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   Chapter 3 Drive Her Out Of The House

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Trying to restrain herself, Leona glanced at the visibly angry Sherman with a funny look on her face. "What right do you have to talk to me like that? Why don't you tell me of the only instance in my life when I was humiliated three years ago? You were there too. Why would I..."

Leona couldn't hold it back any longer.

Unable to finish her sentence, she was already choking with sobs by the end of it.

'In any case, that night, I don't know how I ended up in such an awkward situation. I never would have done anything like that.

It had nothing to do with love,

let alone anything else.

I just wanted to be with the person I loved the most.


I just lost my virginity to that man. I was hurt and confused.

No one ever asked if I was willing or not.

But I was never ashamed when it came to Sherman,' she thought to herself.


After calming herself down, Leona raised her head again.

When she did, only coldness could be seen in her eyes. "If you hadn't taken advantage of me three years ago, how could I have offended him? Otherwise, I wouldn't have been humiliated this evening. I'm curious about how it felt to put your fiancee in a situation like that. If you hadn't frozen all my accounts, I wouldn't have had to take back the check in humiliation. Sherman, can't you see that this is all your fault?"

Sherman frowned. "You—"

"Leona!" Lena interrupted Sherman in anger. She raised a finger and pointed it at Leona as she spat, "This is all your fault. How dare you blame it all on Sherman! Caspar refused to save your grandpa. You deserve it!"

"What did you just say?"

Leona asked in surprise.

'What on earth does Lena know?

I haven't mentioned a word about Caspar or my grandpa since I came back.'


Lena sneered.

"Caspar had agreed to donate bone marrow. But..."

Lena spoke slowly as if she wanted to emphasize each word.

She thoroughly enjoyed seeing Leona so nervous, sad, and hurt. She felt as if every cell in her body was jumping for joy.

'It's so wonderful to see Leona like this.

I don't want this to end just yet.'

"Ah, Caspar didn't even say a word when he heard that the man needs help is your grandpa. He even turned and left as if he was trying to avoid you! He seemed disgusted as he left. After Caspar left, the doctors all felt sorry for your grandpa. After all, Grandpa is well-respected and has a good reputation. If anything, it's you, Leona, who hurt Grandpa. Do you know that?"

Lena said resentfully, her hands clenched into fists.

Only she knew what she had done just to get the name of the donor.

She would never forget that—the humiliation she felt when she had to have sex with the fat doctor for the information.


Caspar did a good job.

I thought I had to persuade Caspar just to refuse to donate the bone marrow. I thought I would need to sleep with him. I didn't expect that Caspar would easily agree after I mentioned Leona's name.'

A wave of emotions filled Lena's chest—both of delight and regret.

'Why was it the fat doctor who I had to sleep with instead of Caspar? I'd be more than willing to sleep with Caspar.

Three years ago, Leona was lucky to sleep with him.

How dare she still hold on to what happened back then! She was the one who profited. I'm so envious of her!'

Leona didn't even notice the strange look on Lena's face.

The look of disgust on Caspar's face upon learning that the one he was going to help was Leona's grandpa was still etched in her mind.

'That one million that perfectly symbolizes my humiliation.

The necklace that he threw to my face.

His firm refusal.

I was aware of how much he hated me but I didn't know it was to this extent. Looks like he would never let it go.

I feel as if my heart is being shattered into a thousand pieces.'

Leona leaned against the wall behind her, feeling as if her legs had turned into jelly.


Hans Ling snorted, seemingly furious.

As soon as Leona came to her senses, she raised her head and saw her father coming down the stairs, an aggressive look on his face.

A bitter smile appeared on her face. 'Dad's here. Things aren't looking so well for me. They're only going to make things harder for me.'

"I didn't expect any of this. You said you loved your grandpa. You said you would do anything to save him. How could you do this? This is all your fault! You're the reason why he couldn't get that bone marrow donation!" Hans Ling spat.

"Dad, I..." Leona muttered, frowning.

