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   Chapter 6 Slapping Face

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Although she said it in a low voice, it sounded very familiar.

Erica turned around and saw Jane talking to other women. She took a deep breath and walked to Jane with a smile.

"Is it my best friend? You have an affair with my boyfriend, and now you are slandering me. What? Do you have any evidence? "

Erica's words got on Jane's nerves. 'She said that I seduced Bruce, but he didn't love her at all.'

Clenching the goblet in her hand, she gritted her teeth and said, "what kind of evidence do you need? The ring on your finger is an exclusive wedding ring designed by a famous designer, and it is invaluable. You, The Rong Clan has already gone bankrupt. How can you have the money to buy this? "

Speaking of The Rong Clan, Erica thought of her deceased grandfather. Even at his funeral, few persons came. There was nothing like what it used to be.

It was her own fault to meet such a bad man as Bruce.

Erica took a deep breath and still wore a smile on her face. She didn't forget the etiquette of the socialite. "You and your fiance set up The Rong Clan, not to mention showed off in front of me. Why did you say it in public? As for the ring, you can't get it even if you want it, can you? Even if The Rong Clan goes bankrupt, you can't trample on me. Besides, how do you know that I don't have money? It's just a small company. "

The onlookers around exclaimed. The Rong Clan used to be the top one in the city, and as the leader, the company was estimated to be ranked in the top one hundred of the Forbes Value List.

Jane just didn't like what Erica said. Every time she spoke, she would be able to suppress her and take away the glory that should belong to her. Now she was cursed.

Erica smiled and found it interesting to see Jane's livid face. She took out a black card from her bag and swung it two circles in front of Jane.

"Look carefully. What's this? You should know, right? It's a global limited black card. What can't I buy? Just a small company, you can take it away if you want. But you and my ex-boyfriend, don't play tricks with me. "

Her words were very generous, but made Jane feel embarrassed. Anyway, she was the one who haggled over every ounce!

But Jane thought of the man she met before and couldn't help saying in surprise, "ha! I'm afraid the man who kept you give it to you, did he? When The Rong Clan's company was acquired, didn't your grandfather die of anger? I really miss the time when he was there. You weren't so mean at that time. "

Jane showed her sympathy and even shrugged. It was disrespectful to make fun of a dead person like this. Erica was so angry that the wine in her glass began to tremble.

But she shouldn't be so angry with Jane. "If you are talking about my family, I have been working in The Rong Clan's company for two years. I have learned how to plan and write contracts. And you still live on your family. How can you have the right to accuse me of being a mistress? "

If you didn't do the right thing, then you couldn't blame others for their actions. Jane's heart was broken by Erica's mean words.

Jane trembled with anger. 'Why should I felt shameless to live on the glory of my family?' However, what Erica said was exceptionally polite. She walked forward step by step, and Jane couldn't help but felt a little guilty when she met Erica's eyes.

Erica walked up to Jane with an amiable smile on her face.

The hot and moist breath sprayed on Jane's ears, making her tremble. "Besides, if I were a mistress, guess how rich he is? He is the man you wanted last time. "

Jane was so angry that she trembled all over. She couldn't accept that Erica could meet a better man after breaking up with Bruce. And it was she who made it.

"After all, you are still the woman that Bruce abandoned. When he hugs me and calls me baby again and again in my bed, I'm afraid that you have never seen such a charming scene in your life."

Erica was completely disgusted by Jane. When they were friends in the past, she would restrain her desire and looked like quiet and tender. Erica had always been nice to her, but now she showed such an ugly face.

"What are you proud of? You are just addicted to the things I don't want. "

Shaking the red wine in her hand, Erica looked at Jane calmly. Jane was irritated by Erica's victorious manner, she reached out and wanted to slap her.

The next moment, her hand was caught by Erica. She pretended to lose her balance and sprinkled the red wine in the other hand on Jane's chest. In the full glare of the public, she even wanted to beat someone. Erica restrained her gaze.

