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   Chapter 3 I Will Never Give You What You Want

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Pauline was so angry that she trembled all over. She raised her hand and slapped Peter across the face. "Shame on you!

You planned everything three years ago! But I've been feeling so guilty about it that I've done everything you asked of me after that. For the past three years, I have been living in hell because of you. If it weren't for Grandpa, do you think you even deserve to stand here? I feel sick just looking at you," she spat out. Then, she turned to Tiffany. "And you, Tiffany Song... I have to thank you for being a garbage bin. Otherwise, I wouldn't know where to throw this piece of trash," she said, glancing at Peter with a wry smile.

Still holding the quilt up to her chest, Tiffany shot daggers at Pauline before scoffing all of a sudden. "You know something? The old man should have been cured a long time ago. But who asked him to favor you all the time? Because of that, I had to..." she trailed off meaningfully with a smug smile on her face.

Pauline's eyes widened in disbelief. Her voice quivered in anger as she asked, "How could you do this? Isn't he your grandfather too? You evil bitch!"

Their grandfather had been in the hospital for a long time. It hadn't been easy to find a suitable bone marrow donor for him, but last week, the hospital had finally found a match and even scheduled the operation. But that morning, at the last minute, the donor had unexpectedly withdrawn his decision. Their grandfather had been hours away from being cured! What was more, it had taken the hospital six years to find this bone marrow donor. How long would it take for them to find another one? Their grandfather was already so old. The clock was ticking by.

In the morning, Pauline hadn't understood why the donor had suddenly regretted his decision. But now, it turned out that Tiffany was the one who had meddled with the operation. She hated herself for not being able to save her grandfather from Tiffany's evil plans.

"Don't look at me like that." Tiffany held out her hand in front of her and casually took a look at her newly manicured nails before raising her head again. "It's all your fault. All I did was inform the donor of Grandpa's true identity. The donor immediately called the hospital and said that he wouldn't donate the bone marrow, which saved me a lot of trouble."

Pauline thought of that morning, when she had gone to the hospital to visit her grandfather before the operation.

When she was passing the doctors' office, the words "bone marrow" and "regret" had drifted over to her ears. She normally didn't have the habit of eavesdropping on other people's conversations. However, she had to be alert about everything that was related to her grandfather, so she immediately hid outside the door and listened closely.

One of the doctors said, "The old man in the ICU has been waiting for a bone marrow for quite a long time. We finally found a match, but the donor changed his mind at the last minute. What a pity!"

"Yes, you are right. But it's understandable for him to go back on his words. After all, the donor is Mr. Lu, a billionaire. Maybe he was afraid that something would go wrong during the operation and put his life at risk," another doctor replied.

As soon as Pauline heard this, she rushed into the office without caring about anything.

"Dr. Bai, please tell me who the donor is so I can go talk to him and save my grandfather!" She knelt down in front of the doctor and burst into tears. "Dr. Bai, I beg you."

At first, Daniel Bai wasn't intending to tell her the donor's identity. But after seeing her cry and even kneel down in front of him, he couldn't help but sympathize with her. So, he told her that Mr. Lu would head to B City at night for some business matters. There was only one route from S City to B City, so Pauline went there in the evening and waited there. Of course, she hadn't expected the donor to be Edmund Lu. It was probably God's way of punishing her.

"So, what do you think now? You don't feel so good, do you? Good, because I'm really happy." Tiffany plastered a cheerful smile on her face. "I like to see you suffer the most, so I will take everything you like and destroy everything you care about. I will never give you what you want! Only when you suffer will I feel happy.

I hate you. You are just like your mother, who is a tramp..."

Before Tiffany could finish her words, Pauline grabbed her hair and dragged her off the bed, causing her to fall to t

he floor on her knees. Peter stepped forward to help, but Pauline stopped him with a sharp glare. "If you don't want your photos to make the headlines tomorrow, you'd better hold still."

After that, she held Tiffany down and slapped her hard across the face.

"This slap is for Grandpa. I slapped you for being an unfilial grandchild."

Then, she gave Tiffany another slap. "This slap is for my mother. I slapped you for being disrespectful to your elders and to the deceased."

Tiffany's head was buzzing with the force of the two slaps. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she begged, "Stop it, Pauline. Please stop it."

Then, she raised her voice and screamed, "Dad, help me!"

This awakened the whole family, who rushed to the second floor and saw a naked Tiffany being slapped by Pauline.

"Miss Pauline Song, please stop it. She will die if you continue."

The servants pulled Pauline away and quickly covered Tiffany's body with the quilt. Pauline struggled against the servants as they dragged her back and threw her feet up to kick Tiffany but to no avail. Tiffany covered her face and sobbed pitifully. Looking at his daughter in such a state, Anthony Song's heart ached.

He immediately went over to her and, holding her in his arms to comfort her, turned to Pauline with an enraged look on his face. "How dare you hit your sister? Will you hit me tomorrow? Do you even still consider me your father?" He slapped Pauline across her cheek with such force that her face immediately swelled up.

A drop of blood fell from her bruised lip to her wrist. Looking down at it, Pauline tried her best to hold back her tears. "Dad, I'm the one who should ask if you even consider me your daughter! Ever since I was a child, no matter what happened, as long as I quarreled with her, I was the one you blamed! Look at you. As soon as Tiffany cried out for help, you rushed here without even bothering to put on a shirt."

Anthony Song was dumbfounded. He quickly coughed and changed the subject. "What did your sister do to you? Why are you so cruel to her? Couldn't you just talk things out? Why did you beat her?"

"She's the reason Grandpa couldn't have an operation today!" Pauline screamed hysterically.

"Dad, that's not true! Why would I ever hurt Grandpa?" Tiffany covered her swollen cheek and frantically shook her head. Tears fell from her eyes, making her look aggrieved.

"Pauline, it's okay if you're angry about me being with Peter. But how can you slander me like this? He's my grandfather too!" she cried.

Peter quickly took the opportunity to chime in. "Uncle, when Pauline walked in on me and Tiffany, she was very angry. Since it's my fault, I wanted to kneel down and beg for her forgiveness, but Tiffany apologized first. But I didn't expect that Pauline would take this opportunity to beat Tiffany and even slander her."

"What bullshit! Tiffany really said..." Before Pauline could finish her words, she felt another slap across her cheek.

"Shut your mouth! I know what kind of person your sister is. But you, you have been lying since you were a child. Since you're trying to frame your sister for something she didn't do, there's no room for you in this family," Anthony Song roared, pointing to the door.

Pauline clenched her fists and looked around the room in disbelief, but no one came forward to plead her case.

It turned out that no one considered her a part of this family, but she had foolishly treated this house as a shelter for so long. It was ridiculous.

She swatted her father's hand away and rushed out of the room without looking back. In her hurry, she didn't even take the suitcase with her.

Behind her came her father's roar. "Pauline, if you step out of this house, you will never be allowed to come back home!"

Pauline ignored him and continued walking. After all, this wasn't even her home! It had always been Tiffany's. Ever since her mother passed away, Pauline wasn't even a part of the Song family. No one in the family liked her or cared about her. Her existence seemed to be a mistake.

After a while, she sank onto a bench by the road, buried her head between her knees, and sniffed.

Where could she go now?

She raised her head and looked around aimlessly. Not far away, an LED screen shone brightly.

Pauline stared at the advertisement on the LED screen, lost in thought. Where would she spend the night without any money?

Just then, a few words caught her attention.

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