"Shut up!" Hans L

ing interrupted. "Are you really going to try to convince me that you aren't the reason why Caspar refused to donate the bone marrow to your grandpa?"

"It's just a misunderstanding. I'm going to—"

"Shut up!" Hans bellowed. "I heard what you two were talking about. You really think your sister would wrong you? You're nothing but a bearer of bad luck! A black sheep! If anything happens to your grandpa, it's your fault. Don't you ever forget that."

"Dad..." Leona choked. "How could you talk to me like this? I'm your daughter!"

A look of realization dawned on Hans Ling as he saw the pitiful look on Leona's face. He snorted coldly as he stopped himself from scolding her further.

Meanwhile, Lena sneered inwardly. 'Does she seriously expect that she can get away with what she did without any consequences? Why does she always have it easy? I'm not going to just stand by and let this happen!'

With this in mind, Lena took a step forward, cleared her throat, and said, "Dad, Leona's still pretty young. We have to forgive her no matter what she has done."


As Lena expected, Hans's anger was aroused again.

"She's old enough! She's an adult now. If she commits a crime, she could end up in jail!"

"You're right, Dad. Leona..." Lena called out. She looked at Leona with disappointment. "Dad's scolding you and disciplining you for your own good. We can't risk the Ling family's reputation being ruined. We can't let it get to that point. The burden will fall on all of us if that happens!"

Seemingly amused, Leona chuckled as she responded, "For my own good? Does that also include you sleeping with Sherman, my fiancee?"


Lena was too angry to say anything.

"What's going on here?" Hans Ling snorted. "What else can I do with such a disobedient daughter? Lena, you don't have to worry about her anymore!"

With that, he raised his hand and pointed at the door. He shouted angrily, "Get out of here!"

Leona was not surprised at all by her father's reaction.

She knew that her father, who only ever cared about women and drinking all day long, had no right to make her leave like that. 'But he's my father!' Briefly glancing at Hans Ling, Leona kept her mouth shut as she turned towards the door, ready to leave. She had only taken two steps before she remembered that her check and necklace were still with Lena. So she turned and in a cold voice, she said to Lena, "Give me back my money and my necklace."

'I plan to use the check to help Grandpa.

While the Ling family is not poor by any means, I wouldn't dare place Grandpa's future on their hands.

Caspar used this check to humiliate me. I'm taking this check no matter what.'

After hesitating for a while, Lena reluctantly handed the necklace and check to Leona, who had been shooting her daggers with her eyes.

In a sudden a turn of events,

Sherman suddenly blocked Leona from taking the necklace and the check.

Leona said angrily, "Give them back to me, Sherman."

"Give them back to you?" Sherman inched closer to Leona as he said in a low voice, "Well, what a bitch! Come with me if you want them."

With that, Sherman shot Leona a meaningful look. He smiled proudly as he turned and headed upstairs.


Leona was angry and speechless.

'How could such a horrible person exist?

I'm not afraid of him.

I won't let Sherman do anything to me.

I'll risk my life if that's what it takes to fight him!'

Leona decisively followed Sherman upstairs.

"Dad asked you to leave. Didn't you hear him?"

Lena then roughly pushed Leona out the door and slammed it shut in her face. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief.

Outside the door,

the morning light shone.

Leona leaned weakly against the door, allowing herself to slide slowly to the ground.

The tears she had been holding back all night long finally came pouring out.

'It's dawn.

The storm has stopped.

A brand new day signifies brand new hope, but it doesn't ring true for me.

My grandpa is still waiting for me in the hospital but I still don't know what to do.'

Leona felt useless.

Despair surged in her chest.


Her phone screen lit up as the headlining news for that day came into view.

"Last night, QT International Group reached an agreement on a large-scale multinational project, with an estimated profit of 1 billion. The president of the group, Caspar Qiao, agreed to accept our interview."

Leona's eyes were animated. She quickly grabbed her phone as she ran out of the villa area.

"Grandpa, wait for me..."

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