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   Chapter 11 The Girl Who Saw The Blood Moon

Aloof CEO: You're Gem To My Eye By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3515

Updated: 2020-07-29 00:02

It was midnight, Bella woke up from her dream.

Subconsciously, she reached out her hand to capture something, but she missed.

She stared out of the window, as if something was hidden under the curtain blowing in the wind.

She frowned and bit her lips so hard that they turned red and might even bleed in the next second!

Sean was too scared to speak, so he just waited beside her quietly.

She then lifted the quilt, held her head and cried out in pain before running out. Sean followed her closely, even though it was midnight at the moment.

There was no hospital staff in the corridor, let alone any passer-by.

Lost track of her, Sean was panting and lying on the railing. In front of him was the end of the corridor.

The light above his head was constantly flashing, as if it was about to break apart at any time.

Vaguely, he saw a figure at the end of the corridor. Although it was dark, he was sure that it was her.

He strode over, only to find that she was looking down at the downstairs.

He looked around curiously.

g girl on the bed.

The sweat on his forehead was enough to prove that he had a nightmare.

"The girl who saw blood moon."

He wanted to clean himself up in the bathroom, but when the door was opened, he heard a low voice.

He turned around and found that the person in the bed was fine and didn't speak at all!

His good-looking eyebrows frowned slightly, but he didn't think too much and just took it as an auditory hallucination.

"Mr. Sean, are you going to go through the discharge formalities today?"

He was still in a state of shock and was frightened by the sudden voice again.

He apologized right away after notice that he was absent-minded, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

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