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   Chapter 30 Don't Leave Without Saying Goodbye

My Beloved Girl: When You Are Gone By JENNIFER PARSONS Characters: 4891

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In A University

In the performance hall of the ballet department

The dance hall was utterly silent since no one was performing.

Caspar led Leona to the last row of seats on the left side of the auditorium and pressed her in the seat. He leaned over to her and asked, "What do you think of watching the ballet performance from this angle?"

With her eyes closed, Leona imagined the lively and fluid movement of the dancers on the stage—she instantly lit up, grinning from ear to ear.

She raised her head, leaned back in her chair and looked sideways at Caspar beside her. She blinked. "Your seat's closest to the door. Are you planning an escape?"

Caspar flashed her a helpless smile—a rare sight on his usually cold demeanor. 'I do want to escape. I'm afraid I've fallen in love with this dancer. Her dance pulls me in like magic every time. Every time I tell myself that this is the last time, I just find myself showing up wherever she is. I can't hold myself back even if I tried.'

Caspar took out a delicate brocade box from his pocket and threw it towards Leona's way ever so casually.

Leona took it and promptly opened it.

Inside the box was the butterfly necklace that had been repaired—it was good as new.

She closed the box and raised her ring finger. "Where's the wedding ring?"

Staring at the scar on Leona's finger which was left after he had bitten her from before, he said awkwardly, "No ring."

"Mr. Qiao, you're so stingy." Leona pouted.

"What did you just call me?" Caspar asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Mr. Qiao..."

she said instinctively.

When she was in a bad mood, she called him Mr. Qiao.

Otherwise, she would call him Caspar.

She had always been like this.


Displeasure laced Caspar's tone. Leona immediately swallowed back the words that were at the tip of her tongue.

Caspar picked up Leona's chin with his finger and forced her to look up at him. "Leona, what should you call me?"

"Mr. Qiao..."

Leona answered as she was visibly confused.

"Wrong answer. Believe it or not..."

By then, her heart was pounding on her chest.

Her mind was racing.

"Well, honey..."

Leona's voice was low as she spoke.

She was flushing as she did.

He smiled playfully. "I didn't hear you."


she muttered, lowering her head and blushing.

"Say what you said to me last night again," he ordered.

She was a little surprised.


aura around him became dangerous again in an instant.

Leona was suddenly enlightened. She pursed her lips and gave in under Caspar's insistent gaze. She said shyly, "Honey, I love you."

Suddenly, the phone in Caspar's pocket rang.

He answered the call with a frown on his face.

His body immediately stiffened up.

Although he tried his best to suppress it, the sudden change in his movement was not lost on Leona.

"If you have something to do, you can leave," she offered.

"I'll ask Johan to drive you back to the villa." Caspar had always been domineering.

"No..." She took Caspar's hand and begged, "This is my alma mater. I want to stay a little longer."

In the car

Looking at Caspar, who was smiling, from the rearview mirror, Johan asked in confusion, "Mr. Qiao, didn't you buy the ring? Why didn't you give it to Mrs. Qiao?"

"Shut up!"

Caspar said coldly. Then after a pause, he added awkwardly, "Send someone to protect Leona secretly."

In the performance hall of the ballet department of A University

Still sitting in her seat, Leona gently stroked the butterfly necklace in her palm.

The silver light that emitted from the necklace looked beautiful under the soft lights of the dance hall.

This was the first time that she had noticed that her name was engraved on the gardenia flower beside the butterfly pendant.


Before the performance years ago, Leona had noticed a small but elegant white flower laying on her dressing table. Amidst the roses and large clusters of lilies, this particular flower caught her eye. It looked unique to her.

At that time, she decided on a whim to wear the flower on her bun for her performance.

From then on, she would see that beautiful flower on her dressing table every time she had a performance.

'From the day I first received the butterfly necklace, I never noticed that the flower beside the butterfly was actually the gardenia flower.'

The smile that tugged at Leona's mouth deepened.

'The last row on the left side of the auditorium is always hidden in the darkness. Every time I performed, I would notice a mysterious figure appear in this area. It turns out that the figure was Caspar and the gardenia flowers that appeared on my dresser were sent by him.'


Leona's eyes gleamed at the thought of this. "Once we've gotten rid of our enemies, we'll live happily ever after with my grandpa..."

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