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   Chapter 77 Two Million Dollars

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Night came.

When Leona told the taxi driver the address of KS Nightclub, the driver turned around and eyed her carefully. "KS Nightclub?"

Before Leona could even respond, he said, "If you want to go there, you have to pay double the fare. If you can't pay, get out of the car."

Leona was slightly surprised. She paused for a moment and said, "No problem."

She remained silent throughout the car ride. On the inside, she was panicking. 'After I agreed, the driver shook his head as if I'm some rebellious girl. He even sighed!'

She smiled bitterly to herself.

Taking her phone out, she typed up "KS Nightclub" on the search engine.

Soon after, they had long left the premises of the city. The road had gradually darkened. It wasn't until about half an hour of driving that a dimly lit street came into view along with a tall building. Leona had to squint her eyes to make out the understated sign that read "KS Nightclub."

She tightened her grip on her phone.

'The KS Nightclub is a ten-story window-less building. Its interiors seemed to be illuminated by various lighting fixtures. The first floor is a nightclub while the second floor is a restaurant. All of the rooms from the third floor above are guest rooms.'

She then realized what kind of place she was going to and what kind of situation she was putting herself in. Knowing this, she braced herself.

The taxi pulled over at the entrance. Luckily, the guard didn't stop them and respectfully welcomed Leona inside.

Inside the KS Nightclub

The place was poorly lit as music boomed across the room. Beer and dice cups could be found in every corner.

What greeted Leona was a group of women standing in two lines. They were all wearing low-cut, sexy uniforms. They bowed in unison as they greeted her, their voices alluring, "Good evening!"

At the sight of this, Leona thought to herself, 'This is the first thing I see here! My blood's boiling already even though I'm a woman.'

Upon her arrival, she instantly attracted the attention of a lot of the people in the club.

They all had the same looks on their faces.

They all seemed surprised.

'Who's that woman at the door? She's wearing light make

's voice came. "Miss Ling, I wonder who you're speaking on behalf of? The Ling Group? As far as I know, the current head of the Ling Group is not you!"

People nodded.

"Business is not a joke, Miss Ling. If you're going to borrow money from us, you should have come with a convincing plan on how you're going to repay the debt. But you aren't even working with the Ling Group, right?"

The man sighed helplessly.

'Considering that Leona's grandpa is a well-respected and celebrated man, the current situation of the Ling Group is indeed pitiful. It could shuffle the hierarchy of enterprises in the entire industry inciting a significant shift of power. We have already thought about reaching out to help them but everyone knows that the real power of the Ling Group is no longer in the hands of the Ling family. It's difficult to predict what the future of the Ling Group would look like. Everyone has their eyes on the Ling Group. To be exact, everyone's waiting for someone courageous to step up.'

Leona pursed her lips, feeling unprecedentedly powerless.

'Yes, the current CEO of the Ling Group is Sherman! How can I guarantee that I can pay the money back?' she thought to herself.

"I'm willing to lend you the money," Patton Tan suddenly declared. He had been previously silent until that moment.

Joy instantly filled Leona's heart. However, Patton Tan added, "How about you drink cross-cupped wine with me? Two million dollars for one cup!"

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