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   Chapter 11 How Dare She

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Edmund stared at the necklace in his hand with a frown. This was the necklace that he had given Pauline three years ago.

But it seemed that to her, it was something that could be discarded at will, just like his feelings for her.

Edmund clenched the necklace in his hand so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He felt a burst of anger rising from his chest to his throat. "Throw this sofa away!" he shouted.

James, who was standing next to him, couldn't help but tremble under Edmund's wrath. No matter how ridiculous his boss's orders were, he had to follow them. Otherwise, he would be the next to be thrown away.

"Should I replace it with the same model or a different one?" he asked.

When Edmund cast a cold glance at him in response, he realized that he had spoken without thinking. He had no one but himself to blame for his big mouth.

It was so difficult to be a secretary these days. If it weren't for the money, he would have quit a long time ago.

When Pauline walked out of the MC Group headquarters, the sun was still shining. After running around for several days without enough rest, she felt exhausted. Moreover, the stress was getting to her. She squatted down on the side of the road and called Hedy. As soon as Hedy picked up, she couldn't help but burst into tears. "Hedy, I'm so sad. Why does Edmund treat me like this? Why does he hate me so much? Does he think I'm as useless as a piece of trash? Will he only be willing to save my grandfather if I die?" she sobbed pitifully.

Upon hearing this, Hedy's face turned pale with fear, but she tried her best to keep her composure and comfort Pauline. "Don't be silly, Pauline. There must be a way to save your grandfather. Don't worry. Where are you? I'll come and see you right now. Don't move."

After hanging up the phone, Hedy arrived at the location Pauline told her about as fast as she could. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw that Pauline's eyes were red and swollen. She hugged Pauline and sniffed tearfully, her heart aching for her friend. "Pauline, it's okay. I'm here."

"I'm so tired, Hedy. Do you think he will agree to save my grandfather if I die?" Pauline asked seriously, tears running down her cheeks.

Hedy shook her head and patted Pauline's back. "Don't be silly. Do you think your grandpa will want to live if you die? Don't think too much. Let's go home first so you can take a shower and have some rest, okay?"

Pauline nodded silently and got into Hedy's car. Once they reached Hedy's house, Pauline took a shower. After that, she sat in the living room and stared at the wall, lost in thought. Hedy brought a glass of hot milk from the kitchen. When she saw Pauline sitting on the sofa in a daze, she felt a lump in her throat, but she acted as if nothing had happened and handed the milk to Pauline. "Pauline, what happened between you and Edmund? You guys were on good terms three years ago, right? Why is he so angry at you now, as if you killed his father or something?"

These words pulled Pauline out of her trance. She slowly turned to Hedy and shook her head. "I don't know..." she said softly. But in her heart, she thought, 'I don't know how to explain it to you. I'm sorry, Hedy!

I can't tell you that I'm the one who hurt him three years ago. I can't tell you that the man from three years ago was him. I can't tell you anything. I'm sorry.'

Hedy was stunned for a moment, but then she smiled gently. "If you don't know, then don't think about it anymore. Just go to bed and have a good sleep."

"And I will always love you. I will always love you. You, my darling, you..."

Suddenly, Pauline's phone rang.

It was a call from the director of her ballet company. She didn't know why the director was calling her at this time. After all, she had already asked her for a few days off to take care of her grandfather.

"Ms. Toni, is there something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"Pauline, we're just months away from our international tour. Have you finished dealing with your family affairs? Even though you're the principal dancer, the rest of the company can't wait for you all the time."

"Ms. Toni, I'll come back to rehearsal in a few days. My family affairs will be handled soon," Pauline answered hurriedly, sitting up straight.

"Then I'll give you one more week. If you haven't finished handling your family affairs by'll have to leave the ballet company. By the way, come to NZ Grand Theater to audition for the leading role tomorrow."

"Ms. Toni, I've already been chosen for the leading role. Why do you still want..." Pauline trailed off, suddenly understanding the implications of Toni's words. She smiled bitterly. After all, Toni was giving her a chance to compete instead of directly replacing her. How could she complain?

"What time is the audition?" she asked, trying her best to hold back her tears and keep her voice steady.

"Nine o'clock in the morning. If you're late, you'll automatically be rejected."

"I understand. Thank you."

After hanging up the phone, Pauline suddenly felt very tired. She just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up again.

But that night, no matter how much she tossed and turned in bed, she couldn't sleep a

t all.

