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   Chapter 4 Car Accident

Unrequited Love: Go After My Ex-wife By Qing Hua Characters: 6771

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After seeing Pauline off, Frank Gu felt a little depressed, but he didn't know why. In the past, Pauline always tried every means to stay with him

Although the food cooked by Cassandra was delicious, it was not suitable for him, too greasy and spicy for him When he thought of the lotus pool stir fries that Pauline made every day, he felt something was wrong.

"Bastard! Bastard! " Frank Gu's aunt came in in a hurry. Seeing that Frank Gu was still having dinner, she pulled open the tablecloth. Hearing the noise, Cassandra got out of bed in a hurry. Although she did touch her ankle just now, it was not a big problem. She just wanted to make Frank Gu think that she was very painful.

"If brother and sister-in-law know that you are a monster, they will be angry to death sooner or later!" That day, when she came to see Pauline, she entered the house with Frank Gu, but she forgot to tell Frank Gu that Pauline was pregnant The aunt's eyes turned red. "Go! Go and find Pauline! 'how could you be so cruel? For a woman, you abandoned Pauline, your child, and even your family!'! If I hadn't gone to the hospital today and met my old classmate in the obstetrics and gynecology department, I wouldn't have known it! I don't know how you treat her! " Tears streamed down her cheeks again.

How much injustice a girl had to suffer to be willing to live with him in the condition of incorrect fetal position, malnourishment and depression!

Was Pauline Xia pregnant?

Not only was Frank Gu shocked, but the look in Cassandra eyes suddenly became malicious. That bitch! How could she keep such a trump card? No wonder she agreed to divorce with Frank Gu so soon!

He didn't know she was pregnant.

"Four months! Four months! What did you do? " The aunt threw a stack of medical reports in front of Frank Gu "Do you know the truth when you hurt the Xia clan at this time! You only heard that woman's one-sided words. " The aunt scolded the man in front of Cassand angrily.

It was only these two days that she knew what had happened in the past. Today's incident happened before she could tell Frank Gu

"Aunt, we have divorced..." Why, why didn't she tell him that she was pregnant? Frank Gu couldn't figure out why she shouldn't have used the child to tie him up

Her aunt was so angry that she wished she could beat him as she did when he was a child. "I will let you know tomorrow what kind of woman you have believed for such a long time. Now get out and find Pauline. If you can't find her, don't come back!"

While she was pushing him away, Frank Gu had already gone out. Her aunt sat on the sofa, picked up her phone and called Mrs. Xia, but she didn't notice Cassandra behind her.

"Hello..." Mrs. Xia's voice was trembling and she couldn't figure out why she received a call from the Gu family. "Okay, wait for me for a moment..." It was a woman's voice, saying that her aunt wanted to see her and would send the time and place to her phone later.

Looking at her mother's back in a hurry, Sully Xia couldn't help asking, "Mom, where are you going so late?"

"Go to sleep first. I'll be back soon." Her mother felt something was wrong, but the text said that it had something to do with the Xia family, so she had to go.

Seeing that Coco went out in a hurry, Pauline thought it was not easy to be a reporter. During this period of time at home,

she received a lot of calls from Frank Gu, but she felt that he seemed to know something, which scared Pauline Xia most.

Finally, Sully Xia called. Knowing that her mother was called out, Pauline also hurried out.

She got on a taxi and hurried to the downtown. It was not until on the viaduct in the suburb that Pauline felt something wrong. There was always a car following them.

"Miss, are you being targeted?" The driver looked suspiciously at the woman behind the seat.

Feeling bad, Pauline dialed the number of the Frank Gu trembling. The car behind crashed into the taxi. The driver suddenly moved the steering wheel, and with a sound of brake, the front of the car hit the guardrail.

The driver fainted on the steering wheel. Pauline's body flew out and hit the windshield. The whole car leaned, and bright red blood flowed down from the window glass. She protected her stomach with her hands tightly. Before she completely fainted, she gently called, "Frank Gu.".

In addition to the car accident, some people got out of the car to watch, pointed at the scene, and some took photos and posted them on the Internet. Coco squeezed in with a camera in her hand. It seemed that she was so lucky tonight. As soon as she squatted down in front of a star and a military commander entered a hotel, she encountered such a thing on her way back.

"Excuse me, excuse me. I'm a journalist. Excuse me Pauline, "even though it was a piece of valuable news, she couldn't be happy when the protagonist became her friend.

In a hurry, she called the ambulance and the police. "Wake up, Pauline! Hurry up!"

Coco could only call her name, but didn't dare to move her, afraid that it would hurt her other parts.

But no matter how hard she shouted, Pauline didn't respond at all. Looking at her curled up posture and her injured hands, Coco only felt a pang of heartache.

Soon, the ambulance arrived. The medical staff carried the driver and the injured to the stretcher.

In the ambulance, the doctor began to rescue. With her trembling hands, Coco took out her phone and called Tony Lin. It took him a long time to answer the phone, and his voice was still a little cold. "What's up?"

Coco bit her lips. If it weren't for Pauline, she would never call the Lin family in her life

"I want to ask you for help. Tell Frank Gu that Pauline Xia was on her way to the second hospital."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I just But I met her on my way to home. Please inform Frank Gu After saying that, she hung up the phone. She really didn't want to hear his voice, just felt terrible.

She held Pauline's hand tightly and said, "you silly girl. I told you to stay at home. Why did you run out? Come on, you must hold on until Frank Gu comes."

Tony Lin put down his work in a hurry and dialed the number. Coco seldom called back. It must be a big deal to be in such a hurry.

He didn't know that on the other side, when Frank Gu came back home in a hurry, what he saw had already made him angry. Cassandra collapsed on the edge of the stairs. Her aunt fell off the building, and Mrs. Xia rolled down the stairs.

I killed someone..." She wanted to throw herself into the man's arms when she saw Frank Gu "Mrs Xia pushed aunt downstairs. I... I don't know what to do... "

With red eyes, Frank Gu held her in his arms until the ambulance arrived.

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