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   Chapter 5 She had always been alone in this house.

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Hester's hand that was grabbing the hem of her clothes suddenly tightened, and her fingers quietly covered her lower abdomen. Even if her grandfather was still alive, she directly fought back.

"Grandpa, mom, I'm sorry to make you worried. I'm... pregnant for two months."

Her words surprised everyone in this room and suddenly became quiet. Only a few people could be heard breathing throughout the room.

Lisa was the first one to react. She looked at her with a dark face and asked in disbelief, "What did you say? Are you pregnant? "

Her tone was unbelievable, and disappointed. Obviously, she was not happy that she had a grandson.

Hester grabbed her clothes in embarrassment.

"What are you shouting for?" William said to Lisa. With a serious look on her face, he looked at Lisa and said, "Isn't this what you want every day and night? What's your attitude now? "

Seeing how obedient her mother-in-law was to her, William felt sorry for Hester. He turned around and comforted her, "It's a good thing. Why didn't you say it before?"

Hester couldn't hide the sadness in her eyes. She didn't want to tell grandpa at this time. She was divorcing Ryan. She was also worried about grandpa's health.

But now she was alone and helpless. She could only rely on grandfather.

She couldn't divorce, nor could she just watch Ryan and Linda being together. She couldn't be so generous. Only grandpa could help her retrieve the current situation.

She pursed her lips and forced a smile. "It's just checked out, and there's no time to report."

While they were talking, Ryan came back with another beautiful woman.

"Master is back." The servant looked at the woman next to Ryan hesitantly and didn't know whether she should greet her or not.

Then, the people in the living room all turned around. Suddenly, Hester's body stiffened.

Linda held Ryan's arm and the two walked over in unison. Ryan didn't even change his clothes, and his shirt was wrinkled.

William frowned and banged the teacup on the table. He said in a horrifying tone, "You still know to come back!"

He stood up from the sofa and looked at Ryan and Linda, her chest trembling. "Look at yourself. What do you mean?"

Ryan looked as usual. He glanced at Hester, who was sitting on the sofa in a well behaved manner, and his eyes were dark. He said in a hoarse voice, "Didn't grandpa ask us to come back for dinner?"

He said indifferently to grandpa, which made him almost fall down.

However, Lisa seemed to like this smiling Linda and said happily, "It's good that you are back. Come on, it's time for dinner."

Lisa warmly welcomed the two, as if Linda was her daughter-in-law.

Hester was on pins and needles. She knew that Lisa had never been so enthusiastic to her and had never liked her.

But to see their happy appearance, as if she was the outsider of the family general. It was the harmony that she did not fit into.

She lowered her eyes quietly and pursed her lips without saying anything. Even if she was Ryan's wife, she felt that she had no room to speak at this time.

Her heart sank. The man she had promised to marry had long gone. The man in front of her was her legitimate husband, but he had also caused her the most heartbroken indifference and harm in her life.

Their joyful voice came to her ears, but she didn't fit in at last.


sa directly ignored the existence of Hester. She held Linda's hand and asked a lot of questions, and even some ambiguous topics cut in directly. She didn't take Hester seriously at all.

Ryan just glanced at Hester coldly from beginning to end. He hadn't said a word to her since he came in, and so did Hester.

From Ryan's opinion, Hester was indifferent and didn't care about anything. She could even smile at her grandfather. It was dazzling, and everything was inexplicably dazzling.

Only William saw Hester's grievance and sadness. When Ryan was about to sit with Linda, he said again. His deep voice seemed to have an echo in the living room. "What do you mean by taking her back?"

What she meant was obvious.

Linda was a little stunned. She was about to say that she wanted to come here, but she couldn't say it too directly. She had to leave a good impression on the elders.

Ryan leaned against a chair, interrupting Linda's thoughts. He said flatly, "I brought her here to tell you that I want a divorce. Linda is the one I'm going to marry."

The implication was that he would bring her here to show you.

Hester sat on the sofa and suddenly paused. She finally looked up at him with tears in her eyes.


"Bastard!" All of a sudden, William threw the teacup on the ground of Ryan and made a harsh sound, "Your wife is pregnant. Now you want a divorce. When did our family have such a bad thing as you? Abandon your wife and son! "

He felt a dull pain in his chest and dizzy. He was about to fall down.

"Grandpa!" Hester stood up from the sofa, with her thin body supporting him, and she was about to cry.

Ryan looked at her in shock. He didn't expect that she would tell this to his grandfather. It was beyond his expectation that this time. In his view, Hester was always a filial people.

Linda had been secretly happy that Ryan would have a showdown with her family, but she didn't dare to say anything after being made a fuss by William.

They didn't eat much.

Smelling the greasy smell, Hester felt sick and covered her mouth to retch.

Ryan was opposite her. He didn't even raise his eyes, but glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. His hand holding chopsticks was a little stiff.

"Hester, follow me."

After saying that, William also did not want to eat anything. He turned around and went upstairs.

Hearing this, Hester also put down the chopsticks and nodded to Lisa, going upstairs.

The rest of them were very quiet. Ryan's eyes followed the thin back, and her long hair trembled behind her waist.

At this moment, Lisa exchanged a look with Linda.

Hester came to the study, with his back to her. "Do as I say. Don't worry. As long as grandpa is alive, no one can replace you."

Hester smiled bitterly and said in a light voice, "He doesn't love me. What's the use of my position?"

She had always been alone in this house.

William turned around and his eyes turned red. He patted her shoulder with his wrinkled hands and sighed, "My child, it's hard for you. Let's hold on, okay? We will work together for your baby. "

Hester stroked her flat belly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

When she was about to nod her head, the door was suddenly pushed open. She turned around and happened to meet the eyes of the eagle in Ryan. Her black eyes suddenly attracted her attention.

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