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   Chapter 2 Heartless

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All of a sudden, Pauline Xia had a bad feeling. She took a taxi back home and saw a few police cars parking at the door. Several policemen handcuffed her father and sent him to the car.

Tears streamed down uncontrollably. She didn't know what had happened, but suddenly felt scared, wanted to hug his father, but was pulled away.

Her father just shouted at her, "Pauline, be careful of Cassandra and leave Frank Gu!"

Pauline cried and shouted as she watched the police car taking her father away. Outside the Wen family, there were a lot of reporters

Standing there, Pauline Xia certainly didn't understand what they were talking about. She felt that they were pointing at her and sneering at her, which made her weak all over, and even her legs began to tremble.

Her father had just warned her to be careful of Cassandra and leave Frank Gu Did he mean that?

What happened to her family that caused her father to be arrested? Thinking of her mother and brother, she braced herself up and walked into the house. The house was in a mess. Uncle, aunt and several unknown relatives were together, more lively than the Spring Festival.

Her mother wiped tears sadly. With red eyes, Sully Xia tried not to cry out while comforting her mother.

"Mom, Sully..."

Mother heard the noise and raised her head, Pauline Xia only saw the blood in mother's eyes, in which there was a hint of hatred. She slapped on Pauline Xia

There was a red handprint on her pale and thin face. Pauline staggered and almost fell down, but she still covered her belly tightly,

"Mom, what are you doing? What does it to do with my sister! Sister is still pregnant. " Sully Xia quickly stood up and hugged her mother, who was about to beat Pauline. It seemed that Pauline's head was broken and couldn't think.

Relatives seemed to be looking at a pestilence, and her mother's slap was like a thorn in her heart. Everyone hated and blamed her, and all mistakes were caused by her

But Pauline Xia didn't know what she had done! She didn't understand why she ended up like this just because she wanted a sincere love!

"Pauline, you are not only a bitch, but also unfilial! How could you collude with Frank Gu to frame your father for yourself? Tell me what do you want! You won't be happy until our whole family die, will you? ".

"Humph, I don't know where you have fooled around with Frank Gu. You even don't know that something has happened to your own family?"

"Sister-in-law, let her go back as soon as possible. Now she is still carrying that bastard's child. Maybe she will have a devil!" An uncle shouted angrily.

Pauline couldn't help but burst into laughter. But the deep sadness and despair in it made everyone present feel dazzling.

It turned out that this was the big gift that Frank Gu gave to Cassandra It turned out that for her, the only role of Pauline Xia was a chess piece that could give birth to children. It turned out that there was really such a gap between people.

"You are all talking nonsense! Shut up! Get out of here! It has nothing to do with sister. Don't listen to their nonsense! "

Turning around, Sully Xia pointed at the door and shouted, "get out! You are not welcome here! Get out!"

The Xia clan was one of the best clans in the upper class of the H city. Her parents started from scratch and relied on porcelain business to grow up, becoming the leader of the high-quality porcelain industry.

However, ever since Frank Gu joined the Xia Group, he had been sidelined continuously. Until today, he was reported bribe and commercial crimes, and even accused Pauline's father of malicious injury. As a result, her fa

ther had been taken away for investigation. It was said that many people had been involved in this case, including some social trade, which inevitably made people suspect that the Xia clan was also involved.

When her father was put into prison, the Xia group, which was under the control of Frank, collapsed. Frank succeeded in accepting the Xia group under his name. The Xia group was in debt of tens of millions of dollars overnight, and the villa was also sealed. All the property of the Xia group was confiscated.

In fact, Pauline had become an accomplice unconsciously. In the past few years, although she liked Frank Gu wholeheartedly, she did not notice that as long as Frank Gu came back home, he would always ask about the whereabouts of her father, and many details of their discussion

Pauline almost fainted. Her vision became more and more blurred until she completely fainted.

When she woke up again, her eyes were full of white. The strong smell of disinfectant made her sick.

Only her mother and Sully Xia were guarding her. All of a sudden, all the grievances turned into tears, and Pauline threw herself into her mother's arms sadly.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry..."

"It's my fault. How can I let you marry that beast? I'm sorry..."

Her mother had come to her senses. How could she treat Pauline like this? But she had never thought that her daughter's health was so bad.

"Does Frank Gu know?" Hearing her mother's words, Pauline could only shake her head bitterly.

Incorrect fetal position, malnourishment, slight depression If she had known that her daughter would be like this after marrying into the Gu family, she would not allow her child to fall into hands of Frank Gu

Hiding in her mother's arms, the two women cried together, and Sully Xia held her sister and mother tightly. Now he was the only boy in the family. No matter what happened, he had to protect his sister and mother, and his unborn nephew.

Mother touched Pauline's face and asked, "why didn't you go home since he treated you so badly?" Although the Xia clan became like this, they could still protect their daughter. If they had told her earlier...

Noticing that Pauline didn't want to talk, he said, "well, mom, now sister needs to rest. There are many reporters at home. Let's go back first and let her have a good rest. We are coming to see her." Looking at group of people waiting outside the hospital, Sully Xia frowned unhappily. It was really annoying for these people to following her from home to the hospital.

Of course, Pauline Xia wanted to tell them, but with a glimmer of hope in her heart. As long as Frank Gu was loving her, she could unconditionally do anything for him.

After mother and brother left, Pauline pulled out needle from her hand and staggered towards her house. She wanted to ask Frank Gu what the Xia clan had done something wrong to him And to Cassandra How could Cassandra was more honorable than herself, who married him with a whole company!

When she got home, she felt something different. It was much more lively than before.

The dinner was ready, and Pauline Xia knew who made it without guessing. Pauline Xia wanted to tell her that Frank Gu didn't like fish soup or rice at night, less oil and chili was preferred, and bean curd couldn't be used for cold mixing

With a big smile on his face, like a wolf dog, Frank Gu was encircling Cassand's waist and rubbing her neck with nose. With a plate of fried vegetables in her hand, the two of them made fun while walking. When she saw Pauline standing at the table, Cassandra was obviously stunned. Then she put down vegetables and smiled awkwardly.

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