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   Chapter 5 Heartbreak

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Outside the operating room of hospital, Coco was about to faint, with her fingers tightly clasped together. As soon as Sully Xia arrived, she saw that Coco was squatting, leaning against the wall, motionless.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Coco, are you home? There is a big case at your home. Hurry up! Hurry up! "The editor in chief said anxiously but excitedly.

"I didn't go back..." Her voice was hoarse. She must be crazy to make money with her friends. She didn't hear the rest clearly. Then Coco put down her phone and walked towards Sully Xia

He held the little boy in his arms and touched his head. "Don't be afraid. Your sister is fine."

Sully Xia could feel the tremble of Coco. She grew up with her sister, who had always helped her take care of herself. Now she must be afraid

Unconsciously, Sully Xia was half a head taller than Coco. He was still in his growth period and would grow taller in the future, so Pauline Xia must wake up and watch him grow up.

Tony Lin didn't want to meddle in other people's affairs, but Frank Gu didn't answer the phone, so he took his coat and walked to the hospital, watching Coco holding Sully Xia It was getting more and more impolite to hug in front of so many people.

With a slight cough, Sully Xia turned around and saw Tony Lin with a cold face. He had never forgotten how Coco bullied him when she was a child.

"How is Pauline?" 'I'm her brother. How could she be so close to an outsider?'.

As soon as she finished speaking, the green light of the operating room was on.

The nurse came out with a surgery car. Coco and Sully Xia rushed over and saw that Pauline's head was bandaged and her hands were bandaged. She hadn't woken up yet.

"Doctor, doctor, is she all right?"

The doctor looked at both of them and asked, "what's your relationship with the patient?"

"I'm her friend and her immediate family. Here, this one."

"Don't worry. The patient is not in danger. She has a slight concussion, miscarriage, and spine injury. It may take one to two months for her to recover. Let's go to the ward first." Hearing these words, Coco's legs suddenly became soft and fell to the ground. Fortunately, she didn't fall to the ground because of the help of Sully Xia and Tony LIn

Looking at her empty eyes, Tony LIn's heart jolted and his voice became softer. "It's okay. She will be fine." After Tony LIn made a phone call, Pauline was immediately transferred to the VIP intensive care unit. Although Coco wanted to thank him, she couldn't say anything.

The hospital wouldn't be peaceful tonight. Sully Xia saw that the doctor pushed her aunt and her mother towards the emergency room.

"Mom!" When Sully Xia was about to run over, she was knocked down to the ground by Frank Gu

"You'd better pray that my aunt is fine, or your whole family will be buried with her!" With a cold expression in Frank Gu's eyes, Sully Xia's nose bled. Coco struggled to stand up, held up her child and looked at them with hatred.

"Mr. Gu, you are so kind. Are you here to comfort Pauline with your mistress? You are also awesome, Cassandra. You can hold out your hands for so long abroad, and you won't even let go of her child! "

Only then did Frank Gu remember why they were also in the hospital? Did

Looking at the perplexed look on Frank Gu's face, she said, "Pauline had a

car accident She had a miscarriage... "

Trying to calm down, Frank Gu felt a little heartbroken. "So what? She is still alive. Her mother come to my aunt's house and push her downstairs. This is retribution."

"Bullshit! How could aunt do such a thing, you rubbish! Jerk! Bastard! Bastard! That's your child! That's your child! How could you say that? " Coco's eyes suddenly turned red. How could he say that about her Pauline? Her Pauline was so gentle.

If it weren't for Tony Lin and Coco, she would have rushed up and fought with Frank Gu

"Cassandra Aren't you afraid of retribution? " Fortunately, Pauline was still in a coma.

After a long time, the doctor came out of the operating room.

"The family of the patient, Sasa Gu

"The family of the patient, Monica Shen

A group of people surrounded the doctor, "Sasa is fine now, but her leg is broken and her head is seriously injured. She may lose her memory when she wakes up. As for the family of Monica, I'm sorry. The patient hit her head when she rolled down the stairs, and her artery tumor was broken. Please forgive me - "

All Sully Xia could feel was darkness in front of her eyes. With tears in her eyes, she turned around and held Sully Xia tightly. Resting her chin on his head, she gently stroked his back.

Tony Lin thought of the scene when Coco'mother died. All the family members left her in the hospital, in a hurry to deal with their own affairs. If he had comforted her like this back then.

"Don't, don't tell sister..." The young man in his arms kept shaking his shoulders. Coco had a vague feeling that things were not that simple, but now was not a good time to investigate.

A day passed, Pauline Xia finally woke up.

When she saw Coco, she was first stunned, and then asked anxiously, "Coco, my child..."

Coco's eyes were obviously red, but she still had a smile on her face. "Are you hungry? I made porridge and pickles you like today."

Although she had never been a mother, she knew how it felt to lose her own child. Seeing that she changed the topic, Pauline seemed to have understood.

Lying weakly on the bed, Pauline looked at the ceiling with her glassy eyes. Tears ran down the corners of her eyes, and soon the white pillow towel was wet with tears. This time, she could really give up. From now on, you would never have Frank Gu in your life. You were finally free.

"Pauline, don't do that." How much Coco hoped that she could restrain her grief so that Pauline wouldn't be sad anymore. But how could people change?

Feeling that fingertips of Pauline slowly cooled down, Coco could only silently accompany her to cry. In such a situation, it was cruel to tell Mrs. Xia the news of her mother's death.

Pauline put her hand on her belly gently. The baby was 4 months old and was about to take shape. It was the child of her and Frank Gu But now there is nothing, the last hope, the last struggle, and now heart is dead. Frank Gu, I really don't know what I have done to make you so resentful!

Why did she have a car accident all of a sudden? She really wanted to know that she was really wrong, so her karma and causality were all revenged on her child.

She suddenly felt that she had lost the meaning of living. Now she was lingering in the pain of contradiction and self accusation, and every second was desperate.

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