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   Chapter 3 Sean Drove Her Home

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When Jennifer was a child, she would complain about her being unhappy, but she had stopped complaining a long time ago. She had accepted it, or perhaps she was used to it, and didn't complain or resist anymore. She learned to accept what happened in her life, just like this time she didn't say anything to take over the CEO position of New Point.

It was not that she didn't want to resist, but that as long as she could accept anything in her life, she could live more easily.

"Knock, knock, knock."

There was a knock on the door.

"CEO, Harrison is here to see you."

It was Sean's voice. Jennifer asked them to enter the office.

With a smile on her face, Jennifer turned around and asked Sean to go back to work, leaving Harrison alone with her.

Taking a look at Jennifer, Sean left.

Jennifer walked to the desk, leaned back against it, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and faced Harrison. Harrison was a little nervous and lowered his head slightly.

"Don't be nervous please. I just want to ask you a question and apologize to you by the way. I'm really sorry for screwing up the press conference." Jennifer said.

"No... No need. If you have any questions, please go ahead ask me." Harrison became more nervous when he heard what Jennifer said. After all, he was just an artist in New Point. How dare he ask the CEO to apologize to him?

Jennifer didn't insist. "Now that you have admitted it, I think you have already thought about what to do next, right?" Instead, she asked Harrison directly, This was also the most important thing for Jennifer at present. If the press conference was screwed up, she had to ask for Harrison's opinions and then cooperate with the PR Department to deal with it.

"I... Actually I don't. I was so excited that I blurted it out." Harrison bit his lips and began to regret why he said it so impulsively at that time.

Jennifer, on the other hand, was not too surprised. She had thought about the result, "What about your agent? What did he say?"

Harrison shook his head.

"How about this?" Jennifer took two steps forward and walked in front of Harrison. Before he came, she had made a lot of assumptions. When she asked him just now, she gradually excluded some assumptions, and now there was only one assumption that seemed to be good enough. "You are the most potential new artist at present in New Point, and no one wants to become popular because of this matter. I don't think it's a big deal to admit your sex-orientation. A press conference will be held in a few days. You can give the press a clear explanation. That would be all. As long as the film crew doesn't change your role, you will still continue shooting in that movie. What do you think?"

Harrison was stunned. He didn't expect what he had heard.

"That sounds a perfect plan. Thank you, CEO. Thank you so much." Harrison had planned for the worst situation, but he didn't expect it to be the best.

"Of course. But please don't take it for granted. If you can't bring any profits to New Point, the company wouldn't continue supporting you. You should understand this." Jennifer was used to saying harsh words, but that was the truth.

"I know. Thank you again, CEO." Harrison smiled, completely different from the nervous person who he was when he just came in.

Harrison, who had been sad or nervous before, now smiled. His smile immediately made Jennifer understand why he was so popular. His warm smile could heal wounds in other's heart.

It was time to get off work. Sean had to drive Jennifer to the hotel.

He went to the underground parking lot and drove over, while Jennifer was waiting for him at the gate of the company building.

The news that a beautiful CEO came to the company had been spread, but few people had seen what she looked like, so when Jennifer was waiting at the gate, s

he didn't attract much attention.

"Ash, are you off duty? Christian asked me to drive you home. He has to work overtime today."

"Please don't bother, Kent. I can take a bus home by myself. You don't need to drive me home."

A conversation came from behind. Feeling that the two voices were a little familiar, Jennifer turned her head and took a look. It happened she knew both of them.

"Ash? Is that you? Ashley?"

Jennifer's voice interrupted them and successfully attracted their attention.

The woman called Ash looked at Jennifer up and down for a while. Suddenly, a look of surprise appeared on her face. She walked towards Jennifer and said in a happy tone, "Jenny? You are back. When did you come back? Why are you here? "

"I came back two days ago. I'm working here." Jennifer pointed at the New Point building behind her.

She didn't tell Ash her relationship with this company because she didn't think it was necessary.

"Ash, is this lady your friend?"

Before Ash could answer, Jennifer said to the man standing aside first, "You are Mr. Kent, aren't you?" Just now, when she heard the conversation between the two, Jennifer roughly understood something. "Ash, is she your friend?"

Ash hesitated for a while and nodded.

"When did you know each other? I've only been away for a few years. You've already known a son from a rich family. Good for you, Ash." Jennifer teased her playfully. Then she said to Kent, "Mr. Kent, I just met with Ash after so many years. You don't need to send her back home today. I want to have a get-together with her. What do you think?"

Of course, Kent could understand the meaning of her tone, but he had to put up with it because of the presence of Ash. He had to show the best in front of her. "I'm just a new friend of Ash. You don't have to ask me if you go out to have fun." Then he turned to Ash, "Have fun, Ash. Bye for now."

Right then, Sean's car came in time. Jennifer opened the door and let Ash in. Before she got in the car, she waved at Kent and said, "Mr. Kent. See you around."

Seeing the car driving away, Kent put on his sunglasses with a straight face, got in his car, and drove away.

After getting in the car, Ash said gratefully to Jennifer, "Jenny, thanks a lot, my dear." She knew that Jennifer had noticed she was in a dilemma, so she helped her.

"You're welcome."

"Where are you two ladies going?" Sean looked at them through the rearview mirror.

The voice sounded a little familiar. Ash looked up at the rearview mirror in front of her and saw the face of Sean from it.

"Mr... Mr. Sean? The special assistant of CEO?" Ash was surprised. She took a look at Jennifer and wondered if they had taken the wrong car.

"Drive Ash home first. Where do you live now, Ash?" Jennifer asked.

"Shimizu Household on East Ave, please." Ash couldn't believe that the CEO's special assistant would drive her home.

Seeing this, Jennifer smiled, "Ash, don't be nervous. Sean is my cousin, and he was the one who took me to New Point."

Yes, it was Sean who picked her up from the hotel to New Point. Although he was just an assistant, that was exactly what she meant.

"I see..." Hearing this, Ash breathed a sigh of relief.

In the near future, when Ash knew the true identity of Jennifer, she almost dropped her chin. She had been in her dormitory mate for four years, but now Jennifer was the future boss of the company she worked for. She never realized it at all in the past four years. Was it because she was too stupid to notice it or because Jennifer kept a low profile?

When they arrive Shimizu Household, before getting off the car, Jennifer told Ash that if that son of a rich family bothered Ash again, she could call her.

After Ash walked into the residence community, Jennifer asked Sean to turn around and go back to the hotel.

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