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   Chapter 2 Got Easily

Your Doting Love Gets Me Lost By Xiao Youzi Characters: 6709

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Looking at Bruce's affected expression, Erica suddenly showed a mysterious smile.

She stared at Bruce without blinking and quickly grabbed his phone from his pocket.

The password was the date of her birthday.

She opened WeChat, found the chatting records of him and her best friend, and showed them to the reporters..

"Since he is my best friend's fiancée, why their chatting records look like they are not going to get married at all?"

Bruce wanted to take back his phone, but it was too late. Those reporters had taken many pictures crazily.

Then Erica opened her WeChat.

"Bruce, please be smart. I can easily expose your lie. Why do you have to do that?" She looked at Bruce's gentle and handsome face with irony, "are you still a man? You approached me on purpose in order to misappropriate my family property and cheated on me."

The reporters, like cats smelling the fishy smell, surrounded Bruce one by one. He had no ability to resist, and his face turned red because of the sharp reporters.

Just as Erica was looking at the situation coldly, she suddenly saw a familiar figure, the man shuffled a little on his back and staggering step by step.


Regardless of the mess in front of her, Erica ran forward.


Hearing the voice of Erica, Foster Rong was stunned. He stopped and turned his head slowly.

Erica's heart ached.

Although Foster Rong was already fifty years old, he had always been high spirited and vigorous before. It was hard to tell his real age. He was a gentle middle-aged man. They hadn't seen each other for only one night, but he had a lot of grey hair and his face seemed to get old in an instant.

"Dad, don't worry. I'm here with you. Let's go home first, okay?"

Foster Rong seemed to be stimulated by something. He nodded and followed Erica into a taxi. They silently went back to the villa of The Rong Clan.

"Miss! Bad news! Your grandfather fainted after knowing that our company collapsed!"!

As soon as Erica entered the house, a servant came up to her with a scream. She almost fainted. Her legs were weak, but she forced herself to rush into his grandfather's room. "Call an ambulance !"

"Yes, I did. Don't worry, Miss!"

The servant held the shaky body of Erica. She rushed to give her grandfather first aid but no matter what she did, it didn't work.

Looking at her grandfather's purplish lips and pale face, Erica sank to the ground.

When the ambulance arrived, the nurse hurried up to check and shook her head. Erica didn't believe that her grandfather had passed away. She held the nurse's hand and asked her to rescue him. After two hours, he still didn't move.

"Miss, your grandfather has gone. Please stop. Miss..." The servant held Erica's hand and burst into tears.

But Erica couldn't cry. The continuous blow made her breathless.

"Where is my father?" She suddenly remembered something and turned her head in a daze.

The servant wiped her tears and went out to look for Foster Rong, but she couldn't find him and couldn't get through to him. There was only a message in her message box, "Erica'', take good care of yourself."


Instead of crying, Erica smiled and deleted the message. She took a deep breath and began to prepare for the funeral of her grandfather calmly like a robot.

It was late at night.

Having been busy for a whole day, Erica walked on the street aimlessly. She didn't dare to stay in her own villa for a moment, fearing that she would see an empty room.

The servants had been dismissed, and now she was the only one left in the house.

'Was there anyone in the world more miserable than me?'

Overnight, everything was taken from her.

She didn't know if it was because God thought that Erica was too pitiful, or because God wanted her to be more unlucky, it rained heavily at this time.

Erica was drenched in the rain. She stood on the side of the road and couldn't hail a taxi.

All the matters made Erica unable to hold on any longer. Her eyes closed and she fainted on the ground.

"Squeak. Squeak."

The black off-road vehicle stopped. The assistant poked his head out and said, "Boss, a woman fainted on the roadside."

Ryan supported his head with his hands and frowned, "call an ambulance."

He had always hated others touching his things, and he didn't like strangers to sit in his car, not to mention the woman who fell on the roadside, her body full of mud...

He lifted his eyelids and glanced at it, but he was stunned.

"Wait a minute."

Ryan suddenly opened the door and jumped out of the car regardless of the rain. The assistant was stunned for a moment, grabbed the umbrella in a hurry and jumped out, holding it over Ryan's head.

Then, he was shocked to see that his boss, who had always been a neat freak, unexpectedly picked up the woman who fainted on the roadside regardless of the mud and got into the car.

"Go to the hospital."

The assistant didn't dare to say anything and drove away.

Erica felt that she had a long dream. In her dream, what happened these two days was just a dream. Her family business was still, her grandfather didn't die of a heart attack and her father didn't leave her alone. Everything was still the same as before.

She slowly opened her eyes, only to see white.

"You are awake." A deep male voice sounded beside her.

A warm hand touched her forehead. "Good. The fever is gone."

'Who is he?'

Erica turned her head in a daze and saw a strange man who made her feel a little familiar. It seemed that she had seen him somewhere.

"…… Who are you? "

Ryan blinked and frowned, "have you forgotten me so soon?"

'Have they ever seen each other before?'

Noticing that she didn't recognize him, Ryan felt a little dissatisfied. He leaned over to her ear and whispered, "You were very enthusiastic last night."

Then he kissed her earlobe.

When he woke up in the morning, he found that the person beside him had disappeared. There was only five hundred dollars on the table and a note with the words "you are good. I'm very satisfied". God knew how angry he was at that time. But when he thought of her charming and cunning appearance, he calmed down. He was worried about how to find her, but he didn't expect that he would meet her again so coincidentally.

Erica couldn't help shivering. Suddenly, a scene that they were together popped up in her mind. She was so passionate and unrestrained that it didn't look like her at all.

All of a sudden!

Her face flushed and her ears were as red as blood.

"It's you!"

No wonder she felt familiar. 'Wasn't he the man who had a one night stand with her last night?'

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