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   Chapter 4 I Am Tired Of Sleeping With You

My Beloved Girl: When You Are Gone By JENNIFER PARSONS Characters: 4476

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The sun was shining brightly and the sky was crystal clear.

At the entrance of QT International Group

"Miss! I'm sorry! Without an appointment or invitation, I can't call Mr. Qiao for you. I'm really not allowed to do that!" said a security guard.

"Really?" Leona said with a smile on her face. "Then I won't make things difficult for you."

The security guard looked grateful as he watched Leona turn and seemingly leave. Then without warning, she turned and flashed him a grin, saying apologetically, "I'm sorry!"


Before the security guard could figure out what was going on, Leona was already shouting towards the towering building behind him. "Caspar! Caspar! Caspar..."

Shocked and frustrated, the guard protested, "Miss, you can't do this!" 'Today is Mr. Qiao's victory banquet. If the guests hear this woman calling our CEO's name like this, our CEO will be humiliated.'

When the woman refused to leave, the guard thought the only way to get her to leave was through force.

To his surprise, the woman kept evading him.

When he took a step forward, she took a step back. She came back around when she had placed a decent amount of distance between her and the guard.

The security guard was speechless and helpless.

'Is she a child? Why is she being so naughty?'

They were slowly attracting the stares of more and more guests. The security guard just wanted to forcefully take the woman away.


the woman was rather quick.

As she ran, she kept calling Caspar's name.

Seeing that the crowd was about to gather around them, the security guard pointed at Leona and said in a resigned tone, "Don't move. Stop shouting. I'll inform Mr. Qiao for you!"

Leona smiled at the security guard. Her smile was playful with a hint of appreciativeness.


Looking at the back of the security guard and the towering QT International Group building, Leona sighed.

She knew what was in store for her and she was ready to be humiliated. The minute Caspar appeared in front of her, his face was full of contempt and scorn. Her chest tightened at the sight of this.

"What? Was one million not enough? What are you still doing here?"

Caspar spat mercilessly.


u know I'm not here for money."

"Really?" Caspar sneered. "What are you doing here then? You want to get laid? I'm sorry! I'm not interested in sleeping with you. Now I want you to get the hell out of here."

Leona knew that Caspar was not a talkative man.

On the contrary, he was a man of few words.

So she was taken aback about the fact that he had said so much just to get her to leave.

A bitter smile appeared on Leona's face yet she felt numb in her heart.

'Why can't I feel anything?'

As she gazed at Caspar's stony face, she felt a chill run down her spine.

"How about this?" Grimacing, Leona slowly dropped to her knees. "Caspar, if I beg you this way, will you change your mind and save my grandpa?"

Caspar merely frowned, looked down at Leona, turned around and quickly disappeared from the crowd.

He looked embarrassed as he did. He had an awkward look on his face.

However, Leona didn't notice this.


Looking at the direction where Caspar disappeared, Leona called his name repeatedly in her heart—every mention of his name made her heart ache as if it was being pierced with a knife.

It was only then that Leona realized that the numbness she felt in her heart was only temporary—all the pain was still obviously there.


it doesn't matter.

Even if it hurts to the core, I will wait.

I will stay here and wait until you come out again.


I'll die.

I don't believe that time helps with a person's hatred.

Caspar, what can I do to ease your hatred?

No matter what, I'm willing to do it. It doesn't matter how hard it is. Do you understand where I'm coming from? Can you see me and hear the voice in my heart?'

Leona suddenly felt as if her whole world was spinning, her vision blurring out of nowhere.

She raised her head, trying to squint her eyes. Overwhelmed by the blinding light, tears fell from her eyes.

As time went by, she felt her surroundings turn dark and cold—the sounds had been drowned out and her vision impaired.


Caspar isn't the only one who hates me. Maybe it's the whole word.

Caspar is my entire world.


it's over.

Everything is over.'

Leona slowly faded out of consciousness.

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