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   Chapter 4 Distinguish between Public and Private

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"We are partner with Sky Media now. You should be careful." Sean reminded Jennifer. She was good at interaction with others, but sometimes she was extremely loyal to her friends.

"Judging from your tone, you seem to think that I will kill Kent." Jennifer twitched her mouth, thinking, 'Am I such a person?'

"Better you won't. I didn't mean that I disagree with you. At least, we should wait for the movie that Harrison played in to be finished. Speaking of Harrison... What are you going to do with him?"

With a twist of her neck, Jennifer looked up at the car roof and said, "What else can I do? As long as the film crew doesn't ask for a replacement, it's still him."

When they arrived at the hotel, Jennifer opened the door and got out of the car.

"Wait a minute." Sean pressed down the window and said, "I'll ask uncle to arrange a company car for you tomorrow. It's not convenient for me to pick you up all the time." He didn't want to drive her to and off work every day, just like sending his child to school in the morning and picking her up in the afternoon.

Jennifer nodded to agree. "Okay, I'll drive your car when I'm free. I haven't touched it for many years. Go home early. Be careful on the way. "

In the next morning, when Jennifer opened the door for Sean, she was still brushing her teeth. Her mouth was full of toothpaste, so it was inconvenient to talk. She pointed at the sofa and asked Sean to wait for her for a while. Then she went to the bathroom to continue brushing her teeth. Instead of waiting for her outside, Sean followed her.

Standing at the door of the bathroom, he leaned against the door frame and took out a document from nowhere. He said to Jennifer, "At ten o'clock in the morning, talk about the movie Harrison is taking with the people sent by Sky Media. Have lunch with them at noon. I'll take you to every department at half past two in the afternoon."

She rinsed her mouth and spat out all the toothpaste foam, so that she could speak. "Wait a minute. Why should I go to every department?"

"Why not? Isn't it a normal way to get to know each other?" Sean closed the file and said, "That's you father's idea."

In fact, Jennifer knew her father best without Sean's reminder.

"Okay, I know. Can you wait outside? I need to use the bathroom. " With one hand in her pocket, Jennifer tilted her head and looked at Sean.

He nodded and urged her, "Hurry up. I'll wait for you at the gate of the hotel."

Jennifer spent another half an hour before going downstairs. As soon as she got in the car, Sean threw the breakfast and the document of today's schedule to her.

"Today we are talking about the movie. Mr. Kent will come. Be careful." Sean was afraid that what had happened to Ash would affect Jennifer judgment on the business case.

Jennifer rolled her eyes at Sean. She didn't seem to be a person who couldn't distinguish between public and private.

If Mr. Dean hadn't lost his mind, he wouldn't have only sent his son to negotiate the contract. As expected, in the meeting room, Jennifer saw the person who was the really negotiator from Sky Media.

The man was in a straight suit, with short spiky hair, and a fresh face. He looked very energetic.

As they were talking about something related to Harrison, Jennifer took Harrison with her on purpose.

They shook hands and sat down.

As soon as Kent sat down, he turned his head, looking very unhappy.

Jennifer thought it was because of what had happened the day before, so she chose to ignore him.

The man took out a document and handed it to her. She opened it and saw the screenshot of yesterday's press conference.

Jennifer roughly searched through it. Half of the reports of the nearly twenty media were about her, some were about the girls who splashed with unknown liquid at that time, and only a few were about Harrison's incident. Half of those reports about Harrison supported him, saying love was regardless of gender.

Jennifer closed the research document and asked, "What do you want to say?"

"We have investigated before we came here. The sexual orientation of Mr. Harrison doesn't have much negative impact on him. We mean that w

e don't change a replacement of Mr. Harrison. We'll continue use him as the leading role of our movie." Then the man took out another document from his bag and handed it to Jennifer.

"This is the contract Sky Media redrafted. Please have a look. If there is no problem, please sign on the last page."

Since it was a new one contract drafted for Harrison, Jennifer gave a copy to Harrison and said, "Please check it yourself. If you are not satisfied with any point, just tell me."

Harrison nodded and started reading the contract one sentence by one sentence.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Thinking of what happened at the press conference, Jennifer was afraid that Harrison would encounter such crazy fans again at the film set. She said, "I don't know much about the security of the film set..."

The man on the other side of the table knew what was on her mind. He said, "Don't worry. We will do our best to ensure the safety of Mr. Harrison."

Nodding slightly, Jennifer was satisfied. She turned her head to look at Harrison, who had already read the contract. She asked him if he had any concern about it.

Harrison shook his head.

Then Jennifer took the contract and looked through it roughly. It was not much different from the previous one. She picked up the pen and signed her name on the last page.

There were two copies of the contract, one for each party.

After signing the contract, both parties stood up and shook hands with each other.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation."

Jennifer remembered that she had a lunch appointment with the man, so she stopped people from Sky Media from going out and asked if they would have dinner together.

The man glanced at Kent and said, "No, thanks. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future."

Jennifer didn't insist. The four of them walked out of the meeting room.

Sean was waiting outside the meeting room. Kent and the short haired guy were about to leave. Jennifer asked Sean to send them downstairs, and she went back to her CEO's Office with Harrison.

Harrison had already let go of himself a lot. He was not as nervous as he was when he came yesterday. He naturally followed Jennifer to the armchair and sat down.

Jennifer gave him a glass of water. He took over and smiled.

"Don't smile at me please. I'm afraid I couldn't control myself." Jennifer teased him.

"Stop it, CEO." Harrison said helplessly.

"Don't call me 'CEO' anymore. It sounds weird. Just call me Jennifer. I'm older than you, or you can call me Sis Jenny." How to address the boss of a company was always an art. Usually there was a "president" of a company. There was also "CEO" of a company. When others use your position to address you, it sounded very weird. At least Jennifer felt so.

Harrison nodded, "Okay, Sis Jenny."

He didn't expect that Jennifer was so easy to get along with. She was different from other senior executives, and she would be the chairman of New Point in the future. She was not arrogant at all and was as easy-going as a girl next door.

"Knock, knock, knock."

It was Sean.

"You can go back first and have a good rest for a few days."

Jennifer told Harrison to take a rest before the movie starts. He put down the water cup and left with a smile on his face.

"Kent looked unhappy. Did you make him unhappy again?" Sean walked to the sofa and sat down with his legs crossed. When no one was around, Sean and Jennifer got along with each other in the way of friends. Jennifer didn't like him to treat her as her boss.

"No, as soon as he entered the meeting room, he looked like that. He didn't say a word all the time." After a pause, Jennifer asked, "Is it because he dislikes me for what happened yesterday?"

"Who knows what's going on his mind, such an idle son from a rich family." Sean pointed at the cup of water on the tea table and asked, "Harrison hasn't drunk the water, has he?"

"No, he didn't drink it. Please go ahead. Anyway, the contract has been signed again. I don't care if he dislikes me or not." Jennifer shrugged.

Seeing that Sean picked up the cup and took two gulps, Jennifer said slowly, "In fact, Harrison had a few sips of it."


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