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   Chapter 28 Pay For What You Have Done

My Beloved Girl: When You Are Gone By JENNIFER PARSONS Characters: 5514

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Suddenly, Leona's phone rang, interrupting the comfortable silence between her and Caspar.

She picked up the phone and upon glancing, saw that it was Sherman calling. Unconsciously, she frowned.

"Leona, return to the Ling family house right now.

If you don't, your grandfather won't live to see the sun tomorrow," Sherman threatened.

Leona was visibly shocked. If she were standing now, she probably would have lost her balance.

'Sherman wouldn't stop at anything. He doesn't have any morals.'

"I have something to do. I need to go now."

With that, Leona pushed Caspar away and left without looking back.

All of a sudden, Caspar was left alone. He stood there in a daze. By the time he had collected himself, his aura quickly turned intimidating and cold so much so that everyone around him began to tremble in fear.

In the Ling family's house

Leona pushed the door open, a fierce look on her face.

Sherman was sitting on the sofa when Leona arrived. He turned his head as an evil smile slowly formed on his lips. "I enjoy seeing you like this," he said.

Sitting next to Sherman, Lena clenched her fists in envy.

'How could Sherman say something like that? Leona has an affair with another man.

Yet why does it seem like she still has everything?' she thought angrily to herself.

"Wow, Leona, you have so much energy. You just slept with Mr. Qiao and you're here already."

Leona narrowed her eyes coldly.

'Slept with Caspar?

Was Lena tracking me down? How could she say that?'

"Lena, why don't you take care of yourself first? Remember, don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you! Of course, if you like..."

Glancing at Sherman on the sofa, Leona continued, "If it's him that you want, I can give him to you. I have no problems with that."

She didn't wait for Lena to respond. She turned to Sherman, scowling. "Sherman, stop threatening me with your nonsense. If you touch Grandpa, I'll make sure you regret it."

Sherman poured himself a cup of tea. "I believe you. But I believe that you, my dear fiancee, won't do that. Because tomorrow, you're officially going to become my wife."


Leona replied firmly.

Lena sneered. "Where do you get the audacity? Do you think that Sherman's marrying you because he likes you? Grandpa's pretty cunning. He has already transferred most of the company shares to your joint account with Sherman. After you two get married, Sherman's going to own the company."

Leona merely chuckled. 'Look at Lena, arrogant as always.

Did she really admit that Sherman's actual motive is to forcibly own Ling Group?'

"Sherman, why do you think I'm going to let myself be threatened by you? Why are you so confident that you're going to get m

e to agree to marry you?" Leona spat.

"Is this enough to threaten you?" Lena chimed in.

She took her time in displaying all the photos she had taken on the tea table, shooting Leona a pompous glance every now and then.

Sherman pointed at the photos on the table and said viciously, "You don't want your grandpa to see these, do you?"

Leona frowned.

'In these photos, Caspar was only wearing a bath towel that was wrapped around his waist as he held me in his arms.

This was when we were at the villa and I ran into Caspar just as he was stepping out of the bathroom.'


Leona was fuming.

"Even for you, this is a new low. Really? You're doing this now? Invading other people's privacy and taking photos for your own sick intentions?"

"Well, Leona, if you're brave enough to do something, why shouldn't I take photos?"

Lena wrapped her arms around Sherman's neck and gazed at him, his face cold and tense. She taunted, "Are you forgetting that you're still engaged to Sherman?"

Leona sneered. "Well, since you know that, why are you hugging my fiance?"

Lena was at a loss for words. After a long pause, she retorted, "Grandpa attaches great importance to the company and reputation. Can you just imagine how angry he's going to be once he sees these?"

Leona glanced at Sherman, then at Lena, pursing her lips. "Did Sherman promise you that once he gets my shares, he's going to dump me and marry you?"

Lena slightly loosened her grip on Sherman.

Leona continued, smirking, "Even if Sherman divorces me, he'll still be my ex-husband forever..."

She then raised a finger and pointed it at Sherman, scoffing. "Lena, do you really think that considering his family background and who he is, he would risk becoming a laughingstock by publicizing the fact that he has an affair with his ex-wife's sister? I'm afraid you're underestimating him.

Or..." She shot Sherman a look before turning to Lena, a knowing smile on her face. "Maybe, Sherman isn't your target after all."


Suddenly, Sherman pushed Leona down on the sofa and got on top of her. He wrapped his hands around her neck effectively strangling her. He gritted his teeth. "Looks like you don't care if your grandpa lives or not after all."

Leona shut her eyes close as she said, out of breath, "I agree with you."

'Sherman and Lena are well-prepared this time.

Grandpa's still facing complications. He can't be stressed right now.

What do I do?'

Leona clenched her fists as she glared at Sherman.

'I've gone through so much for my grandpa throughout the years but they still won't leave me alone.

It's time to fight back.

Watch out, Sherman and Lena. I will make you pay for all that you have done.'

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