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   Chapter 74 Borrow Money

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Leona was left alone in the huge villa.

What accompanied her was the unbearable pain in her stomach, the misery of being hurt by her loved ones, the air that tasted of tar, and the clothes sprawled across the floor.

Looking at the mess her father made with that woman, she frowned in disgust as she hastened to leave the villa.

She settled on a bench along the road as she waited for the medicine to take effect.

'The company is the fruit of Grandpa's hard work. It's what he cares the most about. No matter what, I won't let it fall into Sherman's grubby hands.

If I could keep my disappointing father's shares, it could also help Caspar. I need to raise ten million dollars to give to Dad in exchange for his promise to not transfer his shares to Sherman.'

Looking up at the starry night sky, she took a deep breath.

'Grandpa's a hardworking person. The company is practically his family. All those people who work for him are regulars at home so naturally, I'd know a lot of them.'

She then thought of Aron Feng.

'Grandpa supported him and valued his talent so he lent Aron money and gave him projects.

Now, the F Group is one of the first-class enterprises in the Z City and its future is practically written in stone.'

At the thought of this, she took her phone out to call Aaron Feng.

Before dialing his number, she hesitated for a while.

It only rang twice before the call was picked up. The person on the other end of the line didn't wait for Leona to speak as he called tentatively, "Miss Ling?"

"It's me." Tightening her grip on her phone, she said, "Mr. Feng, I'm sorry to bother you so late in the night."

Aaron Feng smiled lightly. "No problem, Miss Ling. It isn't too late in the Z City. I wonder why..."

His voice trailed off.

Leona watched as a young girl selling flowers chased after couples in the opposite square. Eventually, a middle-aged man stopped in front of her. Leona could

re clutching her handbag closer to her. "Mr. Feng, you should know that my grandpa has always been strict with me. He doesn't allow me to drink."

She purposely mentioned her grandpa, hoping that Aaron would understand.

'Five million is not enough to repay Grandpa's kindness.

Without Grandpa, the F Group wouldn't even exist!

Back then, Aaron Feng was even forced to jump off a building to pay his debt!'

The smile on his face vanished. He then took his glass of wine and downed it in one gulp. "As I know, the Ling Group isn't doing so well. Miss Ling, if you want me to lend you money, how do you suppose you'll pay it back?"

He stretched out his hand towards Leona as he spoke.

In response, she swiftly stood up from the sofa to keep some distance from him. "I can pay you twice the bank interest in return."

"But..." He stood up and slowly approached Leona. "Considering the status of F Group in Z City today, that's nothing but a small profit to me. It's nowhere near as good as the one I had in mind."

Leona shoved her hand in her handbag and fished for her pepper spray as a way to reassure herself.

The tension was cut by a loud noise, successfully interrupting Aaron Feng who had his mouth opened.

It seemed that the door had been forcefully kicked open.

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