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   Chapter 4 Please Don't Let Me Find Out You Are Cheating On Me.

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In the early morning, Heater was awakened with the thunder rolling outside. She did not sleep very well until the dawn.

Not long after sleep, the bedside mobile phone will be loud.

She got out of the quilt, rubbed her eyes and touched the phone. She answered it without checking who was calling.

"Hester, are you awake?"

Bang, accompanied by the sound of thunder, Hester suddenly woke up. After confirming whose phone it was, she sighed and exhaled.

"Grandpa." She pulled her hair and said, "I'm up."

Her voice was faint, and drowsy.

Tim was not a stubborn man. He didn't take it to heart that the younger generation slept in. He spoke out the purpose of this call, "do as you like. You and Jiangcheng haven't come back for a period of time. Grandpa misses you very much. Come back and have dinner with us when you are free."

Hester looked down at her quilt, and there was only one person left.

"Okay, Grandpa." Her voice was a little tired, and Mac only thought that she was still awake, so he did not doubt it.

"Do you have time tomorrow? We can come back together. "

She didn't want to disappoint the old man. She glanced at the quiet bedroom and said in a hoarse voice, "Okay, Grandpa, we will come early."

Hanging up the phone, Hester leaned against the head of the bed, with her slender fingers on her lower abdomen, and took a deep breath.

Since she was pregnant, she thought she was going to have a new life, but she didn't expect that the reality was still joking with her.

Thinking of the figure of her leaving Jiangcheng resolutely two days ago, her heart ached.

He hadn't come back for several days.

Although it was a common thing these years, the topic of divorce had never been brought up, and everyone had adapted to it.

She sighed and got up. [张姨] had prepared the breakfast.

"[少奶奶], come and eat something first." [张姨] still cared about her and felt sorry for her.

Hester was sitting at the empty table. She had been used to such a life, but why was she still heartbroken now.

She hadn't been back to Jiangcheng for the whole day.

She sent him a message this morning, saying that she was going home, but he didn't reply either. She didn't even know if he had seen it or not.

At night, Hester vomited out of the bathroom and called Jiangcheng.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.

It was still raining outside. Hester closed her pajamas and closed the window before lying on the bed again.

'I have to wait it until tomorrow.'

She didn't sleep well last night. She was always awakened at night, and it was already dawn after several rounds.

"Lady Windermere, are you going to the company now?" Core came out of the kitchen and helped her put on the coat hung on the shelf as she liked.

Hester put on her clothes and nodded, "Yes, I'm going home today. I'll tell him."

Because of her pregnancy, she didn't drive and took a taxi to the company.

All the people at the front desk knew her, so she went straight up.

"Lady Windermere."

Hester looked at his assistant Chris suspiciously and raised her eyebrows. "What's wrong? What's up? "

"Lady Windermere, you are here..." Chris was about to block the door.

Hester glanced at the office from the corner of her eye. She couldn't see most of it clearly, but she was surprised at Chris's look.

"I'm looking for Ryan. You go ahead with your work." Hester no

dded indifferently and walked past the gloomy Chris.

As soon as she pushed the door open, she was a little stunned. Sure enough, she couldn't see the scene inside.

At this time, Ryan was not working seriously. Linda leaned against his arms and rubbed her whole body against his chest.

A breathtaking scene.

Although she had been well prepared, she still felt a sudden pain. The air in her breath seemed to be poisonous and she could not breathe. The person inside turned around and looked at her.

Ryan was expressionless, facing her in such a straightforward way, with Linda in his arms. There was a strange fragrance in the office.

Hester's palm was pinched painfully, and her face was calm. She ignored the indifferent but deep eyes of Ryan and walked in step by step.

"Grandpa asked us to go back for dinner today." Then she turned to Linda in his arms and asked indifferently, "Do you want me to pull you out?"

A trace of grievance appeared on Linda's face. She lowered her eyes and got out of Ryan's arms obediently. She didn't forget to explain in a flaunting manner, "Hester, Ryan was unhappy yesterday. I'm here to bring him breakfast today."

"I'm not interested in what you're doing here," she turned around and looked at Ryan. Her almond eyes fell on the collar of his shirt. "Haven't you seen the message I sent you?"

Ryan sneered, "Do you think I can see it?"

Hester pursed her lips and stopped talking about it. There was no need for her to stab herself in the heart.

"Grandpa asked us to go back for dinner. I can't refuse his request." The implication was self-evident.

Ryan didn't notice the uneasiness in Linda's eyes. He held his lips and said indifferently, "I know."

Linda's face changed. She interrupted, "Ryan, I'll go back with you, okay?"

Hearing this, Ryan directly looked at the ordinary Hester with sharp eyes. He gritted his teeth secretly. This woman was always so lofty.

Then he pulled Linda into his arms and said in a low voice, "Then let's go together." When he said this, he still looked at Hester.

Hester's body trembled slightly. Before she said anything, she heard his cold voice. "I'll be there later. You can go first."

Hester pressed her lips tightly, and in the end, she did not struggle to stay. The moment she turned around, she looked at the red mark on his collar and said indifferently.

"Remember to wipe it clean. Don't let Grandpa see it."

After saying that, her thin figure disappeared at the door, and she did not see the frown of Ryan inside.

When Hester returned to the Ryan's family alone, William was still enthusiastic, dignified but kind.

"Why did you come back alone? Was he really so busy? Did not he spend more time with you? " William was somewhat dissatisfied with this, and his tone was full of blame for Ryan.

Before Hester nodded and said anything, Lisa who is Ryan's mother said, "She doesn't need anyone to accompany her. Ryan is busy with the company's affairs every day, so he has no more time to take care of her. It has been three years, but she still hasn't had pregnant. "

Lisa was very dissatisfied with this problem. They had been married for three years, but they didn't fill in a person for their family. She didn't like this daughter-in-law at all, but she continued, "If Ryan doesn't accompany her, she doesn't know how to find a reason. Who will be interested in her like this?"

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