get the chance to talk to him tonight?

As she was standing there with an uneasy heart, music began playing.

"Hi, may I have the honor of this dance?" A handsome man held out his hand to Pauline in a gentlemanly way, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Only then did she realize that she had somehow ended up alone at the center of the hall, surrounded by waltzing couples. Before she could react, she heard a cold voice that cut through the air like a knife.

"Miss Song, you look especially beautiful when you dance. It will be a waste if you dance with someone else. How about you dance on your own instead?

May I have the honor of seeing your solo performance tonight?"

Pauline turned around and met Edmund's mocking gaze. She couldn't help but feel a stab of pain in her heart when she heard his words. After all,

he knew clearly that the pair of shoes she was wearing was not suitable for dancing. Moreover, her foot was injured.

However, Pauline was not someone who would ever give in. The more he wanted to embarrass her, the more she would keep her head held high. Besides, dancing was something she was very confident about, so she suppressed the sadness in her heart and smiled gracefully. "Since it's the request of the host, I'll accept it." Perhaps because they were eager to see Pauline dance or because they simply wanted to see her embarrass herself, the people around her stopped dancing and shifted away, leaving a spacious, empty area in the center of the hall.

Pauline walked over to the conductor and whispered something in his ear. Then, she returned to the center of the hall and took a deep breath. She began dancing soft and slow, in harmony with the music. At first, everyone thought that she was going to waltz on her own, even though they couldn't imagine such a thing.

But a few seconds later, Pauline's movements gradually became passionate and unrestrained. Only then did everyone realize that she was going to dance the samba. And they were right! The most suitable dance style for her in this evening dress was the samba.

As Edmund watched her lithe movements and the swishing hemline of her dress, his breath hitched in his throat. She looked so irresistible and otherworldly that he wanted to pull her into his arms that very second.

When the song ended, Pauline couldn't stand steady because of her injured foot. The man who had initially asked her for a dance noticed it and immediately rushed forward to hold her.

"Thank you," she said with a grateful smile.

"You're welcome. It's my honor to serve such a beauty." His voice was pleasant to the ear, as clear as a wooden guitar. Even though he was clearly flirting with her, Pauline gave him a warm smile.

"Miss, I'm a doctor, and I can see that your foot is injured. You'd better not dance in the near future if you can," he continued.

"It doesn't matter. Thank you for your kindness, sir."

The atmosphere between the two people was so harmonious that Edmund's eyes darkened as he watched them talking to each other. He was so annoyed that he wanted to punch the man in the face, but he somehow maintained a calm exterior.

To his delight, Pauline turned away from that stranger and walked over to him. "Edm... Mr. Lu," Pauline said, quickly correcting herself. "I did what you asked. Could you please hear me out now?"

Her eyes were bright, as if she was looking forward to his comments on her performance. From such a close proximity, Edmund realized that she, who didn't like makeup, had put on makeup today.

Her eyebrows were drawn and shaped, and the brown eyeliner at the ends of her eyes was slightly raised, making her beautiful almond eyes look bigger and more charming. Moreover, there was a dash of pale color at the inner corners of her eyes that made her look somewhat innocent. Paired with the dress that she was wearing, she looked the perfect combination of pure and seductive.

Edmund's breath tightened as he took in the sight in front of him. No wonder all the men's eyes were glued to her today. Even he, with his remarkable self-control, could barely keep his composure in front of her.

"Why?" Edmund's voice was as cold as usual, and his words were also just as ruthless. "Miss Song, do you think I will agree to your request just because of a performance?"

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