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   Chapter 29 A Good Gift

My Beloved Girl: When You Are Gone By JENNIFER PARSONS Characters: 6555

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The news of Leona and Sherman's marriage quickly spread throughout Z City.

The QT International Group building was immersed in a horrifying silence.

In the CEO office

Documents were flung about practically everywhere.

Caspar sat behind his desk with his hands folded above it. He looked ahead, his eyes bloodshot. Everyone trembled in fear.

Through gritted teeth, he said, "I want to see the complete acquisition plan for Ling Group before tomorrow morning. Johan, if you can't hand it in time, fire everyone from the project team."

"Yes, Mr. Qiao,"

Johan answered, his heart was pounding as he left.


Caspar called right before Johan was about to leave.

Johan instantly stopped in his tracks. When he looked back, he saw Caspar grab his tie and close his eyes in seeming exasperation.

For a while, Caspar didn't say anything.

"Find out where Leona is right now."

At around nine o'clock the following morning

The beautiful European-style garden of the Ling family was elegantly decorated with romantic flowers. Sherman stood at the end of the aisle in his tuxedo, a complacent smile on his lips.

'From now on, Ling Group belongs to me.'

The wedding march boomed on the stereo. Leona, dressed in a lovely white wedding dress, started walking down the aisle along with Hans. The screen above them broadcasted everything that was happening live.

Everything was so beautiful.

The host of the wedding ceremony gave a long speech which bored Leona to death. Still, she kept smiling.

She looked happy.

She knew that her grandfather was in the hospital, watching the live broadcast with a smile on his face.

The host said, "To the groom, Mr. Sherman Lu, do you promise to love Miss Leona Ling forever and protect her forever? Do you promise to love each other in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer? Will you love and cherish her forever from this day forward till death do you part?"

Sherman flashed a malicious smile as he eyed Leona.

'She's beautiful.

She's noble.

It doesn't matter if she's in love with another man.

I don't care.

In the end, I'm the one she's marrying.

Does it matter if she wanted it or not?'

"Yes, I do,"

Sherman said solemnly.

Turning to Leona, the host then said, "To the bride, Miss Leona Ling, do you promise to love Mr. Sherman Lu forever and protect him forever? Do you promise to love each other in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer? Will you love and cherish him forever from this day forward till death do you part?"

Leona looked up at the camera in front of her and smiled brightly.

Then the signal was cut off as the screen showed nothing but black.

The bright smile on Leona's face slowly disappeared. She looked at Sherman in the eye and said boldly, "No, I don't."

Everything fell into a thick silence.

Suddenly, the guests began whispering amongst themselves.


Sherman shouted hysterically.

"Are you crazy?"

"I'm not crazy,"

Leona said simply, grinning.

"I hope you'll like the surprise I prepared for you."

Before Leona could even finish what she was going to say, the sound of a man and a woman moaning boomed on the speakers.

Then the screen lit up once more.


t showed two people making love, their naked bodies entangled.

The audience burst into an uproar.

Some screamed as they covered their eyes while some kept their gazes glued on the screen.

The man couldn't be seen properly.

However, the woman, while not too attractive, was rather wild and crazy in bed that anyone watching wouldn't be able to take their eyes off her. The guests commented how lucky the man was to be in bed with a woman like that.

"Who's the woman?"

"It's Lena Ling, can't you see?"

A woman's scream of panic could be heard in the garden.

Everyone looked to the direction of the voice and saw Lena running towards them. "Who did this? Turn it off! Where's the remote control?"

"Here," Kaley said with a smile, fiddling with the remote control in her hand.

"Turn it off!" Then Lena turned around and ran towards Kaley.

However, Kaley didn't budge.

Just as Lena was about to reach for the remote control, Kaley suddenly loosened her grip on the remote control. "Ah, what a pity, it fell into the sewer. What should we do?"

"I'll kill you." Lena rushed madly towards Kaley.

Luckily, Kaley was able to dodge which caused Lena to fall on the ground.

Sherman grew angry and embarrassed. He grabbed Leona, who was attempting to leave, and asked, "Did you do it?"

"You should be grateful that I blurred your face for the sake of your dignity—well, mostly for Grandpa and the company. I also blocked all the media outlets outside the villa."


Sherman hissed.

"Do you really think you can get rid of me and ruin the wedding so you can be with Caspar? Huh?"

Leona scowled upon hearing this. Suddenly, she felt Sherman grab her waist. "Even if our wedding's ruined, it's still our wedding day."

With that, he leaned towards Leona, attempting to kiss her.

Leona hurriedly raised her hand to stop him. "Sherman, if you do anything stupid, I'll make sure you pay for it twice over."

However, Sherman didn't yield. Sneering, he pulled Leona closer to him, pressing her against his chest. "Really? I'd like to see how you..." However, before Sherman could finish his words, his phone began vibrating wildly.

All the guests' phones rang at the same time as well.

Everyone looked at each other.

Sherman took out his phone. In surprise, he read the headline: QT International Group once again makes a big move by purchasing enterprises under Ling Group.

"Let her go,"

Caspar's voice roared from behind.

Sherman stiffened as he loosened his grip on Leona instinctively.

"Leona, do you like my gift?"

Caspar was referring to the news that QT International Group had announced the acquisition of Ling Group.

"Yes, I do," Leona answered with a smile.

"That's good." Caspar raised his hand.

Leona rushed towards Caspar and automatically reached out to grab his warm hand.

Caspar smiled at Leona. "I have another special gift for you."

"What is it?" Leona asked.

"Johan, why don't you read out loud the article about Sherman so that everyone can hear? A story about a playboy such as Sherman is sure to be entertaining."

As soon as Caspar finished speaking, he took Leona's hand and walked towards the gate of the villa. "This place is too dirty. Let's go."

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