The next day,

Pauline arrived at the NZ Grand Theater early in the morning to rehearse in the studio. Since there was an audition for the leading role today, most of the members of the ballet company had turned up. When they saw Pauline, they all came over and greeted her.

"Good morning, Pauline."

Pauline smiled at them in response.

At that moment, one of the women, Jenny Sun, rolled her eyes. "Wow, you still remember your way to our ballet company?" she sneered. Then, with a smug smile, she continued, "You heard that your role was going to be snatched away, didn't you? Well, it can't be helped. You keep asking for leave. If I were Ms. Toni, I would have already replaced you."

While continuing to warm-up, Pauline retorted, "Even if I do get replaced, it won't be by you. What are you so smug about? You have been the substitute for so many years."

"You..." Jenny Sun was so angry that she couldn't say a word. She just glared at Pauline fiercely. Ignoring her gaze, Pauline left the studio and went to find Toni.

When she reached her office, she knocked on the door.

"Come in."

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Edmund, who was sitting leisurely opposite Toni, and Katrina, who was sitting next to him. Her smile froze at the corners of her mouth. Hearing the sound of the door, Edmund turned around. His eyes fell on her, calm and expressionless.

Toni didn't notice the subtle change in her behavior. She just waved at Pauline with a smile and said, "Pauline, come here. This is Edmund Lu, the sponsor of our tour, and this is Katrina Lin, who is going to compete with you for the leading role." Then, she turned to the two of them and pointed at Pauline. "This is the principal dancer of the Starlight Ballet, Pauline Song."

Edmund nodded and greeted her politely, as if he had never seen her before. "Nice to meet you, Miss Song."

Katrina, on the other hand, reached out to shake her hand and said, "Miss Song, we meet again."

Pauline was so embarrassed that she didn't know how to respond. Fortunately for her, one of the theater staff came in at that moment. "Ms. Toni, all the judges have arrived, so we can start the audition now."

Upon hearing this, Pauline secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She waited till Toni, Edmund, and Katrina walked out of the room before slowly following them.

"Miss Song, I'll give you a chance to save your grandfather now. It depends on whether you are willing to do as I say." Pauline was startled when she heard these words. She turned her head and found that Edmund had slowed down to walk next to her. However, he did not look at her at all, as if his words weren't even directed at her.

Of course, Pauline wasn't naive. She understood what he was implying in an instant. Tears sprang to her eyes. He knew how important dancing was to her, and yet...

She took a deep breath and asked, "What should I do?"

"It's simple. Give up the leading role without letting anyone else find out what you've done." This time, Edmund turned to her as he spoke to watch her reaction. He thought that she would burst into tears, but she just bit her lips tightly and suppressed the tears in her eyes.

"Okay, I will do that."

The Starlight Ballet was preparing for a ballet named 'Sylvia,' which told the story of a shepherd, Aminta, who fell in love with a beautiful fairy, Sylvia. After much suffering, they finally got married in the end. This ballet was a great test of the dancers' skills. Most of the movements in 'Sylvia' were small jumps, which were fast and flexible. However, Pauline's forte was big leaps. Therefore, she made up her mind to perform the solo dance in the third scene, which required a lot of small jumps. It was excusable for her to make mistakes in such a scene, so the director would not suspect any cheating on her part.

When it was her turn on stage, she raised her toes and began dancing gracefully. Then, she spun and spun around on the spot, silently counting the beats. When it was the right time, she gently jumped up. While landing, she shifted her center of gravity to her left foot. As expected, she felt a piercing pain in her ankle, and her foot faltered just a little, but enough to be noticeable to the audience. She had successfully sprained her ankle. Fortunately, she would be finished with the audition in just a few more seconds. She endured the pain and completed the last few small jumps and movements with a smile.

When the scene came to an end, she touched the ground with her right foot and stepped forward with her left foot. As she leaned forward slightly and opened her arms, her body trembled, but so imperceptibly that Edmund was the only one who noticed it. His eyes were nailed to her, so he could discern every one of her subtle movements and changes in expression.

But as he looked at her bright smile, he felt anger flood through his veins.

How could she give up the leading role this way? She had once said that her feet were her life. How dare she...

Because of Pauline's mistakes, the leading role naturally went to Katrina.

Seeing that Edmund was leaving the NZ Grand Theater, Pauline hurried to catch up with him. "Mr. Lu, will you save my grandfather now?"

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