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   Chapter 1 One Scheme After Another

Your Doting Love Gets Me Lost By Xiao Youzi Characters: 5782

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Late at night.

In the presidential suite of Rebecca International Hotel.

The light in the room was dark and dim, which caused ambiguous feeling. There is no focus in Erica Rong's eyes, soulless like a doll.

She was mumbling.


The man stopped.

Ryan Li squinted at the woman in front of him coldly.

This woman, who appeared in his room for no reason, had obviously been set up.

'Bruce?' The man heard what Erica Rong said.

The next morning, Erica Rong woke up and felt pain all over her body. As soon as she opened her eyes, she felt something wrong with her body.

Her body was limp and she couldn't lift her arms. There was a man's deep breath beside her.

She turned around and saw handsome face.

His exquisite facial features, even with his eyes closed, made people unable to take their eyes off him.

Erica's heart skipped a beat and she got goose bumps all over.

Without hesitation, she quickly got out of bed and put on her clothes. After checking her bag, she poured out all the money in it and put it on the table. Although it was only five hundred, it was probably this price?

"I let you off so easily."

After giving a glare at Ryan Li, who was still sleeping soundly on the bed, Erica Rong left the money and a note, limping out of the presidential suite quietly.

On the taxi back home, Erica Rong finally had time to recall why she had sex with a stranger, but she had no memory of lost night at all. However, she didn't drink yesterday, except the juice given by her boyfriend.


Erica Rong clenched her fists and her eyes turned cold.

When she got home, she planned to have a good rest and ask her nominal boyfriend about it. However, as soon as she arrived home, she was told by the servant that the Rong Clan fell overnight. Now the whole company was in a mess. They had tried to contact Erica Rong for a whole night.

Without taking a breath, Erica Rong rushed to the company.

The situation was terrible as she had expected. The former sweet receptionist was gone, and others were in a hurry to look for something.

She suppressed her dizziness and grabbed an employee casually. "What happened? What happened to the company? How could it fall overnight? "

"Miss!" When the staff saw her, his face turned red. "Last night, the company was attacked. This morning, the stock suddenly fell, and then..."

Erica Rong pressed her lips and waited for him to continue.

The employee looked at her and said awkwardly, "then the Xu Clan bought all the shares. Our company belongs to Xu Clan now."

Xu Clan...

Erica Rong gasped for breath. The staff said in a low voice, "Miss, please don't go in now. All the Xu Clan members are in the president's office, including your boyfriend."

'My boyfriend?

What a good boyfriend! He made me lose my virginity and took away my family's property ov


Getting rid of the staff, Erica Rong took a deep breath and strode towards the president's office.


The door was pushed open, and Erica Rong stood at the door with a cold face. She glanced at every face in the CEO's office, and finally fixed her eyes on a handsome face that looked gentle but made her want to vomit.

"Erica, why are you here?" Bruce Xu's face froze and avoided eye contact with her.

Erica Rong sneered, "What? A victory banquet here? Why don't you call me? "

Bruce Xu opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he said nothing.

"Mr. Coleman, what a clever trick!" Erica Rong turned her eyes to Coleman Xu and said, "you must have planned a long time ago, right? You even took advantage of your son to get close to our family. You really impress me. Did you learn it from those male prostitutes? "

Coleman Xu's look became stormy. He looked at Erica Rong fiercely and said, "how dare you! You are still a young lady. Is this how you talk to the elders? "

"Well, I won't talk to the elders like that, but my elders don't include bastard." The smile on Erica Rong's face disappeared. "Do you think you can win the game by taking over my company? You are too naive. "

Then she turned around and walked out.

Coleman Xu was stunned. He pounded the table and stood up. "Catch up. She must have done something. Hurry up!"

Bruce Xu shivered and hurried to catch up with her, but there was no sign of Erica Rong outside. He grabbed an employee and asked. Then he knew that there were many reporters outside.


Why are there reporters here?'

The reporters were called by Erica Rong. After she knew that the Xu Clan had taken over the property of the Rong Clan, she had called many reporters and informed them. The company could not be taken back temporarily, but she would not let them go too smoothly.

The glass door was pushed open, and Erica Rong walked up to the cameras and microphones.

"Miss Erica, I heard that your company was taken away by your boyfriend's family. Is that true?"

"How are you feeling now? Can you tell us more details?"


The reporters asked many questions, their microphones seemed to be about to bury Erica Rong, everyone's eyes were full of excitement.

When Erica Rong was going to answer the reporters' questions one by one, Bruce Xu suddenly rushed out from behind her and grabbed the microphone from her hand.

"No, listen to me. We are just friends. To be exact, I'm going to marry her best female friend soon, and the wedding date is 16 next month. I don't know why everyone says that I'm Erica's boyfriend, but if my fiancée hears it, she won't be happy."

Then Bruce Xu turned to look at Erica Rong and said sincerely, "I know you are very good to me, but I have a fiancée, and you will also have your own happiness. I bless you."

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