"Sure enough, I was right. Are you angry from embarrassment? Don't show off in front of me an

ymore. Anyway, I'm happy now. And if you slander me with more rumors. I will punish you. "

After saying that, Erica drank up the rest of the red wine in the glass. At the party. Her proud was seen by everyone present. Now she was showing her sharp edge and she would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. If someone offended her again, he would end up in a worse situation than Jane.

The delicate makeup successfully covered the pale on her face. She was full of energy and confidence, attracting the attention of many people present. It was a good show anyway.

On the second floor, a man in suit and leather shoes stood behind Ryan and asked in confusion, "Boss, is it really appropriate for such a thorny rose to stay in The Li Clan?"

Ryan turned to him and asked, "You have been with me for so many years. Don't you understand what I'm thinking?"

Michel Li immediately understood. Since the CEO was a child, he had never seen him take a woman seriously. Not to mention being serious, it should be said that this kind of special care was unique.

He invited a famous designer and makeup artist for her. He tried his best to defeat The Xu Clan and make her return to the circle. Was this the way he used to ignore women?

Therefore, even if The Li Clan didn't accept such a woman, he wouldn't easily give her up.

At this time, Ryan muttered to himself, "but it's indeed the time. I should take her back to The Li Clan."

Downstairs, Erica didn't know where Ryan went. When she heard what Jane said, she felt uncomfortable so she confronted her. But when she turned around, he disappeared.

Jane left in a hurry because her clothes were stained with red wine. She needed to change her clothes.

Bruce, who had been standing beside Jane all the time, didn't stop Jane from fighting with Erica. He even didn't intend to make a move. And it was the first time that he had seen Erica so powerful.

In the past, no matter what she did, Erica was always gentle and easy-going. She was capable at work, but she was always gentle in front of him.

Thinking of this, he thought, even if she was not a virgin. But at least he didn't want her to live a hard life.

It was a good chance. He walked up to Erica, raised the glass of wine in his hand and gave a hint to her.

"I heard that you have a hard time recently? Well, you've lost the protection of The Rong Clan and you think you're useless? "

Although Erica was gentle, she was still arrogant in front of him in the past. She never lowered her status to do anything that she couldn't do before marriage. This made him unsatisfied. What kind of man would she marry?

Glancing at the man without saying a word, Erica turned her head. She had to have a rest. Later, she had to communicate with others and make business talk.

But this glance made Bruce feel uncomfortable. He frowned slightly and then said, "do you still think you are the Miss of The Rong Clan? Do you need me to please you? "

Hearing this, Erica raised her chin and nodded slightly. "Then what's the meaning of asking about my life? I'm sorry. I'm living a good life now and someone spoiled me. What you should worry about is your family. I will make you pay. "

She raised the ring on her finger, which was still so shiny and dazzling. The Xu Clan was rich enough to buy such a ring, but he didn't want to give such expensive one to Jane.

Bruce didn't like the way Erica talk, and he thought she was always so proud. He raised the corners of his mouth. His usual gentleman smile became obscene. His eyes swept over Erica.

"You are destined to be abandoned by that man. Do you really think he can help you take revenge? Of course, the benefits between businessmen are also what you have imagined. Now, as early as possible, I can give you another chance. Why don't you be my mistress. We have been together for so many years. I won't treat you unfairly. "

He thought that since he had made a concession, Erica should thank him for saying okay to him in tears. Because he just wanted to see her obedient.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't see her like this. Erica took a step back and didn't want to be so close to Bruce. Then she raised her voice and attracted the attention of everyone present.

"What? You want me to be your mistress? Are you out of your mind? You and your fiancee haven't gotten married yet. What are you thinking about? Do you want to be emperor? "

Bruce's face turned red when he heard that. He really wanted to stop Erica from saying anything. Now he was thinking that he had found the wrong person.

"How could Erica be someone else's mistress? I love her so much. "

A man's low voice also attracted everyone's attention...

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