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   Chapter 5 Having Dinner Together

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Because of Jennifer's trick on Sean, he was very angry. He should have taken her to every department in the afternoon. Since he was not happy, he asked Yumi to show Jennifer around.

Luckily, Jennifer had changed into a pair of flat shoes. After walking around for a while, she felt a sharp pain in her foot. It was almost time for her to get off work before she had finished walking around all departments and meeting all the department managers.

As soon as she returned to her office, she took off her shoes. Her left foot had fallen from the stairs before, and she had severe sprain, so she shouldn't walk too much. Today, she had walked downstairs on the ten floor. It seemed that she had to apply a cold compress on it when she went back.

It was time to get off work, but Sean still hadn't called her yet. She knew that the guy was still mad at her for making fun of him before. It seemed that there was no free driver today, so Jennifer had to take a taxi back.

Although Jennifer was the CEO, she was still in internship, so the time she went to and off duty was the same as that of the employees. The voices of "Hello, CEO" and "Goodbye, CEO" came into her ears one after another when she was on the way. She nodded back to her employees.

At the entrance of the company, instead of seeing soup Sean, Jennifer saw Mr. Kent Xu and his sports car.

As a person who had a clear distinction between public and private affairs, she didn't want to have anything to do with the people at work after work, not to mention that she didn't like Kent indeed.

Jennifer thought that he was here for Ash, but when he saw her, Kent walked towards her.

He was dressed in a suit. He had a good-looking face, and the suit suited him very well.

But Jennifer vaguely remembered that he wore a different suit when they were negotiating the contract this morning.

"Ms. Xie, may I have the honor to invite you for having dinner together?" Kent asked.

Jennifer didn't like him and wanted to refuse him, but Kent added, "Just take it as a pity to make up for the missed lunch."

What did he mean by "pity"? It was not a pity at all!

He seemed to know that Jennifer would refuse him, so Kent smiled and said, "Ms. Xie, if you are busy, we can make an appointment next time. Anyway, we still have many chances to meet in the future."

"Mr. Kent, are you threatening me? I didn't expect that I would be so honored to be invited to dinner by Mr. Kent in such a tone." Even though Jennifer was too angry, she still wore a normal expression on her face. She had made it clear that she looked down upon him if he kept using the moving filming as the threat.

Of course, Kent also understood what she meant. He pretended to be very upset and said, "Look at me. I'm always a poor speaker. I always make others unhappy. I really hope Ms. Xie can do me a favor. You se, I've already made the reservation with the restaurant..."

Jennifer thought for a while and agreed, "Alright."

She could see that if she still refused, Kent would still try to make her agree. Was this really the same person as the one she saw this morning?

Seeing that she had agreed to have dinner with him, Kent looked very happy. He gestured for her to get in his car.

When he opened the door for Jennifer, Kent's phone rang. "Ms. Xie, I have to answer the phone. Please excuse me for a moment." Then he closed the door for her.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Jennifer looked out of the window at Kent who was talking on the phone.

The more she looked at him, the more different he looked from the Kent she had seen before. It was not about his appearance, but his temperament. Now he was totally different from the previous one.

Jennifer frowned slightly. She wondered what was g

oing on. How could a person be so different within one day?

In the restaurant.

The restaurant was located on a secluded street. After entering, there was no customer. A waitress in uniform greeted them and bowed respectfully.

"Mr. Kent, it's ready. This way please..."

The hostess took them to a private dining room, where two chefs were already waiting.

They sat down and dishes were served.

At the long table, Kent's back was to the east, and Jennifer's back was to the west.

A waiter poured a glass of red wine for them. Then Kent raised his glass to propose a toast. Then he said to her, "Thank you very much, Ms. Xie. The duck tongue in this restaurant is a famous cuisine. Please have a try."

"Thank you, Mr. Kent." Jennifer raised her glass and took a sip. After putting down the glass, she tasted the duck tongue mentioned by him. It tasted good for real. She nodded slightly to Kent, indicating that she liked the dish he recommended.

After putting down the glass and looking at her for a while, Kent said, "I've offended you a lot before. I hope you don't mind."

Hearing this, Jennifer was stunned and put down her chopsticks.

She looked up at him and thought, 'He is Kent Xu, isn't he? Why does he look and behave so differently?'

"Well, I'm confused... Mr. Kent, which one is the real side of you?" Jennifer had no appetite at all. Today, she felt Kent had something different from what she had felt before. Jennifer was always a curious person.

"Real? What's wrong with me, Ms. Xie?" Kent asked with great interest, resting his head on one of his hands.

Because of the cooperation of the movie, Jennifer watched her tone when speaking to him right then. She said, "Not to mention the first time when we met, the incident for the VIP elevator happened. This morning when we talked about the movie, Mr. Kent's... Attitude and behaviors. I really couldn't agree with that."

After a moment of silence, Kent kept silent. Jennifer looked at him and wondered if she had said something too harsh...

"Can I trust you now?" After a long time, Kent said.

Although she was a little confused, it seemed an old trick to her. Jennifer answered, "Not at all. I'm not a good person, nor a tree hole."

'It's funny. If you want to tell me, please go ahead. Don't play tricks with me.' Jennifer thought to herself.

As if Kent had expected her answers, the expression on his face didn't change much. "What about if I told you this is all about Ashley Xiao, would you like to listen to me?"

About Ash? Startled, Jennifer hesitated for a while and compromised. She was all her ears.

However, the first sentence of Kent almost made her drop the glass.

Kent said, "I like Ashley. I know she has a boyfriend."

Jennifer opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but it seemed that Kent didn't mean to stop, so she planned to let him finish his words and then giving her own comments.

"I came to you just to ask you for help. Love is really unpredictable. I don't want to destroy the relationship between Ash and her boyfriend. Of course, I don't want Ash to hate me, but I... I really can't control myself."

If it weren't for the serious look on his face when Kent spoke, Jennifer would have felt embarrassed.

"I just want you to speak for me. Ash seems to hate me a little now."

After Kent had finished his words, Jennifer rolled her eyes at him.

'I don't know if Ash hates you. Anyway, I dislike you very much.'

Considering the etiquette, Jennifer said perfunctorily, "Oh, I see."

She had told him from the beginning that she was not a good person.

Jennifer picked up the glass and drank the wine up.

"I'm full." She told Kent.

However, most dishes on the table were not touched at all.

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