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   Chapter 25 I Won't Let Her Get Away With This

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It was already two in the afternoon.

As Leona gazed outside where the sun was shining brightly, she was still a little disconcerted. It took a while before she realized what time it was.

Perhaps when Caspar got up that morning, he had just let her sleep in.

"You beast!"

Leona gritted her teeth as she slowly got up from bed. When she did, she found that her entire body was sore. She felt as if her legs had turned into jelly and every small movement she made ached.

Meanwhile, in the hospital

Lena and Sherman waited outside Johnson's ward, both looking rather impatient.


When Lena saw Sherman take out another cigarette and head to the stairway, she quickly grabbed the cigarette from him. "Why is Leona so late today? She didn't answer her phone or text back. Could she have slept with another man again last night? How dare she!"

Sherman frowned and glanced at Lena without saying anything.

"Caspar and Leona are just really good at making people wait for them." Gazing at Sherman, Lena continued, "Caspar made you wait but that's because he can. But does Leona have the same right? You're her fiancee!"

"I won't let her get away with this,"

Sherman finally said.

With that, he grabbed his cigarette back from Lena's hand and headed towards the stairway.

Just then, the elevator doors opened with a ding. A slender figure walked out—elegant and attractive in the way she carried herself.


Lena tugged at the hem of her clothes as she glared at Leona, envy in her eyes.

"Last night, you..."

Lena wasn't able to continue what she was going to say as all of a sudden, Neal showed up.


Neal greeted Leona as usual, but he seemed to be a little absent-minded that day.

"Johnson's operation fees have already been paid for,"

Neal said simply.


Leona asked in surprise.


Neal answered with a frown.

"It was Johan who paid..."

"Leona, why are you so late? Sherman and I have been waiting for you,"

Lena interrupted Neal, her voice laced with sarcasm.

Leona shot Lena a look before turning to smile apologetically at Neal.

Neal shook his head helplessly. "Can you handle it?"

Leona rubbed her eyebrows and said, "I'm sorry for that."

"Then I better get back to work."

Neal smiled and shook his head before leaving.

Sherman said gloomily, "Are you here to seduce another man again? Isn't Caspar enough for you? Huh?"

Leona raised her eyebrows as she eyed Lena's arm that was looped around Sherman's, smiling faintly. "So, Lena, have you been with my fiancee the whole day? Good. I don't want him pestering me anyway."

It took a long time for Lena to understand what Leona meant.


Lena hissed.

Just as Leona was about to enter the ward, Sherman reached out his hand to stop Leona from opening the door.

"Sherman, what are you doing?" Leona asked angrily.

"What am I doing?"

Sherman raised his eyebrows.

"I just want to remind you who your fiancee is! No matter how many men you sleep with, as long as we're still engaged, you still have to do as I say!"

Sherman then wrapped his hand around Leona's waist, tightly locking her in his arms.

"Sherman..." Leona struggled. "No. Let me go."

Sherman snorted as he tightened his grip on her, pushing the door open.

"Grandpa Johnson..."

Sherman greeted, immediately smiling brightly.

Leona scowled but soon put on a warm smile for her grandfather.

Johnson put on a huge smile upon seeing the two so intimate with each other. "Oh, you came together."


Leona answered rather reluctantly.

Then Leona feigned anger as she yanked Sherman's hand around her waist. "It's all his fault. He insisted on taking me to have French food. That's why we're a bit late."

As she spoke, she grabbed the fruit knife on the table, stabbed it on the apple, and flung it to Sherman. She ordered, "Peel

an apple for Grandpa and me."

Sherman ground his teeth but said sweetly, "Okay."

As Johnson watched the two tease each other, he said, "As long as you two are happy, I'm good. I have nurses to take care of me here. You don't need to worry about me. You really don't need to come here every day to visit me too."

"But I want to,"

Leona said.

The three of them talked and laughed happily together as if they were a real family much to Lena's annoyance.

Lena glanced at Sherman who obediently began peeling the apple as he was ordered. By then, she was already seething. 'Sherman hasn't even peeled an apple for me even though we've been together for three years!'

Sherman's phone then lit up as Lena attempted to grab the apple from him.

Curling her lips, she said, "Let me peel the apple for you and Grandpa. Sherman has to answer his phone."

Sherman glanced at Leona but he didn't go out. Instead, he answered the call right then and there in front of everyone else in the ward.

The smile on Sherman's face quickly faded.

"What did you just say? I'm going back to the company now," Sherman said, frowning.

"What happened?"

Lena asked as she pulled Sherman, putting down the apple and fruit knife that she had in her hand.

"Someone bought most of Ling Group's stocks..."

With that, Sherman ran out of the ward as quickly as he could. He wasn't even able to say goodbye to neither Johnson nor Leona.

Johnson clenched his fists. "What did he just say? What happened to the company?"

"The stocks..."

Lena said angrily.

Leona glanced at Lena before interrupting her, "Don't worry. Nothing will happen to the company. Sherman and I will handle it." She squeezed Johnson's hand as she spoke as a way to calm him down.

Hearing that, Johnson was a little relieved. "That's good."

Then he added as an afterthought, urging Leona, "Then you should also go and help Sherman."

At the gate of the hospital

Leona was busy typing on her phone.

Lena stretched her neck and glanced at the screen. She sneered, "You're nothing but a flirt who sleep with different men. Where did you get the confidence to guarantee Grandpa that the company's going to be fine?"

After finishing sending a message, Leona raised her head and said, "Well, thanks for complimenting me but you really need to take good care of yourself. There are so many wrinkles on your face. Don't you get conscious about that?"


Lena was rendered speechless.

'Looks like both Leona and Caspar have sharp tongues. They're a good match for each other in that sense.'

"Who cares if you're beautiful? I'm the one Sherman loves. When are you going to finally get the hint that he doesn't care about you anymore? Just leave the Ling family already."

"Don't worry, my dear sister. I don't want Sherman either. I already live in Caspar's villa anyway."

Lena sneered, "I doubt Caspar will let you live in his villa. Your daydreaming is getting ridiculous!" 'That villa isn't just any ordinary house of Caspar's. Everyone in Z City knows how much he values the villa.'

Glancing at Lena, Leona didn't bother to answer her anymore.

"If you really live in his villa, are you brave enough to show me yourself?"

Lena pressed, unwilling to give up.

She refused to believe that Leona really was living in Caspar's villa already.

"Do as you please."

At QT International Group

Caspar was in the middle of a meeting when his phone lit up.

Frowning, he instinctively raised his hand to turn it off. However, when he saw that it was Leona who had texted him, he immediately picked up his phone to read the message.

"Thank you for paying for my grandpa's medical expenses."

Caspar typed up a response that read, "No need to thank me. You've already sold yourself to me. If you want me to save your grandpa's company, don't make me show you what you shouldn't be doing in the first place."

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