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No matter how loudly Pauline shouted, her mother would never come back, nor would she gently hug her and ask her if she was happy, and if Frank Gu had bullied her.

Since then, she had to be strong on her own. Not only did she have to face difficulties outside, but also she had to try her best to protect Coco and Sully Xia

Yes, they were the closest people to her. No matter what, she couldn't let them get hurt again.

She wanted to see Frank Gu, and she must see Frank Gu. She asked him to protect Sully Xia and Coco. If she couldn't go out again, then she should be satisfied. Since she was here, Cassand should let go of Sully Xia for the sake of the Xia clan's good treatment to her in the past?

Wiping away tears on her face, Pauline Xia stood up and took a few deep breaths. Then she rang the bell on the wall, asking to see the guard.

Since Coco met with Frank Gu at the gate of the shopping mall last time, she had been concentrating on tracking the couple, but the woman was quiet these two days and there was no progress for the time being.

Sully Xia was still a child, and he shouldn't be out all day long, so he was ordered to study at home. Although he had to leave school for the time being, he still had to continue his study. If Sully Xia didn't want to stay at grade, he could only study at home by himself. Coco had applied for a study online for him.

Four hours a day, three classes, and Sully Xia was completely at home.

Since Tony LIn had agreed Coco, he also checked the man's whereabouts and found some records of checking with that woman. In addition, he also found something interesting.

The middle-aged man's name was Barry Chen, who was a official of the company affiliated to Frank Gu. Barry Chen knew Cassand, and the two of them often met.

The meeting place was very private, and ordinary people could not find it out at all. Only he, the Lin family, was able to find out the key point. If Coco knew it, she might be as excited as taking stimulants to immediately find trouble with Cassand

But the most f


"No, I won't go to the Lin Group." In order not to offend Tony LIn, Coco thanked him in a soft voice.

"It's up to you. But I have some investigation results here. It's very interesting. Come and have a look when you have time."

"Okay, I see. It's a little late today. I'll go to see you tomorrow. I'll call you in advance to make an appointment."

After the phone call of the two for half an hour, Coco looked at the time and found that it was already over seven o'clock. She called home and asked about the dinner of Sully Xia, but no one answered the phone at home.

She called Sully Xia immediately.

Coco, I really want to call you." It was a little noisy on the other side of the phone, so Coco quickly asked where Sully Xia was.

"My friend asked me out to play. We are going to the ice rink. Let's go to have dinner first. Sister, I just called you and you are on the phone."

"What kind of friend is he? Do you know him? Can you trust him?"

"Don't worry, sister. He is my best friend, my only good friend! By the way, I'll send his phone number to you. If you are worried about him, call him. " Soon enough, Sully Xia told her friend's phone number.

In such a case, the other party should be just like Sully Xia, a simple child, or she would not be willing to tell her mobile phone number to strangers, which made her a little relieved.

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