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   Chapter 6 Smiling Eyes

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Kent drove Jennifer to the gate of her hotel. She said "Thank you" to him before getting off the car.

Kent also got off from the car. He called Jennifer, asking, "Ms. Xie, the favor that I mentioned during the dinner..."

"I'll try." Jennifer answered.

Although Jennifer didn't know what Kent was thinking about, she did need to ask Ash for details, as well as... She would just ask Ash about Kent just by the way. She would do her a tiny favor. After all, the duck tongue in that restaurant was really good.

Kent nodded with satisfaction, got into the car, and drove away.

Jennifer didn't turn around to enter the hotel until she saw that Sean and the man who had picked her up at the airport came over together.

She remembered that the man was called Webber Lu.

"I was wondering why you were still outside this late. How come you were with Mr. Kent this evening?" Sean teased her. Naturally, he handed Jennifer's bag to Webber and asked him to take it.

"I can hear jealousy from your words." Jennifer laughed.

"Don't be ridiculous. The car for you is parked in the underground garage. Do you want to have a look? I think it's still early to sneak around tonight." Holding her shoulders, Sean walked towards the underground garage.

Jennifer and Sean had known each other since childhood. Although the two of them were only cousins, they were as close as brother and sister. The two of them were used to holding each other's shoulders, but it didn't mean the same to other outsiders.

Sean's behavior scared Webber. He was a little surprised, but he still followed them to the underground garage.

He had to pretend not to see what had happened at this time.

A creamy white Audi, the latest version of this season, was in the garage.

Standing in front of the car, Jennifer looked askance.

"Well... Is it a company car?" Using the latest model of this season to make a company car, New Point wouldn't be that generous. Jennifer knew about it.

"This is what Uncle Hamilton ordered for you before you came back. I didn't get it until this afternoon." Sean took out the car key from his pocket and handed it to Jennifer. "Have a try?"

"Of course." Jennifer took the key and walked towards the car. "Do you want to join me? I'll show you my driving skill."

"No, I have something else to do, Webber --" called Sean. He said to Webber, "You need to work overtime tonight. Go to with the CEO."

"Okay." Webber replied.

When Webber learned the identity of Jennifer this afternoon, he couldn't believe that the person whom Mr. Sean asked him to pick up at the airport was the daughter of Mr. Hamilton, the future chairman of New Point.

"Jenny, you have to drive him home, okay?" Reminded Sean.

With an "OK" gesture, Jennifer waved at Webber and said, "Get in the car."

Sean stepped aside and waited for Jennifer to drive the car out.

She lowered the window and waved at Sean. He nodded and said, "Be careful."

Seeing that the car turned a corner and disappeared from his sight, Sean took out his phone and dialed a number. While speaking, he walked towards his car, "How about the investigation I mentioned to you... I beg your pardon? The daughter of Mr. Luo? I'll be right there."

Sean hung up the phone and got in his car.

If it was about the insiders, it would not be that simple. Sean frowned. The vice president Mr. Luo kept a low profile in the company. As far as Sean knew, he didn't seem to have made such a mistake. Was there anyone else who took his daughter in?

Jennifer was very satisfied with the car. The automatic transmission was very convenient for climbing. Although she seldom touched cars in the past two years, she was a little rusty now!

It was seven o'clock at the end of September, and it was getting a little dark outside. Jennifer drove out just for getting familiar with her car. She then decided to go back.

"Webber, where do you live? I'll drive you home." Turning her head to look at Webber, who was still holding her bag, Jennifer stretched out her hand and said, "Please give the bag to me."

Webber handed her bag, and the latter took it and threw it on the back seat.

"CEO, could you drive me back to the company please? My car is still in the company." Webber said.

If they wouldn't drive to the company, Webber would have to take a bus to work tomorrow.

"Don't call me CEO after work. My name is Jennifer." Jennifer felt more and more shameful to be called "CEO", so she preferred being called by her real name.


Webber turned his head to look at the side face of Jennifer. She had delicate facial features, fair skin, and shoulder length short hair with curly tip.

The first time Webber saw Jennifer was at the airport. When he heard someone calling Sean from behind, he turned around and saw a pretty face with smiling eyes. The smiling face was very beautiful, which made Webber absent-minded.

He had to admit that this was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Several years later, when Webber thought of Jennifer, he always felt empty in his heart. It turned out that when they met for the first time at the airport, Webber had been attracted by the smile of Jennifer. During the time they got along, he had a deeper and deeper feeling for her, and finally he couldn't let it go.

There weren't many cars on the road. Seeing that it was getting dark, Jennifer turned on the navigation and sped up to the company.

Jennifer sent Webber to the company entrance because she didn't know where the parking lot was.

After Webber got off the car, Jennifer waved at him through the front window, turned the car around, and left.

Somehow, Webber felt a little depressed when he knew that Jennifer was the CEO in the afternoon. He was in a good mood again when he saw the smile on her face when she said she preferred him to her name after work.

After the car drove away, Webber turned around and was about to drive his own car back home from the parking lot.

"Webber, who sent you here just now? I saw a woman in the car."

A woman with curly hair and big eyes popped out from nowhere and stood in front of Webber. There was an indistinct unhappiness in her tone.

"Stacy, why haven't you returned home yet?" Webber bypassed Stacy and walked to the parking lot behind her. "Go home now."

Unexpectedly, Stacy followed him. She blinked her big eyes and said in a soft tone, "Look, it's so dark outside. If I, a girl, go back and be targeted by hooligans... How about you drive me home?"

Webber thought for a while and realized that it was dark and something bad might happen to her if she went home alone. Then he nodded and said, "Get in the car."

Stacy was very happy. She opened the door of the passenger seat and got in.

It was not the first time for Webber to drive her home. Since her residence was not too far from his home, he didn't mind to give her a lift.

Stacy often used this excuse to ask Webber to send her back.

Considering that the two of them were colleagues, Webber couldn't refuse.

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