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   Chapter 1 Rupture

Unrequited Love: Go After My Ex-wife By Qing Hua Characters: 7025

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"Will you come back tonight?" Carefully, Pauline Xia asked through the phone. After a long silence, she got the answer, "No.".

There was a double bed, but only traces of someone sleeping on one side and the other side was flat as if no one had ever existed.

Hearing busy tone on the other end of the phone, Pauline had to go to the window sulkily and breathe some fresh air. There was nothing unacceptable. Wasn't this man always like this?

Pauline Xia had been pregnant for four months. Unfortunately, she was so thin that didn't look pregnant at all. Only when she stood up and touched her belly could she feel the slight bulging.

When the doorbell rang, Pauline's eyes darkened and quickly put on a coat.

She had been married for three years, and this was her first child. She was happy but she didn't dare to tell Frank Gu until four months later when the baby was stable.

When she opened the door, a woman dressed like a servant walked in and called her ladyship insincerely. She put a kraft paper bag on the table.

"You can eat if you are hungry." Then she left home directly.

Putting food into the fridge, Pauline went upstairs slowly to have a rest in a comfortable posture . Everything in the house was strange to her. Except for meals sent by someone every week, it seemed that Frank Gu had completely forgotten her.

She turned on the hot water, but found that there was no hot water. When aunt came next week, Pauline would ask her to tell Frank Gu. Pauline Xia hurriedly wiped her body with cold water and huddled up on the bed. The infinite coldness in the empty room made her lift the quilt.

She felt hot all over her body, probably she had a fever, but how could she take medicine, for the sake of the child? She just needed to sleep a little longer and would be fine tomorrow morning. Look, how obedient she was and how good she was at comforting herself!

"You've gone too far. She's pregnant. Don't torture her all the time. The Xia clan has made up for what they owe you. She's innocent. How can you do this to her?" Pauline Xia felt so weak that she could only hear two women talking. One of them gave her an injection and the other gave her medicine.

Pauline Xia didn't know how long she had slept before she finally woke up. But her head was heavy and her body was burning.

Hearing footsteps, she was overjoyed. She took a look at the time and got out of bed in a hurry. As expected, she saw that Frank Gu was sitting at the table. When he lived at home in the past, she would make breakfast for him. He had gastritis, and if he didn't eat well, he would suffer, and his face would be pale with pain.

Seeing that Pauline walked down, Frank Gu stood up but did not help her. He just took a kraft paper bag from the cabinet behind and waited for Pauline to walk to the left. Then, Frank Gu put the documents, pen and ink in front of her.

She had guessed what it was, but she didn't want to say anything. She just felt sorry

He said in a cold tone, as if Pauline was just a partner threatened by him. "Although I didn't plan to divorce before, the situation is different now. I'm going to take back Cassandra."

Pauline didn't say a word. She just felt the pressure in her throat.

"It's not easy for her to stay abroad. She needs someone to take care of her. I'll change a house for you in a few days. Cassandra wants to live here."

Cassandra, his girlfriend in college, was Pauline's best friend.

Now she was studying for a master's d

egree in economics at Oxford University .

Although Pauline Xia was a little sad, she still opened the kraft paper bag. As she expected, it was a divorce agreement. Whether she signed it or not, marriage was just a shackle to Frank Gu and herself

What's more, as long as Frank Gu was happy, Pauline Xia was willing to do anything, not because she was afraid of Frank Gu, but because she really wanted to protect her last love for him in her heart.

She admitted that she had made the Xia clan help Cassandra study abroad, so that she could have the chance to marry Frank Gu However, she had arranged everything well. Even if Cassandra went there, she wouldn't live a miserable life. However, three months after their marriage, her father, Johnson, asked Frank to talk business with England, but he had personally witnessed the scene that Cassandra working in a bar, molested and humiliated.

Since then, the attitude of Frank Gu towards her and the Xia clan had changed. No one knew what had happened, and Pauline didn't want to ask.

She held the black pen brought by Frank and slowly wrote her name on the divorce agreement. She tried not to let Frank Gu see anything wrong, but she trembled like a lamb, and even her words were not as delicate as usual.

On the other side of the document, Frank Gu had already signed his name.

Finally, on the day Cassandra came back, Frank Gu bought a small villa for her, invited the best Japanese chef and their friends. It turned out that after this, Frank still remembered that she liked Japanese food and water colour most.

Pauline thought she was a bitch, because she wanted to know where they were going to have a party. The food Nancy brought was too oily, she had no appetite. Seeing that food didn't move much last week, Nancy simply brought some food powder.

She hadn't eaten in the past few days, and Frank Gu only came back once, took things and left.

It didn't matter if she didn't eat anything, but the child would be hungry. Pauline Xia made a cup of food powder in a hurry and wanted to go out to buy something to eat, but she vomited immediately after she took a sip.

Pauline's pregnancy reaction was obvious, but no one cared about her and she did not mention it.

When she arrived at the bridal chamber of Cassandra and Frank Gu, bodyguards at the door didn't stop her. Looking at her sick face, the waiter in the yard handed her a bacon sandwich. Smelling the greasy smell, Pauline waved her hand and walked into the door.

Frank Gu hugged Cassandra, tucked the hair behind thoughtfully, and gently kissed her eyelids, nose tip, and lips. After kiss, he showed a smile that Pauline Xia hadn't seen for a long time.

Then Cassandra was gracefully led by Frank Gu, who introduced her to friends No one noticed that at the corner of the door stood a pale woman with cold hands. At that time, Pauline had turned around and didn't want anyone to see her tears all over her face.

"I want to give you a big gift today. I swear that from now on, no one will dare to bully you --"

But Pauline Xia didn't hear the rest. The caller ID was her aunt, the only one who treated her sincerely in the Gu family. When Pauline Xia walked out of the house full of laughter, she still didn't have the courage to go over and congratulate them with a smile. Finally, they calmed down. When Pauline answered the phone, her aunt's anxious voice came from the phone

"Pauline, go home quickly. Something has happened to the Xia clan!"

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