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   Chapter 2 Mr. Kent, Please.

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"What? Do I even need to wait for taking the VIP elevator?" The man took off his sunglasses and looked sideways at Jennifer.

"Well... Well, Mr. Kent..." The man in suit was a little embarrassed. He looked at Jennifer and this Mr. Kent, didn't know what to do.

After a short pause, Jennifer took two steps forward and reached out to stop the elevator door. "Mr. Kent, please." She indicated him to go in.

The man called Mr. Kent smiled. He was very satisfied with what Jennifer had done. He walked into the elevator, followed by the man in suit.

Sean glared at the man in suit, blaming him who couldn't even handle this well.

The elevator door slowly closed. When Jennifer looked up, she met the eyes of the so-called distinguished guest in the elevator...

They looked at each other in silence.

The elevator door then closed and slowly went up.

"That Mr. Kent? Who is it?" Jennifer asked. His arrogance made her dislike him very much.

"Kent Xu, the son of Mr. Dean of Sky Media." Sean answered.

Jennifer had heard that Mr. Dean was a big shot. He started from scratch and set up Sky Media. The current development of Sky Media could fully prove his ability, but it seemed that his son was not so capable.

"His personality isn't very good, is it?" Asked Jennifer.

After hesitating for a while, Sean nodded and said, "Yes, he's just an idle second generation from a rich family."

The employee elevator next to the VIP elevator came down. Jennifer and Sean walked in.

As soon as they had arrived the top floor, Sean took Jennifer to see Mr. Hamilton. He told her, "Mr. Hamilton misses you very much. You should meet him anyway."

Jennifer agreed. Unexpectedly, Sean took her directly to a meeting room, where there were members of the board and senior executives.

Hamilton, who was sitting in the front, stood up and waved at Jennifer, hinting her to come over.

There were many people in the meeting room. Although Jennifer didn't like such a serious scene, she knew what she should do. She walked to Hamilton in a proper way.

Hamilton cleared his throat and introduced Jennifer to everyone in the meeting room. "This is my daughter. She just came back from abroad. I don't want to have a rest these months. From tomorrow on, she will be the CEO of New Point. I hope you can take care of her."

"My name is Jennifer. I have just taken over a lot of things that I don't understand. I hope you can give me more guidance. I will accept the good advice with my heart." Jennifer said to the attendees and bowed slightly.

When she was at home in the past, her father often talked about the conflicts between the senior leaders, but he had no choice. It was difficult to control people's minds, which were always controlled by power.

After saying that, Jennifer had to say something harsh. Otherwise, these experienced businessmen would do something secretly.

"I know you all are more capable and more experienced than me, but I don't like to rely on someone just because he or she is older or stays in the company longer. If I do anything wrong, please tell me. Don't play tricks behind my back. If I know you have done something, you can go home immediately." Jennifer said with the corners of her mouth up but no smile on her face.

The people in the meeting room were silent. Some lowered their heads. Of course, some of them disdained her and her words.

Hamilton was quite happy with what Jennifer had just said. He nodded and said to his daughter, "The office is ready for you. Let Sean show you the way."

After Jennifer left, Hamilton pounded the table, glanced at the people in the room and said, "If I'm not here, Sean is the special assistant of the

CEO. What my daughter says and does will be what I mean. Do you all understand?" After a pause, he announced, "Today's meeting is over." Then he left the room.

"What did the CEO do that? He doesn't take us board of directors seriously at all. Does he think he holds too much shares?" One of the bald directors said in an unconvinced tone. He was not satisfied with Hamilton.

"This is New Point. After all, the company belongs to the Xie family. Look at Ham's daughter. The girl's tone was exactly the same fierce has Ham back then."

"Well, let's do our own business. We don't care who is in charge of the family. Anyway, her surname is Xie."

Jennifer knew that New Point were profitable these years, but she didn't expect that an office could be so... Luxurious...

In addition to the basic desk, chair, and computer, there was also a small fridge, a microwave oven, and three armchairs.

"Let me know if you need anything else in the office." Sean walked to the French window and opened all the curtains.

What else could Jennifer say? It was the first time that she had seen such an office, which had refreshed her understanding of an office. "I still need a bed, so I can sleep here." She joked.

"Speaking of sleeping, are you still going to stay in the hotel? What's your plan then? Why don't you move to my house?" Said Sean.

It was a serious sentence, but Sean had a playful face. Although he looked serious, anyone who didn't know him as the same as Jennifer did would think he was a hoodlum.

"Let's talk about it later. I haven't decided yet." Answered Jennifer. She walked to her desk and knocked on it. "Will you have nothing to do after my father retires?"

"Yes, I have." Sean shrugged, hinting that Jennifer was wild guessing. "I'll be the special assistant to the CEO, Jennifer Xie."

"Oh, alright." Jennifer raised her eyebrows. She was very happy with the result. "In that case... Go and ask Harrison to come here."

Knowing what she meant, Sean asked particularly, "What about his agent? Does he need to come together?"

"No, just Harrison. Bring me the relevant information of the movie he is going to shoot recently."

Jennifer was sitting in her chair and browsing micro-blog. Not long after Sean went out, a woman in work clothes, wearing a pair of black glasses, who looked about thirty years old, knocked on the door and walked in. She walked to the desk and handed the documents in her hands to Jennifer, saying, "CEO, this is all the relevant documents about Harrison's movie you want. Mr. Sean asked me to do bring them to you."

Jennifer took the document and put it on the table. She looked at the woman in front of her and found that she was good except for she had a pair of small eyes.

"And you are..." Asked Jennifer.

"My name is Yumi Shang. I'm from Advertising & Marketing Department." With a smile, Yumi Shang introduced herself gracefully.

Jennifer nodded. "Thank you. Please go ahead with your work."

Since Jennifer was born, she had been destined to study, graduate, inherit the father's business and carry forward, marry, give birth to a child, and eventually retire. So far she had just stepped into the third step of her life and was already exhausted physically and mentally.

Since she was a child, she had attended all kinds of extra curriculum activities after school. Her ranking was basically among the top in exams, and for university she studied abroad at public funds.

It seemed to others that Jennifer had a brilliant study life. Everyone envied her or envied her. They just saw a very superficial phenomenon. No one had ever asked her if she was happy with her life.


Even her parents never asked.

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