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   Chapter 1 Incident of Sulfuric Acid

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It was already ten past two when Jennifer Xie arrived at New Point Entertainment Inc, ten minutes later than the press conference started. She got out of the car and closed the door.

The man rolled down the window and reminded her, "Jenny, some reporters' questions are very aggressive and unreasonable. Keep calm and don't scold them."

She made an "OK" gesture and walked through the employee passage to the press conference.

At the press conference of New Point Entertainment.

"Mr. Harrison, what impact will this news have on your new play? Will the crew members be changed?"

"Mr. Harrison, what's your relationship with that mysterious man? Are you really a gay?"

"Mr. Harrison, please answer our questions directly."

Standing at the front of the stage, the agent tried his best to help Harrison avoid some difficult questions. However, Harrison's performance gave the agent a headache. They had agreed before he went on the stage. Why was Harrison behaving like this now?


Suddenly, a shrill scream came, attracting everyone's attention.

It appeared that a girl with pink frame glasses and a ponytail that looked over twenty rushed in. She tried hard to pass through the group of reporters and rush to the stage, but was stopped by security guards.

The young girl took out a small bottle from her pocket and stared at Harrison Jiang, "I like you so much. Why did you kiss a man? Why?" When yelling at him, the girl quickly opened the bottle and poured the liquid onto Harrison.

Harrison Jiang didn't react for a moment and sat there with his eyes wide open.

After all, his agent was experienced. He rushed to Harrison Jiang and blocked the liquid for him. He felt the liquid wet his suit but didn't feel pain nor burned.

Those reporters also knew that they had separated themselves from each other before the young girl was about to pour the liquid. There were many fans with fragile feelings to their idols. The reporters guessed that the unknown liquid in the small bottle might be sulfuric acid. The conference became a mess suddenly.

"Why are you standing there? Arrest her."

At this time, a woman in a light yellow dress came out from the backstage and stepped onto the stage to break the stalemate. At the same time, she attracted everyone's attention.

The woman had shawl hair with slightly curled tip. Her features were extremely exquisite. Her skin was white, and the pale yellow dress not only set off her tall figure, but also her skin was more delicate. Most importantly, this woman had a strong aura, which seemed to be born in her bones.

The security guards came to their senses and subdued the little girl. She was taken backstage immediately.

The woman walked to Harrison's agent, raised her hand, and fanned the place where the unknown liquid was splashed. Smelling it, she smiled and said, "It's alright. It's not sulfuric acid."

Then she waved her hand and asked the agent to step aside. She turned to the media off the stage, smiling neither humble nor pushy:

"Good day, friends from the press. My name is Jennifer Xie, the new CEO of New Point. I'll take over the business of Mr. Harrison. If you have any questions, please ask me directly."

The reporters looked at each other. They had been paying attention to the new news for a long time, but they didn't know that there was a young female CEO. The media just wanted to find something new, and they quickly shifted their attention to the appearance of Jennifer.

"Ms. Xie, what's your relationship with the chairman of New Point, Mr. Hamilton?" A female reporter asked a question and moved the microphone towards Jennifer.

"Don't I look like Mr. Hamilton?" Jennifer Xie asked the female reporter in reply.

This sentence was more destructive than "I'm the daughter of Mr. Hamilton". Other reporters started whispering to each other.

"Ms. Xie, is it because of Mr. Hamilton that you became the CEO at such a young age?" Asked a male reporter wearing eyeglasses with a sharp nose.

"Yes, because I'm capable." Staring at him, Jennifer Xie said in a more serious tone. She didn't like others to use her father as an excuse. "Excuse me, Mr. Reporter. How about you?" After saying that, Jennifer Xie raised her head and smiled at the others. "Why did you

keep asking about me? Mr. Harrison is the main character of this press conference."

Jennifer Xie shifted the topic to Harrison Jiang again.

"Ms. Xie, is Mr. Harrison really a homosexual?" Asked the female reporter who questioned about the relationship between Jennifer Xie and Hamilton Xie.

"What if he is for real?" Jennifer Xie asked back as usual.

"Well... Then I guess there will be many female fans like the one who made a scene just now." The female reporter didn't expect that Jennifer Xie would ask in reply, so she didn't know how to answer. She switched the topic to the scene happened just now.

"The same heartbroken? I know that many fans can't accept it for a while, but since you choose to worship Harrison, please also choose to tolerate him." To be honest, this was the first "actual combat" of Jennifer Xie. She was almost unable to continue making up the story. "Then, let Mr. Harrison, the protagonist of the event, speak to you directly."

Hearing this, Harrison was first stunned. He turned around and looked at the agent. The agent was also confused. Then Harrison gritted his teeth, stood up, and walked ahead to the speaker's podium.

Jennifer Xie walked aside, leaving a space for him. Harrison took a bow first.

"Friends from the press, thank you very much for your coming, and I want to make an apology to the fans who like me. Your favorite Harrison is a person with defects." Harrison Jiang lowered his head slightly. Jennifer Xie, who was next to him, couldn't see his facial expression, but his voice was very hoarse just now.

Jennifer Xie looked at Harrison's agent standing aside and winked at him. The agent immediately understood what she meant. He rushed up, pushed Harrison Jiang back with one hand, and blocked the reporters who were about to rush forward with the other.

"Dear journalists, today's press conference is over. Thank you very much. Have a great one." Jennifer Xie soon ended the press.

The agent called security guards and left with Harrison Jiang, who had been protected.

Knowing that the reporters would definitely come up later, Jennifer Xie winked at Harrison's agent and left alone as soon as possible.

When she walked out of the press conference, she saw Sean Tang at a corner.

Sean Tang took Jennifer Xie to the lobby of the company and talked about her performance just now.

"It's better than I thought, but you must have screwed it up." Sean Tang concluded.

"Didn't my father say that I'll be announced upon this event. Basically it's not the press conference of Harrison, but mine." When Jennifer Xie had seen only Harrison and his agent were on the stage, she knew that.

She didn't understand why the company didn't ask the PR Department to deal with it. Does the company give up on Harrison?

Jennifer Xie also found an interesting thing. She wondered how the little girl who had just made trouble came in the conference. The press conference was held in the company, and it usually required an employee badge to enter. If a press conference was held, it also required a reporter's card and a real name to register. The company security was not bad either.

"Sean, please help me investigate something. Why did irrelevant personnel break into the press conference? Go and see if there is someone behind it."

Jennifer Xie had made many assumptions, hoping that the result would not be the worst one.

When she went upstairs with Sean Tang, Jennifer Xie took the special elevator for VIPs. Before that, because of the rarity of the public, few people in the company knew her identity.

Turning her head to look at the gate, Jennifer Xie saw a black sports car at a glance. The car was parked not far from the gate. A man in a suit got out of the sports car and soon a man in a suit walked up to it.

Both of them walked towards the direction where Jennifer Xie was. When the man in suit saw Sean Tang, he greeted him respectfully, "Good day, Mr. Sean." Then he looked up and down at the Jennifer Xie standing next to Sean Tang.

As the special assistant of the chairman, Sean Tang had a certain position in the company. The person who could be hosted by him must have a high status.

The elevator door opened. When Jennifer Xie was about to walk in, she heard a voice from beside her.

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