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   Chapter 3 Best Friend

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There was a sense of coldness all over her body, all the way to her fingertips. Standing in front of their two, Pauline was expressionless.

It seemed that Frank Gu was not surprised at her coming, and he knew why she came.

When he was at home in the past, he always wore a suit, serious and stereotyped. Now when he changed into the casual home style, he looked more well built and his handsome features were clear. The smile on his face just now suddenly turned into a cold and oppressive look.

Looking at the two people being so intimate, Pauline suddenly felt ironic. Even if she knew the truth, she had to ask them face to face

"Why, Frank Gu?"

Frank Gu was still stunned when he was called in full name by her. In the past, she called him brother, Frank and husband, but now she called him "Frank Gu", as if she wanted to get rid of the relationship between them in a hurry.

Looking at the shivering Cassand in his arms and thinking of his father, Frank Gu smiled coldly again, "why? Your family should know the feeling of a family breaking up and what it means to add insult to injury Think about my father and uncle Lu. It's not our fault that we don't fight back, but your father even goes deep into England !”

More than ten years ago, the Gu family was still a small company. Mr. Xia purchased the Gu family. On the surface, they were well-off and kind-hearted, but in fact, they had secretly done a lot to force Mr. Gu to jump off the building to pay off his debts. Mrs. Gu was mentally ill, leaving young Frank Gu to his aunt to take care of. Ten years later, they grew up. Mr. Xia just handed over the Gu family's company to Frank again and forced him to marry Pauline

If Frank hadn't gone abroad on a business trip, he would still have no idea that Mr. Xia has used such a despicable method to make Cassand go abroad. Frank's mother was still working hard abroad, and someone was even sent to attack her.

Looking at the swollen eyes of Pauline in front of him, Frank Gu wondered whether the food sent by Nancy was not delicious. Why did she get thinner and thinner? He still remembered that when Pauline looked at him, she was like a valiant and charming leopard, full of confidence and curiosity. Now her eyes were full of unspeakable emotions, including despair and numbness.

Noticing the subtle atmosphere between the two, Cassandra finally opened her mouth, "Pauline, long time no see." Although Cassandra's voice was gentle, it sounded vicious and pleasant to Pauline.

"Be careful about Cassandra. Get away from Frank Gu." Thinking of her father's words, Pauline Xia tried her best to straighten her back and show a faint smile. But she clenched her teeth and said word by word, "you're back?"

It seemed that there was a dazzling light on Pauline's face. For a moment, Frank Gu thought that Pauline Xia didn't know what Mr. Xia had done, but if she hadn't benefited from it, how could Cassandra almost be raped abroad! Why was the Lu family forced to give up their daughter?

It turned out that the woman who always chased after him and cared about him was only on the surface, but she still has the disgusting nature of the Xia clan.

Seeing that Pauline still didn't move, Cassandra walked quickly to her. When she walked to her side, Cassandra pretended to take the bag on Pauline and folded her arms.

Before Pauline could react, Cassandra fell to the ground. Coincidentally, her ankle touched the leg of the table.

It was Cassandra who pulled her on purpose. Pauline Xia couldn't figure out why she fell down herself.

In a hurry, Frank Gu walked over, picked up Cassandra and wanted to go upstairs. Frank Gu looked back at Pauline, his eyes full of contempt——

For a moment, Pauline Xia felt like a fishbone stuck in her throat, unable to speak. When she saw that Cassandra was taken to the bedroom, which they used to live together, and now it did not belong to her any more.

"Don't let me see it again. Don't

go back to this house again. No matter you live on the pedestrian bridge or in the basement, don't bother her again. " Gritting his teeth, Frank Gu looked at Pauline. He had thought that she would have a clear estimation of herself and leave here, but he didn't expect that she would have the face to sit here.

"I've already reserved a house for you. More than one hundred thousand is enough for your family. Pauline, don't be too greedy. And don't hurt her again. "

After a long silence, Frank Gu finally got a "Okay". She thought she would get an explanation, and that Frank Gu would tell herself that the matter of the Xia clan had nothing to do with him. She was so stupid

It never occurred to Frank Gu that she would admit so frankly that the Xia clan was greedy and that she had hurt Cassandra.

The last trace of pity for this woman was gone. She didn't deserve anyone's sympathy and love. Frank Gu even felt that it was a shame for her to have touched him, and a betrayal to Cassandra.

"Get out! Get out now! "

Frank Gu The name was like a sharp knife stabbing into her chest. It hurt every time she thought about it. People who didn't express their emotions could really make people feel more painful when they burst out.

"Okay." After saying that, she stood up without looking at Frank Gu. Now her heart was really dead,

Baby, you see, from today on, we are free.

Baby, you know what? Dad abandoned you and mom.

Baby, dad is a gentle man. Don't blame him

Fortunately, there was an apartment in the name of Pauline. Although it was a small apartment, it was enough for her brother and mother to live in. She could go anywhere she wanted and just escape from these things as soon as possible.

"Hello, Coco.". In a low spirit, Pauline took a taxi and dialed a number.

"Damn it! You are still alive? I thought you were dead because of Frank Gu! " Hearing the voice on the phone, Pauline felt much warmer.

On the other end of the phone, it was her best friend. Since she separated from Frank Gu, Coco hoped that Frank Gu could divorce her. In the end, Pauline didn't listen to her. In a fit of anger, they broke up

"Hurry up and give me the address. I'll pick you up now! Damn it! That bastard... " In the following part of the journey, Pauline seemed to hear all filthy words in the world. When she saw the news of the Xia clan, she felt like she was going to deal with Frank Gu. But then she remembered that she had a quarrel with Pauline. When she was struggling, she received a call.

"All right, all right. It's not good for fetal."

"What kind of sect are you carrying? You even created a heretic sect yourself?" Thinking for a while, Coco suddenly slammed on the brake and said, "oh my God, you are pregnant! Do you tell that jerk? "

It was not until Coco Fang got home that Pauline told her everything. With a serious look on her face, Coco seemed to be about to go out and destroy a gangster.

"Don't let me see that shameless couple, or I will make them hit the headlines!"

"You'd better calm down, or you will have a hard time..." Pauline looked at the two bruises in her eyes. She should have been the apple of the eye of the Lin family, but she had to suffer these grievances outside.

Coco was the illegitimate daughter of the Lin Family. From a literary family, she engaged in education and secret industry. Everyone thought that the Lin Family had no stain, but only she knew something.

Mr. Lin knew Coco's mother outside. It was a lie when she went back to the H city. He turned against her in an instant. Although Coco grew up in the Lin Family, she had been mistreated all the time. When she was at school age, she found that father didn't want to give her a name, so her mother named her and took her mother's surname.

Now she was a reporter and had to deal with them from time to time. The son of the Lin Family was fine, and she had never forgotten how the two women bullied her in childhood.

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